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Rules of the House #25c: Past Life Carry Over Habits - Mental

"Habits... form us. Conquer your bad habits or they will conquer you." (Rob Gilbert)

When people enter their present life, they have forgotten that they have chosen the difficulties they are facing now to resolve unfinished business from past lives.

Often that business is breaking habits acquired in the past that are no longer serve them like:

Scholasticism [Crown]
Snow Blindness [Brow]
Dumbing Down [Throat]
Death Tennis [Heart]
People Paranoia [Stomach]
Swiss Cheese [Sacral]
Polling Pressure [Root]


If your mind is working on over-drive and always putting in lots of over-time, you are overthinking.

If you have tendency to "overthink" things, it is most likely from past life training in Scholasticism:

* Scholasticism Defined: Most "overthinkers" have had training in past lives as a Scholastic (the source of the modern word "scholar"). This was a medieval system of philosophy that taught its students to overthink and overanalyze everything.

* Scholasticism Upside: It taught people to be great listeners and to see a problem from all sides. It also taught people how to "sell" the most unbelievable and ridiculous of ideas. It was said that Scholastics could sell anything to anyone (even when they did not believe in their own arguments) and made mountains out of molehills.

* Scholasticism Downside: It taught people to spend inordinate amounts of time on tearing apart even the most trivial of problems. It also taught that quick thinking and rapid decision making always created poor results (which is untrue). It had the result of miring individuals in over-analysis to the point of wheel spinning.
* The Scholasticism Test: Here is how to know if you are being influenced by this past life habit. Do you do any of these?
1> Do you lie awake at night, turning even the most trivial things over and over in your mind?
2> Do you take days to agonize over making decisions and then constantly rethink them?
3> Do you ask lots of questions, far more than "most people" would ask in the same situation?
4> Do you over-complicate the simplest things, far more than "most people" would do in the same situation?
5> Do you constantly beat yourself up for what you said-did or failed to do-say in the distant or near past?
6> Do give yourself "demerits" for everything you do wrong or could have done better?
7> Do you constantly change things: doing, redoing, and then redoing things until they are just so?
* Advice: The only cure for Scholasticism is greater reliance on being "intuitive". Since Scholastics are great at tracking things, if you are one, keep account of how often your intuition is right and how often it was not necessary to overthink things. Once you start to see that your intuition has a solid track record of success... you will naturally stop overthinking things. Your mind can be a wonderful servant but it is a terrible master when it continually works on over-drive and into over-time. So reach up and connect with the source of your intuition, your Higher Self. You should find less over-drive and over-time... and more bliss and inner peace. The "Aligning with Your Higher Self" exercise will help you achieve this.

Snow Blindness

Most people live in a state of "Snow Blindness" when comes to more knowledge of their past lives.

If you have tried and failed at accessing information on your past lives, it is most likely "Snow Blindness" at work:

* Snow Blindness Defined: Those who live in cold climates know all about "Snow Blindness". It happens when the snow falls so thick and fast all around you that you cannot see what is right in front of you until you literally bump in it.

* Reincarnation Role: How reincarnation creates "Snow Blindness" is best summed up by Walter Raleigh: "Even such is Time which takes all in trust: Our youth, our joys, our all we have, And pays us but with age and dust. Who in the dark and silent grave, When we have wandered all our ways, shuts up the story of our days. But from this Earth, this grave, this dust, The Lord shall raise me up, I trust." Shutting up the story of our days is "Snow Blindness".

* New Snowfall: When we have exited one life we are "raised up" in a new one, leaving the "story of our days" behind us in the past where it belongs. We come into a new life with new challenges, taking what we have learned with us in our subconscious mind to improve upon ourselves as "works in progress."

* New Snow: As Mohandas Gandhi said, "it is nature's kindness that we do not remember past (existences). Life would be a burden if we carried such a tremendous load of memories." So we reincarnate forgetting via enzymes released in the brain as we are born (which science has discovered). Thus is our awareness of past lives regulated by this is "Snow Blindness" from birth.
* The Snow Blindness Test: Here is how to know if you are being influenced by this past life habit. There is only one real indicator:
* Reincarnation Skepticism: Not only are we born forgetting the long trail of our past lives and with a resilient skepticism that keeps us from wanting to explore them. In people where the skepticism has an exceptionally strong hold, it will prompt them to believe the most illogical, strained, and elaborate explanations that are "anything but reincarnation": this is the true test of "Snow Blindness" at work!
* Advice: Even scientists would rather bleed to death on one of their own most cherished principles, Ockham's Razor, than to let go of "the formidable initial presumption against reincarnation". For you non scientists, Ockham's Razor is a principle of philosophy which - interpreted from the original Latin - means all other things being equal, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. Yet do not worry: when it comes to reincarnation "The Lord shall raise me up, I trust." If you want to come out from under "Snow Blindness", then start with the "33 Things I Love About Me" exercise because greater self love creates greater awareness.

Dumbing Down

If you are being/doing less to seek the approval or avoid the disapproval of others, you are "Dumbing Down".

