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Rules #2a: How Your Body-Mind-Emotions-Spirit Works

Take a Few Minutes to Save Your Life

Here is what you need to know about your body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Now I know that you have a million things to do and a thousand things to think about. Just starting to remember all those things as you are reading this is making your brain spin and your heart pound. No wonder - we are working ourselves harder now than at almost any time before in human history.

We may be working ourselves to the bone and busily rushing from place to place but... we usually fail to really take care of ourselves in the process. Instead we rely on labor saving devices to keep us from moving our bodies, from challenging our minds, and from connecting with our emotions and spiritual nature. We are not moving, breathing, or living as much as we were meant to... our bodies, minds, and emotions become so full of problems that get worse until we MUST pay attention.

So how can you and your body-mind-emotions-spirit live together in peace? Before this question can be answered, take a step back. You must understand what the primary job functions of your "beingness" really are.

Your "beingness" prime directive - it's first job - is to keep itself safe. So if you - by what you do and what you fail to do - are compromising it by endangering it's health, your body-mind-emotions-spirit strikes back with problems.

Your "beingness" second job - is to keep your feet firmly planted on the path of what it is you agreed to do when you came into this lifetime. Particularly when you have attained great spiritual advancement, your body-mind-emotions-spirit often behaves as if it has a will of it's own. As you age your "beingness" acquires greater freedom to get you to notice it... and honor your Life Contract.

Your "beingness" third - and least important job - is to do what you want it and tell it to do. If you do not think this is true, then consider this...

For example: you tell your body all the time that you want to lose weight and yet the rubber tire will not come off. Either the excess weight is keeping you safe and protected (first job) or it is helping you to learn lessons that you have agreed to learn (second job). Address the issues and the lessons and the pounds will melt away.

So what do you need to do for your body-mind-emotions-spirit so that you can get on with your life in the real world? The good news is that honoring yourself does not take massive amounts of time or energy

Achieving and maintaining a state of "wellness" is all about fully developing body, mind, emotions, and spirit and finding an overall balance between them.

To do this, all you have to do is keep making small adjustments to get and keep yourself on the right track. You will be surprised at how quickly these small adjustments add up to improved levels of energy and "wellness".

So here are the four simple rules:

1> For your body, move and breathe. Breathe deeply. Drink lots of water. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk short distances instead of driving. Ask a friend to join you in a daily walk and a friendly chat. Get a good night's sleep.

2> For your mind, learn and think. Watch a news magazine instead of mindless sitcoms. Read a book. Join a discussion group about anything that interests you. Take a fun class and learn something new and different. Think, think, think!

3> For your emotions, enjoy. Honor your feelings. Laugh. Smile. Find a reason to smile. Choose to forgive, love, and live happy. Become free of emotions that do not serve you. Forgive everyone everything by letting go of disharmony.

4> For your spirit, love. Take 15 minutes a day to do something fun, something you truly enjoy. Do some relaxing deep breaths or some quiet meditation. Examine religions for nuggets of wisdom and for prayers of peace and healing.

Honor the body, mind, emotions, and spirit that give you life because the life you are saving just may be your own.

So what else can you give yourself today? 12 things... The act of giving is transformational. It creates energy: it changes those who get and those who give.

1> Give yourself credit. Nobody can know how hard you work. Take a minute to tell yourself that you handled something well.

2> Give yourself freedom to change. Do something different. Break out of your routine. Try something new.

3> Give yourself permission to say "No". If you continually ignore your own needs to take care of other people, you risk becoming angry and depressed. Remember that "no" can mean "not now" or "no and that's final!".

4> Give yourself health and happiness. The more patience, passion, and energy you have, the more it rubs off on others.

5> Give yourself a break. Do not be so hard on yourself. On tough days, adjust your expectations. Ask for help (which gives others a chance to feel needed).

6> Give yourself simplicity. Even the simplest act of giving to yourself or others can make a difference. So start small but do it - now!

7> Give your full attention. Whatever you are doing, throw yourself into it. You will enjoy it more.

8> Give yourself encouragement. Life can be hard at times. We do not always get the support we need from others. Sometimes we need to give it to ourselves.

9> Give yourself time. To be alone. To be quiet. To think or listen. To do something you really want to do.

10> Give yourself sacred space. No one has the right to drain you of energy, money, or happiness. Allow only those who can respect and honor your sacred space into it.

11> Give forgiveness to yourself and others. By forgiving - whether it is yourself or someone else - you are letting go of an uncomfortable burden you have been carrying around.

12> Give for the sake of giving. When we give on purpose, with purpose, all kinds of powerful, positive things can happen. Manifest a miracle in your life.

Remember, when you give, the one who gets the most is you!


Credits: from "The Wellness Seminar", CIGNA Behavioral Health and channeled information.



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