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"All of Life is in the Movies"
Movies have a way of touching our hearts and our lives in the way books and music alone do not. Movies bring fascinating people to life and make us experience things through their eyes that we would never get a chance to do otherwise.

Movies spread the panorama of the past before us, giving us insights and awareness that used to be enjoyed by only kings and philosophers. These are the best of those to help you heal the past...
So break out the popcorn!

Please note these are my personal selections and do not reflect the views of "management" or the opinions of anyone other than myself. Where there is more than one movie listed in the group, I listed them in the order that I liked them.

In a Class by Itself: Cloud Atlas (with Tom Hanks and Halle Berry)

At last! A movie which depicts the gradual evolution of Soul over the span of time. "Characters meet and reunite from one life to the next. The consequences of their actions and choices impact one another through the past, present, and future." One individual's journey transforms them "from a killer into a hero. A single act of kindness ripples across the years to inspire a revolution." Technology rises and falls along with governments and civilizations. Karma from one life is balanced in a future one. Only lessons learned and deep love between kindred souls endures.

1> Dead Again (with Kenneth Brannagh and Emma Thompson)
..... On A Clear Day You Can See Forever (with Barbra Streisand)

The past is still present. In "Dead Again", the movie starts with the execution of an innocent man who says just before his death that "this is far from over." Revenge for wrongs done in past lives powerfully directs the future… as when all the key players in the murder reincarnate, then find one another again, and strive to "put right what once went wrong". Yet it is love more than revenge that keeps us coming back for more as a psychiatrist learns in "On A Clear Day" when he unexpectedly encounters a past life of a woman patient destined to be his wife in a future life!

2> Stir of Echoes (with Kevin Bacon)
..... Ghost (with Demi Moore)

Then again there are times when the dead cannot wait to come back... and take it upon themselves to intervene in the land of the living by dispensing instant karma. In "Stir of Echoes", the spirit of a murdered girl invades the psychic awareness of a neighbor. In a classic case of "After Life Intervention", she leds him - unwillingly - to discover her body and bring her murderers to justice. While in "Ghost", a wrongfully murdered man uses both "poltergeist" energy (to move objects) and "Instrumental Transcommunication" (to type on a computer) to exact his revenge.

3> Heart and Souls (with Alfre Woodard)
..... Heaven Can Wait (with Warren Beatty)

There are no accidents in the universe. When "accidents happen" in the universe of all possibilities, there are creative ways to work around them. In "Heart and Souls", four people who die in a bus crash become attached to a boy who grows up to help them complete their unfinished business before they move to their next life. While in "Heaven Can Wait", a soul taken out of his body too early attaches to another and finds the woman who becomes his reason for living and loving.

4> Somewhere in Time (with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve)
..... The Love Letter (with Jennifer Jason Leigh and Campbell Scott)

There are no barriers to love in the universe… not time, not distance, not death can ever truly separate those love with the passion of eternity. In "Somewhere in Time", a woman waits her whole life to convince the man she has already loved to go back to the past and love her again. While in "The Love Letter", a window to the past is opened by an antique desk which allows lovers parted by war in the past to find one another in the present and resume their long denied love.

5> Guarding Tess (with Shirley MacLaine)
..... Dolores Claiborne (with Kathy Bates)

The past is a nice place to visit… but you do not want to live there. And if you do, then I suggest that you rent these movies. In "Guarding Tess", the wife of a dead President keeps reliving the glory days of her past even though it is killing her (which manifests as a brain tumor). While in "Dolores Claiborne", a wife, suspected of murdering her husband, must come to terms with it, while under investigation in the death of her employer. In both cases, the main characters face their pasts and embrace their present by healing their troubled relationships with those left in their lives now. Both learn that living in the past… only keeps them trapped there.

6> Defending Your Life (with Albert Brooks)

"There is no hell… but Los Angeles is getting pretty close…" is the explanation given to a man who is about to review - and defend - his most recent lifetime on Earth. As becomes clear from his lawyer who vigorously applauds his mundane life and from his prosecutor who has no trouble finding his faults, this man is no hero. And yet, in the final moments of the life between lives, this man shows how love can transform cowards into heroes. Even his prosecutor was moved to tears by his final act of heroism which goes to show that we can be supported by those we least expect and that we can do more than we believe ourselves able to do.

7> Titanic (with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio)

There is a reason that Titanic sailed into a fortune... it was because it showed what was truest and best about the human condition as well it's falsity and failures. At the heart of the movie was a story of past life love… for to transcend the barriers of class, fortune, and circumstance so quickly and so easily is only possible where a Soul connection of deep love already existed from past lives. When Jack says that he lives each day to the fullest with the goal of "making it count", he shows us what a fully realized being is. When Rose lives the rest of her long life because of his courage, she show us how powerfully love can transform us. In the final hours of Titanic, each was tested in a way they would live with for the rest of their lives.

8> Mother Night (with Nick Nolte)
..... Sleuth (with Michael Caine and Laurence Olivier)
..... Deathtrap (with Michael Caine and Christopher Reeve)

"You are what you pretend to be… so be very careful about what you pretend to be" is the life lesson of "Mother Night". An American born playwright takes on the role of a lifetime when he poses as a Nazi sympathizer to secretly send coded transmissions as part of his radio program. When he realizes his message of hate is taken seriously by all around him, his life slowly collapses in on him until it finally destroys him. Just as the mystery novelist's obsession with murder causes him to commit the real thing in "Sleuth" or as the playwright's murder-for-money scheme in "Deathtrap" snares him in a web of lies that "traps" him into his own "death".

9> Patton (with George C. Scott)
..... Gladiator (with Russell Crowe)
..... Saving Private Ryan (with Tom Hanks)

"Through a glass and darkly, the age old strife I see where I fought in many guises, many names but always me" was how General George S. Patton Jr paid tribute to the many military incarnations that made him the very genius of war. Nothing stays with one more than the sting of personal defeat as General Patton remarked when he recounted a past life during the sacking of Carthage in an early scene of the movie. There is nothing like personal adversity to sear one to their soul as Maximus in the movie "Gladiator" learned when the slaughter of his wife and child propelled him on a tortured path of revenge. For those that want to know the true experience of war without having to live through it, watch the opening scenes of "Gladiator" or the first 30 minutes of "Saving Private Ryan". For those wanting to know what war really does to someone, watch the deterioration of the Hanks character closely.

10> Yesterday's Children (with Jane Seymour)
..... Two Worlds of Jennie Logan (with Lindsay Wagner)

"Yesterday's Children" is the movie version of the book by Jenny Cockell entitled "Across Time and Death: A Mother's Search for Her Past Life Children". Although "Americanized" and "TV-ish", this movie remains true to the heartwarming account of how a mother's love from a past life translated into her present day search for her children to make sure they were "all right". It also shows many of the following truisms of past life exploration. That emotional issues (she was an abused wife) are more important than mundane details (like last names) which could be scientifically verified. That the more the past is ignored, the more problems it causes in the present (her life and health were disrupted, forcing her to take action). That past life information comes in it's own order and own good time. That love is what life is all about in the end… which sums up the "Two Worlds of Jennie Logan".



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