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Rules #37f: "Walking the Minefield": Philosophies & Past Lives

Where Past Lives and Philosophy Intersect

For any philosophy to be considered as truth, it must reveal wisdom about the greater totality of our existence.

Evolutionary Model: The scientific model of evolution, when applied to the cycles of reincarnation, reveals about its.inner workings as well as the processes of karma.

Germ Theory: The struggle of the "Germ Theory" to gain acceptance shows how difficult it is for unseen influences to be believed despite the existence of evidence.

Obstacles to Knowledge: How the "normal" blocks to the acceptance of new ideas and theories combined with inborn skepticism keeps karma and reincarnation a mystery.

Moral Relativism: Why it is very unfair to judge the past by the standards of the present as well as how the different standards of the past can be fairly and rightly judged.

Evolutionary Model

"Progress has not followed a straight ascending line, but a spiral with rhythms of progress and retrogression, of evolution and dissolution." (Johann von Goethe)
The scientific model of evolution, when applied to the cycles of reincarnation, reveals much.

* Evolution operates over a long time scale: Reincarnation operates across the widest possible timeframe: it has been in operation from the beginning of time and will continue to operate until the end of time (there is no longer than that!).

* Evolution operates on parallel tracks: Each person takes their own journey through the universe. Although karma weaves our lives through the lives of others, each individual must learn from their own experiences. Although one interacts with others, the lessons they learn from that interaction are uniquely theirs. Although one learns from others, the pace of advancement is solely due to their own efforts.

* Evolution is driven by changes in the environment: Karma is always sending us lessons. If we fail to learn from them, we get the lessons again. When we have mastered a set of lessons, we get a new set. Life is all about change… the more we wish to learn in life, the faster and harder the lessons become to spur our growth.

* Evolution is a process of trial and error: When our choices are negative-unloving, we fail. We can make the same mistakes millions of times. When our choices become positive-loving, we succeed. Others can tell us what creates success… but it is what life shows us and how we react that creates success.

* Evolution is powered by learning: Living is learning. Each failure brings us one step closer to success. Each new life starts with a new (and hopefully smarter) base of knowledge. Our progress as Soul is like a stock chart (not linear, full of ups and downs). What matters is that we are growing in our ability to love.

* Evolution builds on success: After awhile, the success of many past lives guarantees the success of the present one. The Soul evolves through mastering the challenge of each chakra over the course of many lifetimes: starting from the Root and going to the Crown. When one is fully centered in the Crown, they operate from their Higher Self and from the evolved Soul perspective.

* Evolution produces unexpected, totally unpredictable results: Our inability to see the future coupled with the choices made through our free will means that life is bound to be unpredictable. That is how karma works best to evolve character.

Germ Theory

When the "Germ Theory" was first proposed, it was universally ridiculed. Now the "Germ Theory" is accepted as fact. The same arguments that were advanced against the "Germ Theory" are the same as those advanced against past life healing now.

* Hide in Plain Sight: "To see what is in front of one's nose is a constant struggle." (George Orwell) The "Germ Theory" shared the same struggle as does the greater acceptance of karma and reincarnation now.

* Unseen, Unhurt: "If you cannot see it, it cannot hurt you" the old argument went. Just as germs can now be seen under microscopes, the effects of past lives are increasing being seen in the accumulation of documented cases of traumatic past lives being reflected in birth defects (like deformities, abnormalities, marks, etc) in present life biology (click here for Reincarnation and Biology).

* Too Little to Hurt: "Even if you can see it, it is too little to hurt" the old argument went. Since germs are microscopic, people believed that they were too little to do serious damage... now we know better. Since past lives cannot be seen, people believed they could not do serious damage now. Yet there are some disorders that are driven by past life karma (click here for Karmic Diseases).

* No Link: "There is no link between this new fangled theory and real life" the old argument went. Enough evidence exists showing that those who ingest or are injected with germs will contract the illness carried by them... so that people are not willing to chow down on germs. Similarly, most people see that "what goes around comes around" enough to believe in cause and effect and to respect the concept of karma (click here for Legal Evidence of Past Lives).

