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Rules #36c: "Inbetween Times": Life Between Lives - Beings

Inter-Life Inner World Beings

When you are between lifetimes (the Inter-Life), there are many beings in the inner worlds that you can choose to visit. These include some beings that exist but are widely known but are also widely misunderstood. Here is what karma teaches about them:

Inner Beings: Angel Role
Inner Beings: Devil Role
Inner Beings: Guardian Guides
Inner Beings: Imaginary Friends

Inner Beings: Angel Role

* Are there really Angels?

"The angels are as perfect in form as they are in spirit." (Jeanne D'Arc)

* Messengers: The word 'angel' means messenger in both Hebrew and Greek. Angels are defined (in the Catholic Encyclopedia) as any "any agent God sends forth to execute his purposes" and to carry "on his government of the world" according to His Laws.

* Front Line: Angels are the "whispers of God" whose joyful noise grows louder all the time. They are among the most dedicated CoWorkers with God: in fact, the universe would be a bleak place without them. More than ever before, angels are reaching out to the mass consciousness... and people are responding.

* Always Everywhere: Angels are everywhere. Angels are always available to you! They are always standing by to help, guide, and support you! Angels are increasingly becoming a part of popular culture from movies (like the "City of Angels" which they say is a more accurate depiction of their experience) to television shows (like "Touched by An Angel" which receives less high ratings).

* Just Ask: Angels are as close to you as your breath: they travel at the speed of thought and are instantly available to all. To experience angels directly, just ask! They are always with you and are waiting for your commands. The angels want to do all in their power to help make your journey back home to God a safe one.

* Best Helpers: Yet angels are only helpers. People believe wrongly that if they follow what the angels want from them or if they turn their lives over to the angels that everything will go smoothly. Angels are more like the ball boys/girls in a tennis game. They make sure all the balls are kept in motion, they give the players the things they need, they help out when they can... but it is up to each person to play the game of life for themselves. Just like in tennis, only you can set events in motion.

* It is Your Life: So, although the angels are helping you, they cannot live your life for you. Your life is up to you. Yet, as you make your journey through life, always remember that the angels love you so much that they are waiting and ready to help you. If you listen closely enough, you just may hear them cheering you on!

* PS - Non Terrestrials: True angels have NEVER assumed physical form. So they are not and cannot be extra-terrestrials (physical beings who originate outside Earth, better known as aliens). Any beings described as angels but who have had "bad" physical interactions with humans (like rape, war, torture, or other "evil deeds) are not and cannot be angels. Angels are only benevolent in action.

Inner Beings: Devil Role

* Are there really Devils?

"Be sober, be vigilant: because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about seeking whom he may devour." (1 Peter 5:8)

* Tough Teachers: Contrary to popular opinion, the devil is not as powerful as "the ever vigilant adversary ready to devour you" as the Bible portrays him to be. Here is why:

* By Any Other Name: There is a dark energy in the universe which is known by many names: the devil, Satan, Lucifer, Beelezebub, Mammon, Anti-Christ, and Kal Niranjin to name a few. This dark energy was created by God to constantly test and tempt humans into thinking, speaking, and acting in ways that are unlike love.

* Drill Instructor: The "Devil" is really your drill instructor while you are on Earth. Like a real drill instructor, the "Devil" is showing you what it is really like to live in a world where anyone, anywhere, at any time, can injure or end your life. The "Devil" shows you the worst in yourself and others so that you can be vigilant as you go about your journey through the universe. Like a drill instructor, the "Devil" shows you what you must know to successfully navigate the battle- field of life. When the battle of life is joined, you will be grateful for the survival skills you have learned.

* Boot Camp Drills: Like a real drill instructor, the "Devil" is showing you what does not work… so that you can learn to avoid the perils and pitfalls of life. When the "Devil" has you steal, he is having you sow financial karma so that you can reap it later. When the "Devil" has you betray others, he is having you sow relationship karma so that you can reap it later. When the "Devil" has you physically harm others, he is having you sow health karma so that you can reap it later. Only when you know what does not work, can you learn what really does work.

* End of Boot Camp: The "Devil" loses power over you once you have learned all the lessons that entity has to teach you. Like a real drill instructor, the "Devil" is at the limit of his capacity: this entity does not have the "right stuff" to lead others, so it must gain followers by tricks, traps, and deception. Your "boot camp" ends when you can recognize this great trickster for who it is… and choose to free yourself from all its tricks and traps by becoming and being love.

* Nothing to Fear: Now that you have the facts on the devil's role, you must decide if you should even worry about the 'devil' and his presence in the universe.

Inner Beings: Guardian Guides

* Are there really Guides?

"Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live." (Johann von Goethe)

* Always Guided: Everyone has guides that surround them in concentric circles. There are daily, crisis, and overseer guides for each individual (for more click here). Everyone receives constant guidance... yet how this manifests is often misunderstood.

* Coincidence on Purpose: You are being guided along your path through life: it is subtle and happens through coincidences. If you think that you are not getting guidance, ask yourself... have any of these "coincidences" happened to you?

* Synchronicity: Synchronicity means that everything can work out for everyone from end to end… if they allow it and act on inner guidance.