If you define yourself by your relationships with others, then it is likely that you are "Dumbing Down":

* Dumbing Down Defined: Do you stand up for yourself? Or do you allow others to undermine your self confidence and invade your sense of self? Each time you time you "dumb down" - being and doing less to gain the approval or avoid the disapproval of another person - your personal boundaries shrink. Your sense of self is compromised and you suffer physically, mentally, and emotionally.

* Relationship Boundaries: Your Higher Self sends you many relationships throughout your life to test your personal boundaries. The needs and demands of others are meant to make you define yourself: who you are, what you will (and will not) do, how you relate to others, how you are unique and special, and so on.
* The Dumbing Down Test: Here is how to know if you are being influenced by this past life habit. Do you do any of these?
* Uncomfortable Actions: When you are doing less than you are capable of doing because you do not want to "show anyone up", you are dumbing down. If someone cares about you, then they should want you to be and to do the best that you possibly can. If they insist on you being/doing less to gain their approval and/or to avoid their disapproval, then you need to ask them and yourself why you MUST be LESS so that you can keep the relationship going.

* Uncomfortable Speech: When you are forced to keep quiet or when you are forced into saying things that make you feel bad, uncomfortable, or embarrassed, you are dumbing down. If someone truly cares about you, then they should want you to speak your mind by only saying what makes you feel good, comfortable, and content.

* Uncomfortable Associations: When you are forced to spend time with people who make you feel bad about yourself or who try to get you to do what you do not want to do, you are dumbing down. If someone truly cares about you, then they will only ask you to do what is legal, moral, or ethical... and not anything else ever.
Advice: If you want to stop dumbing down and start standing in your own power, do this "Reclaiming Your Power" exercise and you will feel better soon.

Death Tennis

If "I kill you in one life, you kill me in the next, and so on"... we are playing Death Tennis.

If you have extreme feelings of hate towards another, most likely you have played "Death Tennis" with them:

* Death Tennis Defined: If the past life history between the people playing "Death Tennis" was revealed, then a series of violent murders would be seen where each betrayed and killed the other time and again. For each past life where one has killed another, there is another where these roles were reversed.

* Domestic Violence: Based upon crime statistics, when one mate kills their partner, the police first suspect the surviving mate. Odds are that intense domestic tension has motivated the murder. Behind those odds is the past life karma resulting in another round "Death Tennis" between mates who have been killing each other for a long time.

* Really Bad Mojo: "Death Tennis" creates bands of negative energy between the people are so thick, that unless both partners take active steps to correct them, both are better served by ending the relationship before it turns lethal (and leaves any children parentless).
* The Death Tennis Test: Here are the warning signs that the karma of "Death Tennis" exists between two individuals:
- The intensity of negative energy between the individuals is extreme, especially when alone.
- When each person harbors extremely negative thoughts and feelings about one another.
- When each person has made negative statements about the other person to others around them.
- When the negativity has created mutual actions resulting in a series of harmful incidents.
- Where the initial good feelings between the individuals quickly faded and then degenerated into dislike and later hate.
- Where there are endless arguments between the individuals but very few exchanges of kindness.
* Advice: The bottom line is that, if you are playing "Death Tennis" with someone else, STOP NOW. If you want there to be peace between you, then let the peace begin with you. The life you are saving may well be your own. So if you want to end the game of "Death Tennis" between you, then doing the "Loving Kindness Meditation" will help. Just focus on doing TWO parts of it, one for you and one for your "Death Tennis" partner. This exercise will help to improve the energy (and the "bad" karma) between you... without you having to see or talk to them.

People Paranoia

If you are constantly fearful of other people harming you in some way, then you may have "People Paranoia".

If you have extreme feelings of fear about people, most likely you have suffered horribly at their hands in past lives:

* People Paranoia Defined: Optimists believe that a stranger is just a friend you have not met yet. Pessimists believe that a stranger is a potential threat you have not discovered yet. If you believe that strangers are all threats to be avoided at all costs... then you are suffering from "People Paranoia".

* Unscientific Statistics: My experience of modern society has been this. 80% of people are basically decent, honest, and hard-working. 15% are manipulative and less honest but will not cross the line into criminal activity. The last 5% are criminal in varying degrees with only a fraction of 1% being those truly fearful serial killers/rapists. So it is better to trust that others can and will help you if needed.
* The People Paranoia Test: The truth is that people are both... friends and threats. You are here to learn is how to discern who is a friend and who is an enemy. Here is how to know if you have "People Paranoia":
* "They are thinking badly of me": Since every outer action begins with an inner thought, those with people paranoia become convinced that others are always thinking badly of them. They want - at all costs - to make sure that others think so well of them... that these others could not even conceive of doing them harm.

* "They are out to get me": Since one's actions are the outward manifestation of their inner thoughts, those with people paranoia are always on the lookout for signs that others are out to get them. They can stop trusting someone they have known well at the slightest hint that "they are out to get me", even if it is completely untrue.

