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Exercise: Blowing Out the Long and Winding Road of Karma

Summary: Consciously Choosing to "Wrap Up" Your Karma

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Background on This Exercise
Goal of This Exercise
Preparation for This Exercise
How to Do This Exercise
Example of Exercise Results

Background: The most terrifying truth that you will ever learn about life is that you have chosen to be here. You have chosen to have each and everyone of the experiences you have gone through. You have chosen to become involved with all the people you have ever known in your life. You have chosen to put yourself through whatever pain you have, are, or will endure in life.

The experiences, people, and pain you have known have all been sent to teach you the lessons you and Spirit (or the Lords of Karma) have agreed were needed for your unfoldment or development as Soul into an ever more loving being.

Goal: Sometimes, in our haste to accelerate, our lives become a "bad news buffet" of misery that would make even soap opera characters cringe. "Bad news" becomes a way of life and the road of pain becomes so familiar that we do not even look for the EXIT ramps anymore.

Yet, if your Higher Self has led you here and allowed you to view this exercise, then it is time for you to step off the long and winding road of karma that led you here. A better road of dharma (joyful service) is only an EXIT ramp away, if you want to take it. Just follow the steps below to the "GREAT EGRESS" (way out!).


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You can do this exercise ONLY ONCE. It is GUARANTEED to have a powerful impact on you. Literally, once you step off the road, there is no going back. Doing this means that you have committed to learning or experiencing whatever you necessary to get you off the road of karma. WARNING: YOU CANNOT UNDO THIS EXERCISE!!!!

1> For the week prior to doing this exercise, consciously listen to yourself to:

Weed out disempowering thoughts and actions of pain and disharmony
Stop looking for cause and effect in your life from the past
Stop looking for cause and effect in your life from other's actions

Acknowledge that you are the SOLE and TOTAL CAUSE of your life NOW
(ie. NO excuses are allowed - excuses mean you are "not at cause")

Accept that you are a creator and can "improve" upon your creation
As in recognizing and admitting what you do not like about your life
As in acknowledging you wish to end your karma and move to dharma
As in agreeing to take charge your life and move on- no looking back

Know that your purpose is to manifest from love and not from fear
The purpose of karma (action) is to move you from fear to love and joy

Make a permanent and unbreakable contract with yourself
You must agree to always be honest with yourself from now on
You must accept total responsibility for your life from now on
You must accept whatever consequences flow from doing this exercise

2> If you find that you are unable to do this preparation - that it is too hard or you constantly are starting and stopping it - then you are not ready to do this exercise now. Wait a YEAR and start again. If, on the other hand, this week of preparation is effortless and joyful, you are ready to "go off road".

3> Do this exercise at night after you have taken a bath but before you have gone to bed. It is best you do it when you will be able to sleep the next day. It is best to do it when the next few weeks will not be highly demanding. This is a GREAT exercise for Christmas and New Years if you are vacationing.

4> When this exercise is complete, drink a glass of water and immediately cleanse yourself. Good cleansing will vary depending on if you are an:

"Air" person, sweating in a sauna or steam room is good cleansing. [MORE]
"Earth" person, taking a mud bath is good cleansing. [MORE]
"Fire" person, sitting surrounded by lit candles is good cleansing. [MORE]
"Water" person, taking a long shower is good cleansing. [MORE]
......For how to determine if you are Air/Earth/Fire/Water, click here.
......For a list of recommended cleansing products,
click here.

5> Being comfortable is the key. You can lie down (recommended) or sit up. If you opt to sit up, you must be supported and feel fully relaxed and comfortable.
......For more on "Relaxation Processes & Techniques",
click here.

6> Do this exercise in a peaceful place where you will be completely undisturbed for the entire session. This exercise should last for NO longer than 30 minutes. Set an alarm or timer to snap you out of it should the session begin to run any longer.

7> Be patient with yourself in the time to come. Going "off road" can be quite disorienting until the changes are integrated (you have been on it a LONG time). It is VERY powerful and it takes time for the work you have done on the inner bodies to be reflected in your outer body ("as above, so below"). If you are doing this process to effect a change, then you should be fully prepared to expect a change. You know the old saying: "Be careful what you wish for, you might get it!"