Example: This happened to me all the time in my technical career. I would need to visit my customers who were located on a different floor in the same building. When I arrived, intending to complete an errand of my own, they would say "we just phoned you… and here you are!" It happened so routinely that they stopped calling me to visit them because my track record of perfect synchronicity ensured I would show up anyway whenever I was needed!
* Placement: Placement means being in the right place at the right time... because an individual acted on their inner guidance to go there.
Example: This happened to me upon my return from a trip abroad. A large number of people all arrived at the International Terminal at the same time. I was exhausted and had a strong desire to get home quickly. I was guided to go and stand at a particular spot. Within seconds of doing so, a Customs Guard stepped right next to me and announced that a new line was to be formed right behind me… and so my party was expressed right to the front of the line.
* Serendipity: Serendipity means that you experience a happy accident that is no accident because your inner guidance has arranged it in advance.
Example: My most unusual incident of Serendipity happened at the State Apartments at Windsor Castle in England. I was explaining the historical significance of a particular art piece when the guard told me firmly but politely that "no guiding" was allowed at Windsor. When I could prove that I was not a guide (as I had brought my insurance company id with me so I could get into the Lloyds Museum), the guard could not have been more apologetic! Plus she arranged for my party to get our own private tour of Windsor - Serendipity!
* Physical Sensations: "Chills down your spine", "goosebumps on your skin", and "tingles all over your body"... are sensations sent by inner guidance to confirm in a critical moment that you are going in the right direction.
Example: These almost always happen once you have made a critical discovery, come to an important realization, or made a key decision. These physical sensations are your inner guidance telling you that you are on the right track and that you should trust yourself.
* Golden Tongued Wisdom: When you overhear some one talking about the very thing you were interested in knowing... without you having to ask about it!
Example: When you thank them for their contribution. often the person is at a loss as to why they said that particular thing at the very moment you needed it. This works because, at the highest level, we are all connected. Having this information come right to you as directly as possible through people who are around you - whether you know them or not - is inner guidance at work.
* Waking Dreams: This is the coincidence where you see something that life is trying to show you about yourself that just cannot be denied.
Example: A man, who has just quit smoking, goes into a Chinese restaurant filled with smokers. The smoke bothers him the whole time and, worse, he most likes to smoke right after his meal. He finishes eating and decides to go out and get a cigarette. Before he goes, "something" gets him to read the fortune in his cookie... which he does not usually do. The fortune reads: "Do not fall back on old, bad habits". The man resists the temptation to smoke. He got the important message life was sending him through this waking dream.
* Induced Vision: This is an episode of inner realities induced "on demand" by those who have practiced long and hard to induce them. "On demand" means the person does not have to take lots of time to prepare, to meditate, to starve, or to take herbs, etc, to induce their vision. They can just drop into a vision at will.
Example: Since this type of ability is deeply ingrained in the body and mind, it carries over readily from past into future lives. Induced visions work on the same principle as dreams.

* They are hard to grasp (people know they had a fuller experience while they were dreaming then they could remember upon waking).
* They are not straight forward (they are full of symbols and events not in a logical, easy to understand sequence).
* They require interpretation (the symbols are used because they are meaningful to only to the recipient).
* They come when only when the person puts attention on getting them (the more they want them, the more visions they get).
* They are in response to a specific request (waking visions are meant to give answers to questions asked).
* Counseling: Although it can and does happen, it is rare that your guides will try to counsel you through intense experiences while you are falling asleep, asleep, or in a deep coma (Near Death Experience) to deliver important messages.

* Visitation: Although it can and does happen, it is rare that your guides will show themselves in their light-body or speak in audible voices while you are awake. That is because so much can be accomplished using all the means noted above.

Inner Beings: Imaginary Friends

* Are there really Imaginary Friends?

"It is only with the heart that one can see properly: what is essential is invisible to the eye." (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

* Edge of Life: Most childhood under the age of seven claim to have an imaginary friend. So do some adults who are nearing their end of this lifetime. Some of these imaginary friends are actually beings from the inner worlds.

* Fantasy Friends: Many times children create these imaginary friend(s) to blame them for their own bad actions (as in "it was not me, my imaginary friend did it!"). Similarly, the elderly will imagine they are seeing those from their long distant past. Yet, other times, these imaginary friends, although unseen, are quite real.

* Thinning the Veil: Children under seven are still heavily connected to the inner worlds. So they are able to see inner beings as well as they see "regular" people. These inner beings look and sound as real as regular people. So the children can point to where they are and can accurately report what they are saying. Similarly, the elderly who are close to death can start seeing deceased family and friends.

* Real Imaginary Friends of Children: You will know that your child is seeing a bona fide imaginary friend (from the inner worlds) when:

- The friend has a name that the child would not already know or would not naturally make up.
- The friend is wearing old fashioned, old style clothes that the child would not be familiar with.
- The friend's answers to questions sound like they are coming from an adult rather than a child.
- The friend can comment on topics that are currently outside of the child's knowledge or experience.
- The friend knows things about the family from an adult perspective that the child would lack.
- The friend is unchanging: always the same name, same appearance, same characteristics, etc.

* Who are They? 99.99% of the time, imaginary friends are the guardian guides who are assigned to the child for their lifetime. Infrequently, will a child's imaginary friends be a dark entity... that only happens when that soul has "bad" karma to work off.
* Real Imaginary Friends of Adults: You will know that the elderly one is seeing a bona fide imaginary friend (from the inner worlds) when:
- The friend has a name that a family member might recognize as coming from the elderly person's past.
- The friend seems to know the elderly person's history in as much detail as a family member would.
- The friend's answers to questions are accurate and sometimes are outside the elderly person's knowledge or experience.
- The friend is unchanging: always the same name, same appearance, same characteristics, etc.

* Who are They? 99.99% of the time, imaginary friends are the guardian guides who are assigned to help the elderly person leave their life. The goal is to make their translation as easy as possible.
* What Do They Want? Both "good" and "bad" inner beings (as judged by their interactions with a child or elderly person) actually have the same goal... to help them to know more love, joy, and awareness. If you suspect that your loved on is wrestling with a dark force, beam love and light to them continuously... that will help them to express through their "bad" karma more quickly.

Credits: from channeled information.



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