* "They want what I have": Those with people paranoia are usually convinced that others want what they have and that these others will do anything to get it. In past lives, those who are now people paranoia usually suffered horribly from others taking their money, their food, their livestock, and other valuables.

* "They will harm me in the end": Those with people paranoia are usually quite convinced that others will somehow harm them somewhere along the way. In past lives, those who are now people paranoia usually suffered horribly from others injuring, maiming, or killing them. So they have good karmic reasons for their fears.
* Advice: Overcoming people paranoia starts with chanting this: "I only attract good, loving people!" until you believe it. Only when you believe it, will you meet the good people who will help you forget all about the bad ones. The "Emotional Freedom Technique" can help you rid yourself from "People Paranoia" forever!

Swiss Cheese Syndrome

If you have problems accepting compliments, then you suffer from the "Swiss Cheese Syndrome".

If you fear a "swelled head" by shutting out the good and letting in the bad, this causes you to be Swiss Cheesed:

* Swiss Cheesed Defined: This is a two part syndrome. First, the criticisms you receive from others run smack into the solid walls of your brain, making a deep, lasting (and possibly permanent) impression on you. Second, the compliments fly through the "Swiss Cheese" holes in your brain like a guided missile going in one ear and out the other without making any impression on you whatsoever.

* Masochistic Vanity: When an individual truly believes "what a miserable bag of dung I am" , their will and the conscience are so imbalanced that they falsely feel (on the inside) they are worthless. Meekness is the vanity imbalance that results when the needs of the collective universe are always put ahead of the needs of the individual.
* The Swiss Cheese Test: Being "Swiss Cheesed" is a huge problem... for you. You will naturally develop a less favorable view of yourself which will attract less of the good in life that is available to you. Here is how being "Swiss Cheesed" hurts:
* Bad Relationship Partners: When you just cannot accept compliments which help you to believe the best about yourself, you are bound to attract relationship partners who will take advantage of you. They will remind you not to think too well about yourself, lest you get that "swelled head" and start looking at just how badly they are treating you. For they know, once you do think well of yourself, you will start demanding the better treatment you deserve.

* Bad Work Experiences: When you cannot accept compliments which help you to believe the best about yourself, you are bound to attract employers and coworkers who will take advantage of you. Knowing that you think poorly of yourself, they will overburden you with work, they will not pay you what you are really worth; they will talk meanly about you behind your back, and so on.

* Bad Situations: When you cannot accept compliments which help you to believe the best about yourself, you are bound to attract others who will use and take advantage of you. They will volunteer you for projects without asking for your permission. They will drop in on you unannounced to get food, money, favors, etc because you are sure not to mind... after all, you are just Swiss Cheese! Yet, only you can decide if you are sick of being "Swiss Cheesed" and if you will start accepting compliments to fill up the holes in your self esteem.
* Advice: Healing the "Swiss Cheese" starts with deep self acceptance. The "Sacred Space" exercise can help you to love and accept yourself just as you are right now. Doing this can help you to fill up those "Swiss Cheese" holes - forever!

Polling Pressure

If you are constantly checking in on others and that makes them check out, then this is "Polling Pressure".

If you feel - to get what you want - you must pressure others through constant contact, this is polling pressure:

* Polling Pressure Defined: Polling is when computers constantly checks in to determine when a task is finally completed! If you are a person (and not a computer) and you are constantly checking in with others to see if they have done what you have asked… then you are polling/pressuring them.

* Constant Comment: Those who poll others usually receive comments back like... "Please be patient I will get back to you", "There has been no change since our last contact you will hear from me soon", or, more bluntly, "stop pestering me!"
* The Polling Pressure Test: Here is how to know if you are polling:
* Pressure: When you are constantly checking in with someone (hourly, daily, etc), you are putting undue pressure on them. Most people only need to be asked once and they will do what you requested. Others will need to be reminded a few times (between 3 and 5) over time (in a week or month). Very few need to be polled more than that… and, if they are, these people will feel pressured by the polling… and they will become resentful of you.

* Pestering: When you are constantly polling someone, they will come to view you as a pest. Although you may believe that you are taking action towards your goals and that you are getting what you want sooner, this comes at a cost. No one likes to be pestered. More often then not, the person being pestered just "jollies" the pesterer along. They pretend to the poller that they are working hard to act on their request… but often drag their feet… because they are so annoyed and resentful at being pestered all the time.

* Price: When you are constantly polling someone, you end up paying a price. That price is that others will not want to work with you or be in any kind of relationship with you. They may avoid you by not responding to your future requests for assistance. They may impose a "pestering tax" by making you pay more or wait longer for future help. They may just be honest and admit that they cannot stand your polling and want to break off all contact rather than be pressured.
* Advice: There is only one cure for polling… and that is patience. Resist the urge to poll and trust that others will respond to you on a timely basis. Stop trying to control others by pressuring them. Be patient knowing that others do want to help you and that the highest good for all concerned will result. Remember that when you are polling others, this creates pressure for YOU as well. So lighten up and leave the polling to the computers. While you are waiting, take time to RELAX!

Credits: from channeled information.



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