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Rules #36a: "Inbetween Times": The Rules of Life Between Lives

The Cycles of Soul Existence

As Soul, we are eternal. Most of us go through cycles of existence in the universe that can be termed as "Before Life", "Lives", "Inter Life", and "After Life". All of these cycles of Soul Existence effect us profoundly.

"Before Life": Our existence began as pure, unmanifested consciousness in the Ocean of Love and Mercy from which all life springs. Most chose to accelerate their advancement as Soul by leaving the Ocean to journey through the universe. Some chose to remain "pure" by staying fully connected to the Ocean and offering assistance to those who left to experience life disconnected from their true selves. Most angels exist in the "before life" state, never having known a physical life.

"Lives": Our intermittent existence as physical beings - for discrete units of time where we are born, age, and die to gain experience from different viewpoints - are the lives we lead. We forget about those lives we have lived before (our past lives), are disconnected from those we will live (our future lives), so that we can focus our attention on the experience we have chosen for ourselves in our life now, today.

"Inter-Life": Our existence between two physical incarnations - where we leave the last one and prepare for the next one - is the Inter-Life state. In the Inter-Life, we are concerned with our own development as Soul into greater states of love. As a result, we are confined to the areas in the inner worlds which we will use to help us prepare for our next life. In the Inter-Life, we grow as we prepare to live again in another physical body (which is usually referred to as the bardo state).

"After Life": Our existence after the cycle of our physical lives is completed is the After Life state. In the After Life, we are concerned with assisting others in their development as Soul into greater levels of love and awareness. As a result, we expand our knowledge of the inner worlds, going wherever needed to help others along their personal journey. In the After Life, we grow as those we help grow.

The Inter Life and the Need for Past Life Healing

Those in the "Before Life" and "After Life" stages of their existence are clear of their past lives. Those in the "Before Life" state have no past lives. Part of the mastership process that is necessary for the achievement of the "After Life" state is coming to terms with past lives by settling all their causes and effects.

Those in the "Inter Life" state and those in "Life" are not clear of their past lives. In the "Inter Life" state, a new life gets "formed" from the "failed lessons" from past lives. While "physically alive", an individual is in the process of clearing past life karma or adding to future life karma until they reach their last physical incarnation.

So most of the time we are either living or between lives. Although some past life karma can be and is worked off during the Inter-Life, the majority of issues that we have had from past lives carry over from one life to the next.

How the Inter-Life Helps and Does Not Help in Playing the Game of Life

This can best be explained by an example. Life is like a football game and the Inter-Life is like the time between games when the team reviews their mistakes from the last game, lays out strategies for the next game, and heals wounds gotten along the way. All that matters to the fans (your guides and the Lords of Karma) is how you do once you are out on the field of Life. And although what you do in the Inter-Life is helpful, it somewhat "goes out the window" when you take the field again and become caught up in the passion and the intensity of your Life's drama.

Like the football game, once the game of your life starts again, you remember the times when the other team burned you. Maybe you chose to avenge the wrong and maybe you chose to forgive it. Whatever you decide, those choices must be made in a split second while you are on the field of Life with emotions surging through you and onlookers screaming for blood. You do not get the luxury of quiet time in the locker room of the Inter-Life with your team of coaches and trainers to decide what may be in your best interest in the long run - karmically speaking.

Here is how you get from one life to the next…


Leaving the physical body is a normal part of life. Often when we sleep we are out of the physical body having other experiences in the inner worlds of God. By pursuing meditation and spiritual exercise, some chose to leave their bodies and visit the inner worlds of God in full consciousness ("Out of Body Experiences"). When the physical body is at a point near death, the consciousness of the individual will detach from the body. The person will see their own body as if "floating above it" and be able to "perceive" more than usual. They may hear the thoughts of others or know everything happening around them down to the smallest detail.


Once detached from the physical body, most will know that something is "not normal" and they will "wander around" trying to "make sense" of what is happening to them. Often it is this sense of confusion and desperation that prompts these guides to manifest their presence. Usually the guides will appear in the form of one of the person's religious icons (ie. Christians may see Jesus and Moslems may see Mohammed, etc). The guides appear to comfort and reassure the person that all is well and to gently guide them into realizing the "seriousness" of their situation.


