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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

    (Spiritual - Intense Parent/Child Karma)
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Short Description: Autism
Autism generally occurs in very young children and it manifests as the child's total unresponsiveness to others, especially family members and caregivers, as well as "bizarre behavior" (ie. that makes no sense in the context of the current lifetime).

Causes: Parents and their autistic children come into agreement to experience the effects of this crippling and devastating affliction in order to work off long standing karmic patterns existing between them.

For children, the usual karmic lesson is to learn to trust others completely. Since the autistic child is locked in a world of their own, they become completely reliant on others to attend to their physical well being. Often this is an agonizing thing, because on the inside most autistics are quite aware of their surroundings and what is happening to them but have lost the capacity express themselves properly. It is like they are pounding helplessly inside a sound proofed, padded cell but no one outside it can see or hear them.
Many times this is karma created from a past time when they imprisoned others who they "forgot" about - literally not seeing or hearing their cries for help. And this karma gets repaid by them being inside the prison of their own flesh with no one able to see or hear their cries for help.
parents, the usual karmic lesson is to learn to love others unconditionally. It is a lot easier for a parent to love a child who loves them back. It is a lot harder when the child is completely unresponsive to the parent. Worse, due to the deep frustration imposed by it's cocoon-like body and mind, the autistic child lashes out at the most inappropriate times. The autistic child becomes a "burden" because the child never seems to learn even after the most patient, careful, and repetitive instruction. When the child becomes a danger to itself and others, the parent is usually left with the most difficult choices about how best to care for the child. Often, being institutionalized, is the end result of the process no matter how much the parent wish otherwise.
Usually this karmic repayment for one or more past lives where the parent failed in their duty to this Soul now an autistic child. Most often the parents' past failure was the immediate cause of the chain of events which led to both the parent and child choosing an autistic relationship to balance the karmic scales between them.

Symptoms: Since autistic children unresponsive to other people, this usually results in life long problems for them. Their unresponsiveness often evokes a similar response in their parents and significant others around them leading to attachment disorders. Since they do not bond with others, their unresponsiveness may turn to intermittent rage when others try to touch or speak with them.

Lack of early bonding also means they have difficulty in acquiring language which then causes severe deficits in their communication skills (as in impaired speech and meaningless repetition of words or phrases). This leads to the autistic child becoming even more internally focused which may cause them to act out traumas from one or more past lives. This is usually referred to as "bizarre behavior" (like uncontrollable head banging, screaming fits, arm flapping, and other self destructive behavior) in response to normal environmental stimuli (sights, sounds, touch, etc).

After Effects: The bad news autism is almost always a life sentence. The good news is that the autistic child's experience is never wasted. Every moment of their life is rich in experience and karmic burnoff. So parent's of autistic children should be proud of themselves for giving their children one of life's greatest gifts.

Advice: Parents of autistic children need to accept the idea that they agreed to nurture their autistic child to begin with... in other words, it was not cruel fate or random chance that caused their situation. Above all else, parents of autistic children must realize that it is one of the greatest acts of love in the universe for them to stick by their autistic child no matter what happens. Truly there is "no greater love" than loving someone who is utterly incapable of loving you back.

Case History: Parents with autistic children are extremely reluctant to share their life story either because they are too busy with the daily struggle of raising an autistic child or feel ashamed of their situation... often unfairly blaming themselves. Of course, sadly, autistic children are unable to speak for themselves.

Before using any of this advice, click here for a "Word of Caution"

Credits: from channeled information and from "Neal's" life story.

Clarifying Comments from the Community:

Q: What TYPE of Autism are you referring to here? A: This page refers to PROFOUND Autism where the individual never comes out of their isolated world. This is a SMALL minority of autistic people. With early diagnosis and intervention, Autism can be healed (for more information, visit

Q: Is there a LINK between vaccines and autism? A: The US Federal government acknowledges the link between vaccines and autism in their Pubmed Library. Here are links to the key studies: Study 1 Study 2 Study 3
For an historical view of vaccines, click here

Q: Can Autism be healed or, at least, improved? A: Absolutely. Karma teaches that mostly everything can be healed and, what cannot totally be healed, can be made better. Those individuals who work on healing their autism can go from being totally unresponsive (locked in their own world) or from being highly self destructive (violent seizures, head banging, fist pounding, incoherent screaming, etc) to being "normal" in behavior. What this takes is love, devotion, patience, and persistence on the part of the autistic person and their group of caregivers.

Q: Can the progress of healing Autism be seen? A: Absolutely. As the individual heals, their level of Autism will VARY over time in ways that can be noticed and measured. The good news is that Autism is TREATABLE without medication. The best treatment for sufferers is massive doses of unconditional LOVE which serve to melt away the chains of their karmic prison of Autism.

Q: Are you saying that a PROFOUNDLY autistic person is incapable of feeling or giving love? A: No. What I am saying is that PROFOUNDLY autistic individuals have difficulty in showing love in traditional ways (saying "I love you", giving hugs and kisses, making gifts, etc). Autistic individuals are quite capable of receiving love energy (especially from parents) and of sending love energy to those who care for them (as their family members will readily attest). It is the intense love energy from family and friends that is the KEY to healing the autistic person.

Q: Are you saying that a PROFOUNDLY autistic person is a BURDEN to those around them? A: No. As with anything else in life, whether someone is a BURDEN or a BLESSING is in the eye of the beholder. Many parents of autistic children will tell you what a blessing they are and how their children have helped them to grow in love, compassion, and wisdom. That is a very great karmic gift.



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