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Food #23: On the Traps of the Past: "Jason and the Cave"

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Here is a story about a game that was played between Jason and the guardian of the cave of creation. It's a test of self control for Jason, disguised as a simple challenge.

Jason had a vision. Actually, it was a dream, but in Jason's case, there was no difference. Jason was very enlightened, and he often had visions in his dreams. This one was especially vivid.

Jason found himself at the opening of a great cave, and he recognized what it was. This was the cave of creation, the site of the Akashic records, where all the details are kept regarding human entering and leaving the planet. "Oh, I recognize this place!" thought Jason to himself.

Standing at the cave was the guardian of the entrance. He did seem bothered that Jason was suddenly standing at the entrance; in fact, he was expecting him! The guardian spoke.
"Jason, it is good to see you here. We have a puzzle for you - a test - a game for your soul."

The guardian smiled, and Jason knew some fun was at hand. "This is wonderful," remarked Jason. "I love games!"

"Take a look at the path," said the guardian as he effortlessly slid open the big door to the cave. Jason could see that there was a straight and narrow path through the cave. He could see at the other end of the cave that there was a light where the exit was. The cave was easily traversed.

"What is the game?" Jason asked the guardian. "We would like you to walk through the cave to the exit, and we will give you one Earth hour to do so," said the guardian. "No problem," replied Jason. "What do I get if I succeed?"

"This is not about reward. It is only in playing the game. There is no great honor if you enter at all. Walking the path is the test, and making it to the exit is the goal. Can you do it?" "I will succeed," said Jason, his sporting nature taking hold. And with that, the guardian stood aside, and Jason began his journey.

Jason entered the cave. Again, he looked ahead and saw that there was no more than a quarter mile journey straight ahead. Realizing he had plenty of time, he stopped for a moment to let his eyesight become accustomed to the subdued lighting within the cave. He moved forward and was interested in the many colors he was seeing. It was not long before Jason also began hearing sounds.

To the left and to the right of him, he heard events taking place. Jason thought to himself, I have an hour. It is only going to take me 15 minutes to get to the exit, so I shall stop and investigate what I am hearing.

Jason stopped and turned to the right. Instantly, he saw a rack full of glowing crystals. He carefully left the path and went over to the interesting objects. On each one of the wand-like crystals there was special writing. Jason gently grasped one, not picking it up. He was immediately taken to the event that the cryptic writing represented. Jason saw amazing things he never knew existed.

He saw war. He saw great conflagrations. He saw light against dark. He saw the names of so many entities. What an experience! He was actually there! Jason did not understand what he was seeing, but he marveled at the information and found it hard to release his grasp of the crystal - it was so compelling.

Being mindful of the game and his limited time, Jason put the crystal down, still reeling with emotion at what he had just seen. Back on the path, he realized that his crystal-touching experience had only taken a few moments. It seemed like so much longer! He was well within his time parameter. Jason moved forward on the path again, but in not too long a time he heard some voices and stopped.

"What voice is this?" he said to himself "I recognize it." Jason realized that it was his mother's voice! He turned to the left and saw another group of crystals not too far from him. He moved over to the group and somehow recognized his mother's crystal, but with a name etched upon it that was unfamiliar. He stayed for a moment, trying to hear what she was saying, but he could not. It had been years since she had passed on, and yet here she was - or was it only a crystal?

Jason had a choice. He knew he wanted to touch his mother's crystal. Something else said it was too private to do. Jason rationalized, "This is family, and she would want me to have her memory. Therefore, I am going to touch it." Jason touched the crystal, and immediately he was in the reality of the many lifetimes of his mother, and the Akashic records of her experiences on Earth unfolded before him.

He saw the many lives she had and all of the years that she had spent on the planet and the years she had spent elsewhere, up to and including the one that he was in. Then he saw the one that she was in now, as a child - that he was not a part of - it was fascinating, and he wept with remembrance and joy for her service.

"Oh, this is wonderful! What a game is this!" he said out loud in the cave. And with some difficulty, he took his hand away, only to realize that the crystal next to it was his father's. And so Jason touched that as well, and he had a similar experience there, and he said again, "This is wonderful. What a study this is!"

Time was now growing short. Jason knew he had to move on or he would not make it to the exit in time. So Jason started quickly down the path and proceeded to within a few feet of the exit when he heard another voice. This time he recognized that it was his own!

Jason turned to the right, and there was another crystal glowing. On this one he recognized the name, for there was a private spiritual name etched into the crystal in what looked to Jason like Arabic letters, which spelled his astral name.

Jason looked at the exit of the cave a few feet away again with knowledge that he only had a few moments left. Then he looked at his crystal and made up his mind. He simply could not pass up this opportunity. He turned to the right and touched the crystal with his name on it.

Needless to say, Jason did not make it out of the cave in the allotted time for the game to be complete. He stayed there, reveling in his own past lives with great understanding of who he was and who he was supposed to be with tremendous understanding of the overview of who his mother and father were in his past lives and who he was in their lives as well.

And then Jason awoke. Jason thought, "What a wonderful dream this has been!" Then he remembered all of it. "But I am sorry I did not win the game," he lamented. So, Jason went forward with his life, not understanding what the dream really meant, but feeling no judgment from the guardian.

Occasionally, he thought, "If I could play it again, it would be different. I know the pitfalls now."
Jason did not understand that he was in the game still.

AUTHOR'S POSTSCRIPT: Many who read this little story feel that the path through the cave is a person's life, and that the exit is the end of life. Actually, Kryon's explanation is that the path is indeed life, but the exit represents illumination, self realization, enlightenment, and a change in the future. Therefore, the parable represents a human being with a seemingly straightforward task. Walk the path of your life - concentrate on the here and now without spending too much time looking around - and you will get there… Kryon says we are the exalted ones walking the planet, and that while we are here, we feel the opposite and spend too much time studying the past.

AUTHOR'S NOTE ON THE TRAPS OF THE PAST: Past life regression is great unless you tend to live in the past all of the time. Studying the history of the metaphysical universe can be very enlightening unless that is all you do… If your goal is life is to discover our personal reasons for being here, to raise the vibration of the planet, and to move forward with self realization, then you cannot spend all our time looking at what was.

THE PAST FORWARD VIEW: We cannot spend all our time looking at what was for we are always living what is. The truth is that if Jason had had a wider experience of life in many past lives, if he "had already been there, done that" then the cave would have offered no temptation to him. The past only is important to the extent that it is keeping us from being all who we can be in the present. The past will keep us glued to a particular spot - as it did Jason - until we can come to terms with it by healing and understanding it so that we can move forward with joy in our lives now... forward.

Credits: from Lee Carroll's "Parables of Kryon", Tales for the New Age, see the related website at



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