The guides' first job is to get the individual to detach from their current personality. When one comes to Earth they agree to forget that they are a Soul who takes on a body and mind to have certain experiences for their greater growth and spiritual advancement. The individual is gently brought to reconnect with their own awareness of their greater totality and identity as Soul.


Dannion Brinkley ("Saved by the Light"), who recovered from being struck by lightning, best described this process: "As my body lay dead on that stretcher, I was reliving every moment of my life, including my emotions, motivations, and attitudes. The depth of emotion I experienced during this life review was amazing. Not only could I feel the way both I and the other person had felt when an incident took place, I could also feel the feelings of the next person they reacted to. I was in a chain reaction of emotion, one that showed how deeply we affect one another."


As far as the "current" life is concerned, this is the point of no return. Those having Near Death Experiences (NDEs) must turn back at this point and return to their physical body. Those who move on to the inner realms must fully detach from their physical body. Often when the death is very sudden or traumatic, the individual will leave a "fear imprint" behind them (more often known as ghosts). And/or they will attempt to resolve the pain of their passing with some form of "After Life Intervention" to assist loved ones with moving forward in life without them.


Ever wanted to meet Jesus, Abraham, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Lao Tse, Confucius, or any other historical figure that you are attracted to? Now is your chance. Or have a fantasy that was never fulfilled in life? Here is the place to realize it. In the inner worlds, all your dreams can come true even if they are "not real". Many times, Souls will elect to "take some time off" from their journey of personal unfoldment and have these kinds of "transpersonal" experiences in the inner realms.


The individual's team of guides and guardians will work with them to determine where they are in the greater scheme of their evolution as Soul. Agreement will be reached as to what was successfully accomplished in the last incarnation and what still needs to be improved. Sometimes this agreement will come down from the Lords of Karma as a decree that the individual has little choice but to accept. As the individual advances in Soul awareness, they will play a greater role in assessing their Soul progress and in evaluating what will need to be done in the next life.


Sometimes everyone will agree that it is in the individual's best interests to work through certain issues in the schoolhouses of karma in the inner worlds before returning to a physical body. This kind of "remedial inner education" is often very unpleasant much like summer school where the person would rather be playing on Earth instead of serving time in Heaven (or in what appears to them to be Hell). Usually this kind of remedial education helps the individual work off heavy karma without drastically upsetting the stage or the players in the physical realm.


Often an individual's inner bodies take quite a beating before they leave the physical realm. Most sensible Souls take the time that is needed between incarnations for their energy fields to be healed and rebuilt in the inner worlds. Those who do not will often manifest birthmarks and/or birth defects which directly relate to the unhealed wounds from past lives. For more on how this process works, see Ian Stevenson's article and book entitled "Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect: Birthmarks and Birth Defects Corresponding to Wounds on Deceased Persons".


At some point, the individual will "tire" of the inner worlds and feel the call of Soul urging them to once again return to physical existence. The time between lives varies widely among Souls. Some chose to return to the physical world right away while others will "take their time" before coming back. When the decision has been made to return, the team of guides in conjunction with the Lords of Karma will determine what is best for the Soul to tackle in their next life. The more advanced the Soul, the greater the number of issues that are usually selected. Broad goals and plans are then formed until a consensus is reached among all the parties involved.


Based upon the broad goals and plans, a specific life contract is then agreed upon which works out the "details". This Life Contract covers such items as where and how the person will be born, what resonances from past lives will be embedded in their body-mind creating birth conditions, and what major life events will be presented to the individual for their growth as they work through their resonances. It will also touch on which significant people they will encounter during their new life such as their birth family, friends, romantic partners, children, coworkers, etc.


Just before the individual is about to be reborn into a new body, they are taken to a special area in the inner worlds to prepare for their new life. In this chamber, they are shown the various potentials that their new life holds for them. They are also embedded with the necessary unconscious data that will allow them to recognize significant others they will encounter on their life's journey. After last minute advice from their team of guides, they are sent off into the adventure of their new life.

Credits: from channeled information.



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