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Rules #30a: "Towing the Iceberg": Rules of Past Life Resonance

"Row Well and Live"

Do you often sense that you are weighted down inside? Like you are dragging invisible baggage that you can feel but cannot see?

Are you usually unable to take advantage of opportunities that come your way because "something" is holding you back? Have you done positive affirmations until you are "blue in the face" but they never really work?
Do you feel like this man in the rowboat vainly trying to tow a gigantic iceberg?

If you have had any or all of these feelings come up regularly in your life, then it is likely that the "weight you feel inside" are "past life resonances".

* If your body is the "prison" (Your Body: Prison Without Walls) which compels to you work off your karma.
* If your cells are the "tiny bricks" (It's in Your Cellular Memory) that creates this prison of karma around you.
* Then your Past Life Resonances are the mortar keeping the "bricks of your cellular memory" firmly in place, until you rearrange them.

So What Are Past Life Resonances... and Why Should You Care About Them?

Past life resonances are simply "inherited patterns of being modified by experience". These patterns of being are the sum total of all the learning that you have inherited from past lives. This is how keep all that you have learned in past lives without being overwhelmed by all the details of your previous incarnations.

These "patterns of being" are meant to be "modified by experience" as you live each lifetime. Most resonances are good: they are the sources of your strengths, skills, and talents. However, those resonances which keep you from being all you can be today - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually - need to be healed.

So Why Do Resonances Cause Problems... and Why Must You Heal Them?

"Problems" from the past - like most problems - just get worse until they are resolved. Even worse, if these problems come from the past they are remarkably resistant to present day treatments. This is because our past live resonances operate much like icebergs. Six-sevenths of the massof an iceberg is below the sea surface and so it is always more massive and immovable than it appears.

It is the same way with past life resonances, they are buried deep inside your unconscious mind. So deep that it can take years of patient effort to heal them. And until they are healed, they will be like the stone in your shoe. Yes, you will move forward. However, your journey will be slowed, made needlessly uncomfortable, and eventually stopped until you finally decide to "solve" the "resonance problem".

So What Are the Sources of Past Life Resonances… and Do You Have Them?

Beside each Past Life Resonance below is the internal dialog that goes with it. If you have heard any of these "lines of dialog" either playing in your head or running through your speaking, then you ARE being effected by such resonances. You will continue to be effected by them until you heal the problems in your past lives or in past events from your present life that caused them to become part of your being.

Here are the Most Common Forms of Past Life Resonances:

"I have to DO…", "I have to BE…", "I have to HAVE…"

The hardest thing you will ever have to accept about your life in the universe is that you have chosen to be here. Almost always, the choice was made because there is something that you "HAVE TO" do, be, or have.

Often, those "somethings" are dictated to you by the Lords of Karma after they have passed "sentence" on your "performance" in your last previous life. Just as often, those "somethings" are things we are attached to such as "I have to live one last lifetime of love with my mate", or "I have to be more forgiving to others", or "I have to have the experience of being wealthy."

"Have tos" most often spring from regret, guilt, and shame that HAVE TO be overcome. As long as you are attached to a HAVE TO, past life resonances will ensure that you will be back life after life until you do not "have to" anymore.

"Let me tell you…", "I am SO fantastic…", "I am SO horrible…"

Each of us has within us the capability to be a "Mother Theresa" type Saint and an "Adolf Hitler" type of mass murderer. The truth is that each has a place in God's universe and each has a role to play. At one time, we have or will have all played all the roles. We come to learn that we are neither "so fantastic" or "so horrible" but that we are all servants of God. Past life resonances of both the "fantastic narcissist" and the "horrible masochist" will cry out for healing until they are resolved.

"We are the BEST…", "THEY are the WORST"

Of all past life resonances, those involving rigid, fanatical intolerance - "good-or-evil" beliefs, "we-or-they" attitudes, "black-or-white" thinking - are among the hardest to heal. What it takes are lifetimes of experiencing things from all viewpoints to come to the ultimate truth of existence that "we have looked into the face of the enemy and find that we are they…"

So if you cannot stand some group - race, sex, religion, sect, creed, nation - your intolerance will keep you spinning on the wheel of reincarnation until you can. For example, Romans come back as barbarians, Arabs come back as Israelis, Chinese come back as Japanese, whites come back as blacks, men come back as women, and so on until as Soul we can tolerate and embrace all ways of being.

"I will NEVER forgive…", "I will ALWAYS remember…"

Unforgiveness is the companion of intolerance: for those we cannot tolerate, we can never forgive because our past life resonances ensure that at a cellular level we always remember. Since our bodies were designed to carry our learnings forward from life to life, "never" and "always" can be quite a long time karmically speaking.

And yet since our bodies were made to give and receive unconditional love, carrying negative emotions like intolerance and unforgiveness will cause us pain. The pain will "always" persist until we learn to "never" be intolerant or unforgiving!

#5: HATE:
"I HATE you FOREVER…", "I hope you SUFFER and DIE…"

If left unhealed for too long, intolerance and unforgiveness manifest as the most extreme form of past life resonance: hate. Hate is THE most difficult resonance of all to heal. For hate is like fire: it can fuel itself indefinitely on everything it finds around it. Since we are infinite beings, vowing to hate forever is a command to the universe that - literally - can be carried out for millenia.

