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Exercise: Self Conducted Past Life Regression [Download] [CD]

Summary: Accessing Your Past Lives on Your Own at Home

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Background on This Exercise
Goal of This Exercise
Preparation for This Exercise
How to Do This Exercise
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Background: Everyone has the ability to access their own past lives. You can train yourself to access your own past life memories through a past life regression that you conduct on your own at home.

Goal: The goal of this exercise is to allow you to explore your past lives while alone in a safe and pleasant manner.


Careful preparation is the key to the success of this exercise.

1> Most people need to do this exercise daily for at least a month before they begin to get anything that is meaningful about their past lives. So you will probably need to have some patience with the process. Yet if you are patient and have a sincere desire to do further past life journeying, you will be successful.

2> Remember to do this process slowly. You must focus on completely relaxing your body and your mind so that images of your past lives can be brought gently into your conscious awareness. Each time you do this exercise you will go ever more deeply into yourself. The deeper you go, the more answers you get.

3> Ask for your Higher Self, your Guides, your Guardian angels, and whatever other servants of the universe you like to be present for the entire session and to keep you safe and protected at all times.

4> Being comfortable is the key. You can lie down (recommended) or sit up. If you opt to sit up, you must be supported and feel fully relaxed and comfortable. Be sure to loosen any restrictive clothing

5> Do this exercise in a peaceful place where you will be completely quiet and undisturbed for the entire session when you are fairly well rested (so you will NOT fall asleep) . This entire exercise should last for NO longer than 45 minutes. Set an alarm or timer to snap you out of it should the session run longer.

6> Pick a special intention for you past life journey. It could be "what I most need to see", "what I most need to heal", or "the explanation for my life's purpose", "about a past personality", or "a special need".

How to Do This Exercise:

1> Take some deep, refreshing breaths until you are totally comfortable and relaxed in whatever position you have chosen (it should take you no more than 3 minutes to get comfortable).

2> Close your eyes and envision a golden white ball of healing light. Send that ball of healing light to each part of your body in turn. Start with your feet, go up your calves, over your knees, along your thighs, through you hips and stomach, along your torso, though your chest and heart, along your shoulders, along your arms, to your hands, back up to your neck, and through your head until you are relaxed.

a> Scan your entire body looking for any places that are not relaxed. Immediately send relaxation to any part of your body that is tense. Do that until you are totally relaxed and peaceful.

b> You should be in a place of perfect peace and stillness. Your body should now be filled with beautiful healing light. Take a moment to bask in it: feel it's warmth and it's safety.

3> Go inside and connect with your inner vision. On the screen of your mind, imagine a closed door at the bottom of a staircase. See yourself walking to the staircase. See yourself slowly walking down the stairs. When you get to the bottom of the stairs, you will see two things.

a> On the LEFT side, there is a very comfortable couch. You will rest on it for a moment while you gather your thoughts about what you want to get from your journey through time.

b> On the RIGHT side, there is a door with big red letters on it which say "MY PAST LIVES". Right now, the door is closed. Behind the door is the gateway to your past lives.

4> While you are sitting or lying on the comfortable couch, let the love of the universe surround you. Know that at all times, you are completely safe and protected by all your guides.

a> If you do not want to go through the door, that is just fine. It does not matter why. Give yourself permission to relax and just enjoy being on the comfortable couch.

b> If you do want to go through the door, rise from the couch and move in front of the door.

5> Before starting your journey back through time, you need to declare the following to the universe. This is absolutely necessary to make sure that your past life journey is a safe and pleasant one.

a> "Throughout this journey through my past lives, I am always completely safe and protected."

b> "I will see, hear, and experience everything about my past lives as if I was watching a movie. Just as a movie cannot harm me, my journey through my past lives cannot harm me."

c> "I am clear on my intention for my past life journey which is…. (what you prepared above)."

6> Open the door. If the door does NOT open, then the universe is telling you to go back to the couch. If you chose to continue, it is your choice. Just consider that it might be for your own good to stop. When you are ready, go inside the "Past Life Room". Inside this room, you will see two things.

a> On the wall of the "Past Life Room", there is a WHITE SCREEN with BLINDS over it that is shut and down.
b> On either side of the white screen are two buttons: one is
GREEN and one is RED .
c> On the
LEFT, the GREEN button opens the blinds and shows you your past lives.
d> On the
RIGHT, the RED button closes the blinds and takes to back to the safe, comfy couch.

7> When the blinds go up, you will see an image of yourself in a past life. This will be the past life that you most need to see or the past life that most closely matches your special intention.

a> Look at yourself in the screen. Once you have a clear view of the individual who was you in a past life say "Action". The movie of you in this past life will not start rolling until you do so.

b> If you are having difficulty seeing yourself on the Past Life Screen, ask to see the feet of your past life personality. Try to see what it is that you are wearing on your feet. Are they shoes, sandals, boots, or are your feet bare?

c> Once you see your feet, slowly look up to see the rest of you. Once you are in focus, look at yourself on the screen. Take a moment to steady the image, then say "Action!".

8> Whenever you are ready, press the GREEN button to open the blinds and begin your journey. The first time keep your journey to 20 or 30 minutes. Only go longer once you have had more practice.

9> Whenever you feel your journey has ended or if the alarm goes off, it is time to come back. Reach to your right and press the RED button. You will be back at the comfortable couch. Take a few minutes to rest there. Then get up and walk back up the staircase to where you began your journey.

Like a deep sea diver come back up slowly to the surface of your conscious awareness. You have been to a deep place within you and you must readjust to your normal waking state.

Example: The point of doing this exercise is to delve into your past lives. Unlike a movie, this is always an intensely personal journey that will speak to you on many levels. It will be different for everyone since everyone is unique. When you first start journeying through time, ask to be shown pleasant past life images so you can master the process. I wish you well on your journeys to the inner worlds.

Credits: by Ellen A. Mogensen with the inspired help of the Guardians of Time



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