How to Do This Exercise:

1> Take some deep, refreshing breaths until you are totally comfortable and relaxed in whatever position you have chosen (it should take you no more than 3 minutes to get comfortable).

2> Move beyond the end of the long road of karma by doing the following:

a> Declare your intention to have joy in your life from now on
"This is my last painful karmic experience ever!"
Say it with conviction and repeat it as often as needed
Do not continue with this until you believe deep in your soul that your long road of karma is now at an end.

b> Visualize that you have reached the end of the long road of karma. You must believe in your Soul that you deserve to end your karma now. Believing this with absolute, total certainty is the ONLY thing that makes this work It will not work if you see a Lord of Karma with a hand raised in a STOP position.

c> If the way is clear, look at the sign at the end of the road
Have faith that your personal guides will show you what it says
It will tell you what to do: like
"to get of the road, you must"
You may have to quit right here to perform your final tasks.

d> If you are done your tasks, move to the end of the road
You must see that you have reached the
"Point of No Return"
If you do not like what you are seeing,
This is your last chance to STAY on the road and to keep your life the same (for the end of karma means new life).

e> Time to quit or commit: take a leap off the end of the road
You have heard of the proverbial
leap of faith - this is it
This experience of leaving the road is different for everyone
This experience will reflect your own uniqueness.

f> Believe you have learned your lessons and deserve joy
You must believe you have put the past behind you
Believing with certainty is the only thing that makes this work
When you leap off the road, believe you are now your destiny
If you fail to do so, you be will off road but NOT on the path to joy and happiness (after all that is where you want to be).

g> Once off the karmic road, you have stepped into dharma:
Imagine that you are an explorer claiming new found land AND
Say "
I banish unpleasant thoughts from my conscious mind"
Say " I banish unpleasant thoughts from my unconscious mind"
Say " I banish unpleasant sensations from my physical body "
Say "
"I banish unpleasant emotions from my astral body "
Say "
"I banish unpleasant resonances from my causal body "
Say "
"I banish unpleasant thoughts from my mental body "
Say "
"I banish unpleasant feelings from my etheric body "

3> Embrace a new way of being where have become who you are (dharma) by doing the following:

a> You are now out of 3rd dimensional reality consciously
You have moved from "needing to process" into "being healed"
You have addressed "issues" from "love" instead of "pain"
You now act from desire (I want) not pain (I do not want)
The universe must approach you lovingly from now on.

b> You must refuse any painful visions if they come up
(This will happen in the beginning ONLY as a means of testing your commitment to your new way of life)
"I refuse to recreate my painful creation"
Say "Go away: I do not need this in my life now"
Say "I refuse to let this have power over me"
Say "There is nothing more for me to learn from this".

c> You choose to move forward "dharmically"
You now must look for nothing but harmony in your life
You now must believe your dreams and hopes will come true
You now must have faith that all is perfect in your universe.

Example: When I was guided to do this exercise, I thought it was pretty trivial sounding. Then again, if you are at the point where you are ready to transcend your karma, you have already worked so hard that it should be easy to step off the road of karma. The exercise is easy to do and quick to accomplish. What is not quick or easy are the consequences from doing this exercise. Take my case.

On the plus side, when I did this exercise, I did drop much baggage that was holding me back. I gained many skills and abilities that have made my current work possible. I improved dramatically on the scale of "life mastery" (ie. my health dramatically changed for the better, my job became one I loved instead of hated, my money problems were reduced, and my relationships with friends and family were much improved). In general, I just "felt better and more like my true self".

On the minus side, before I reaped the benefits of making this change, my life as it was completely fell apart. Much like constructing a new 4 lane superhighway, the old 1 lane country road had to be totally torn up first. Implementing this change was often painful and frustrating. I almost died (but I recovered and my health afterward was better than before). I lost some friends (but gained better ones). I lost a long term job (but gained a better one). I got into some financial trouble (but worked my way out of it). At times, I wished that I had never gone off the road. Yet, once all the change had been completed, I was better for the journey.

So, think long and carefully before you step off the road, you may be in for a bumpy ride to your next - and guaranteed - better destination!

As with everything else in life, the choice is yours!

Credits: adapted from an exercise developed by Ellen Mogensen and Sandra Skelly



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