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1- "Deadly Diseases were Reduced or Eradicated by Sanitation NOT Vaccination"

Disease was reduced by government sponsored public health efforts at better sanitation in collecting and treating excrement, cleaning up the air and the water, handling the dead bodies of humans and animals, promoting hygenic practices in hospitals and homes, and helping to prevent food adulteration.

2- "Studies by Professional Historians Support the Cause of Sanitation NOT Vaccination"

Historians from Harvard, Columbia, Syracuse, and Iowa State Universities as well as from the American Academy of Pediatrics, Journal of the American Medical Association, and Journal of Nutrition agree that improved living through sanitation measures has created better health. Vaccination is NOT listed as a cause.

3- "History Shows Vaccines Do NOT Prevent 'Vaccine Preventable Diseases'"

Ever since the advent of modern vaccination (dated from Edward Jenner's "study" since 1798, vaccines have NOT prevented what are termed as "vaccine preventable" diseases. In 1872, in an almost 100% vaccinated population, in Leicester, England, vaccination FAILED to stop the disease of small-pox. What finally did eradicate small-pox was better sanitation. Since then, diseases have broken out consistently inside highly vaccinated populations... proving that vaccines DO NOT prevent disease.

4- "History Shows Sanitation Works Where Vaccination CANNOT"

The worst diseases in history are not on the vaccine list because only sanitation works to eradicate these diseases. These include: Cholera, Tuberculosis, and Ebola.

5- "Vaccines Are NOT 100% Safe as They Cause Positive Harm"

All you have to do is read the package inserts that come with the vaccine (available online) to see the potential adverse side effects and to realize that they are not safe. Death can result from vaccinations. I can personally attest to the fact that three times - from the small-pox, measles, and flu vaccines - vaccination almost killed me.

6- "Vaccines Contain Toxic Poisons Known as Viruses-Adjuvants-Preservatives-Stabilizers"

Every part of a vaccine is poison. Vaccines contain live and "inactivated" disease organisms. Vaccines contain Thimerosol (Mercury) and Aluminum which are known neurotoxins (which are poisonous to the brain). Vaccines contain Formaldehyde, Polysorbate 80, Monosodium Glutamate, and Phenoxyethanol which are known carcinogens (which cause cancer in humans). These are all toxic poisons which, when injected, bypass the body's defenses going directly into the blood stream.

7- "One Size Fits All Vaccines are Unfair When All are Not One Size"

The backgrounds of babies, children, adults, and seniors vary widely. Yet, the vaccination schedule in terms of either timing or dosage is the same for all regardless of their state of health, the strength of their immune system, and the difference in their genetic backgrounds. This is a recipe for disaster and the cause of so many adverse vaccine reactions.

8- "Vaccines are the Medical Equivalent of Dirty Bombs"

The ingredients in vaccines are bad enough but what is worse is the fact that there are other "inexplicable" items in vaccines. This is not surprising given that the production of vaccines is not tightly regulated or quality controlled and that vaccine manufacturers have no liability when their products fail.

9- "Vaccines are Tested Using False Placebos"

Evidence-based medicine is supposed to rest upon double blind, saline placebo controlled clinical trials. For vaccines, these do not exist. Vaccines, when they are tested before going to market, are tested using "false" placebos which can be old vaccines, experimental vaccines, and/or dangerous adjuvants. This does not create a safe or a valid testing of vaccines.

10- "Vaccines Depend on the Historical Lie of Herd Immunity"

The original concept of "Herd Immunity" came from a research study on UN-vaccinated children and claimed that at 68% cured level the rest of the "herd" was protected. This unproven theory was twisted into the need for a 95% vaccinated population... and to the creation of unfair social pressure against the unvaccinated to take poisonous and damaging vaccines.

11- "Vaccines Depend on Tobacco Industry Tactics to Succeed"

For 400 years, from 1565 when tobacco was first introduced in England to 1965 when the US finally published warnings on packs of cigarettes, the tobacco industry denied that smoking was bad for your health using the "four dog defense" to deny any harm from resulted from smoking. The vaccine industry is now using the same tactics to justify vaccines.

12- "Vaccines Practice Intellectual Dishonesty + Censorship"

In the "Annual Summary of Vital Statistics: Trends in the Health of Americans During the 20th Century" by Bernard Guyer, Mary Anne Freedman, Donna M. Strombino, and Edward J Sondik, December 2000 from Pediatrics: Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, this sentence used to be included in the article: "Thus vaccination does not account for the impressive declines in mortality seen in the first half of the century." NOW THAT PHRASE HAS BEEN REMOVED.


I will use the words of the "British Medical Journal" (BMJ) to summarize my position on vaccination: "[A]n informed decision about vaccination can only be made by [individuals and] parents in the absence of coercion by medical authorities, and only after becoming familiar with the facts...". These are facts you should find for yourself without regard to anyone else, myself included.

My personal view is that vaccination is an
[u]nholy alliance for profit: promotion of vaccines is motivated by collusion for monetary gain between doctors, pharmaceutical companies, researchers, and public health bureaucrats... [and any mandates about] regulation of the administration of vaccines is a threat to civil liberties and is an excessive exertion of government control and incompatible with the freedom that Americans expect, have enjoyed... and should fight for and cherish.

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