* It's All Faked: "Any evidence for this phenomenon must be faked" the old argument went. Before evidence started piling up from different sources, no one wanted to believe in the germ theory. It became overwhelming and so people started to believe in germs. Although independent evidence from different sources is piling up for past lives, reincarnation skepticism and religious belief keep it from being accepted even though it is true (click here for Reincarnation Skepticism).

Obstacles to Knowledge

"There are Four Obstacles to Knowledge: Idols of the Tribe, Idols of the Cave, Idols of the Theater, and Idols of the Marketplace." (Francis Bacon) These obstacles to knowledge often keep individuals from exploring past lives, karma, and reincarnation.

* Idols of the Tribe: This obstacle to knowledge is deceptive beliefs which are common to the human race. Some believe that there is a higher power that watches over us and keeps us safe (what karma teaches) while others believe we are all on our own. The global beliefs we hold dear can serve as obstacles to knowledge. For example, the removal from the official Bible of most of the teachings of Jesus Christ about karma and reincarnation still serve to block many from these teachings.

* Idols of the Cave: This obstacle to knowledge arises within the mind of the individual. Their own unique beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors are molded by their personal temperament, their education, their habit patterns, their environment, and their life experiences. These filters in our mind, including our inborn reincarnation skepticism (forgetting/disbelieving the past), are obstacles to knowledge.

* Idols of the Theater: This obstacle to knowledge comes from learning and philosophy that are accepted without question as fact by the majority of the population. As civilization advances, learnings and philosophies change with the times. These outdated teachings of the times (including the anti-reincarnation preachings) always serve as obstacles to knowledge to spiritual seekers.

* Idols of the Marketplace: This obstacle to knowledge comes from the very deceptive use of communication. When words undermine their purpose, they end up hiding the very thoughts they are supposed to express. The long and winding road between "what I said" and "what you heard" always serve as obstacles to knowledge. Only someone's direct experience of the past can overcome this.

* The Cure: There is only one way to overcome all these obstacles to knowledge. Question with your mind whatever does not feel right in your heart. For mind and heart working together is the surest way to know the greater truth of our existence.

Moral Relativism

"Moral Relativism" is the philosophy that there is no universal, objective truth about what is "right" and what is "wrong". This philosophy asserts this must be true because different cultures have widely different moral standards about what is morally permissible.

* Bygone Philosophy: The main objection to Moral Relativism is there are core values (like love, freedom, joy, etc) cutting across all religions-societies that are viewed as universal, objective truth. In the context of the present society that is true... but it is not true in the context of past life exploration. This is why it has relevance to the philosophy of karma and reincarnation.

* Inside Your Heart: When it comes to karma, a person is judged by what is inside their heart and mind. In the inner worlds, there are no misunderstandings or errors. The truth about an individual is always clear to the forces of karma. This is how and why karma can act with such precision in ensuring what a person sows in one life they reap is a future one. What is inside a person's heart is measured by what they were taught to believe and how that measures up to what they decided to do with their life and how these decisions were and were not like love.

* Judging the Past: It is very unfair to judge the past by the standards of the present. For example, in past societies, one human being "owning" another as a chattel slave (property) was morally permissible. If the "owner" was kind and compassionate to the "slave", the karma was balanced. If not, the wheels of reincarnation will act to balance the karma between them. So the "owner" should not beat themselves up for having been a slave owner (legal at the time) only for any misuse of power (acting in an unloving way) arising from the "superior" master position and made possible by the "inferior" slave being under their control.

* Being True: As we travel through our cycles of reincarnation, karma teaches us what is and is not like love. As time goes by, we learn to be and become more love, despite the changing morals, manners, and mores of different societies. We learn to be true to ourselves, no matter what others close to us or society tells us to do. We transcend conditions of moral relativism to become unconditional love.

Credits: from channeled information.



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