What eventually stops hate is the heavy price it carries as we make our long journey as Soul. For hate is as surely a poison to the body at all levels - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually - as love is a tonic. Hating is like taking poison and expecting someone else to die because what you wish for others is what you will attract to yourself. It is you who will "suffer and die": is that what you want?

Do you want to keep coming back... then keep on hating for it is a guaranteed ticket back here! For until you can fully embrace what it is that you hate, you will never fully share in God's love. For all that exist are created by God to serve his purposes in the unfolding majesty of His Creation.

#6: PRIDE:
"Let me tell you…", "It's ALL about ME…", " It's ALL about YOU…"

Closely related to vanity is pride. Our individual journey as Soul through the universe (karma) is "all about me" and learning about oneself is necessary to become fully Self Realized. At the same time, our journey is "all about others" as we develop our continuous connection to the God Source (our Higher Self) and the collective consciousness so we can become fully God Realized.

Since some past lives involve learning "all about me" and other involve learning "all about others", it is very easy to become unbalanced about pride. Honoring the self while honoring others is always is a delicate balance. Yet, past life resonances are particularly good at working to "burn up" those who focus only on the "me" while it will "burn out" those who focus only on the "others".

"I GOTTA get me some of that...", "I can NEVER get enough..."

There are many things to love on this Earth: food, sex, money, power, nature, challenge, adventure, discovery. And the list goes on and on seemingly forever. That which you love down here - that which you cannot get enough of... are past life resonances that pull on you until you satisfy them.

Morbid obesity will cure that love of food. Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases will douse the eternal flame of sexual desire. Become corrupted by power and you will be brought lower than low. Lose respect for the Earth and natural disasters will teach you otherwise. Gluttony kills.

#8: ENVY:
"Why do THEY have... and NOT me?", "Why are THEY like... and NOT me?"

Envy is always caused by misplaced attention. You envy in others what you used to have in a past life or what you have yet to create in a future life. Since all time is now, resonances manifesting as envy in the present life are created when you catch glimpses of your past or future self in another's life experience. Envy is the failure to realize that, along our journey of Soul in the universe, we have been and will be all things. Like hate, envy is a poison that sickens us until it is purged. It gets purged when we connect with the totality of ourselves and know that all is within us now.

#9: ANGER:
"THEY make me SO angry that I...", "I get SO angry because it is so..."

Anger is the fuel that powers all the "negative emotions" that we have, especially hate and envy. It often seems to us that anger comes from outside ourselves ("they make me angry") but the truth is that anger ALWAYS comes from inside.

In the beginning, anger is a signal from our emotional body that something is wrong, that somehow our sacred space has been violated. What we decide to do about this signal is our choice. If we get angry at something or someone else, we have chosen this as the response to the anger signal.

Yet there are many choices we could make in response to the situation and anger is only one tool available to us. Instead of "getting so angry", maybe it is better to "get so clear" about what really needs to be done to fix the problem for good.

Many times the source of our anger does not truly lie in the present, particularly if the anger is a very inappropriate response to the current situation. Often this kind of present anger is really anger from past lives that needs to be acknowledged and so that the related resonances can be healed.

#10: GREED:
"For ME to get, I must TAKE from you...", "There is NEVER enough..."

Greed is the fuel that powers gluttony. Although we live in an abundant universe, it has taken us quite a long time to create societies on the Earth that realize the promise of abundance. So the fear of "lack" ("there will never be enough") is deeply ingrained in our collective consciousness and it invariably manifests as greed ("so I have to take all for me while I can because I will lack someday"). The companion of greed is "cheapness" ("since I cannot make more, I must spend less").

Both of these emphasize the duties to self at the expense of duties to others and manifest as "selfishness". Since these were often appropriate as defensive, survival strategies in past lives, they create deep and strong past life resonances that are both hard to heal and hard to avoid. Yet all around us every day in the news are examples of how greed hurts others and in so doing, leads to it's discovery.

#11: SLOTH:
"I am SO tired and so I CAN'T…", "I'll do it LATER, someday, never…"

From a karmic standpoint, laziness is the central problem of human existence. The truth is most people are not the actors in their life's drama but the reactors to the karmic circumstances in their lives which require action to be taken.

For example, most people get jobs, not out of a genuine desire to help others, but because they do not wish to live out of doors becoming subject to the elements and predators there. Most people only marry to satisfy desires for love, companionship, support, and sex etc. Karma, created by the individual's past life resonances, drives them to take the necessary action in their life that overcomes their natural sloth.

#12: LUST:
"I WANT this…", "I WANT that…", "GIMME, GIMME, GIMME!"

Lust is the fuel that powers attachment and completes the circle of "negative" human desires. As long as you "want" something, you are being driven by past life resonances to experience something else that you have not already explored in past lives. All your wants become satisfied when you have finally experienced and are complete with all the Earth has to offer.

Until then it is the
"gimmes" (as in "give me this, give me that") which makes to world go around spinning Souls - each on their own path - through the cycle of human experience. For only by experiencing something can we become free of it. And, in being free, are we ready to fulfill our destiny as CoWorkers with God.

Notice the parallels to the problems that are purged during the Dark Night of Soul. For one of it's purposes is to purge the last of our Past Life Resonances from us.

Credits: from channeled information.



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