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Rules #36b: "Inbetween Times": Life Between Lives - Places

Inter-Life Inner World Destinations

When you are between lifetimes (the Inter-Life), there are many destinations in the inner worlds that you can choose to visit. These include some places that exist but are widely known but are also widely misunderstood. Here is what karma teaches about them:

Inner Worlds: Heaven
Inner Worlds: Hell
Inner Worlds: Purgatory
Living Life for a Better Reincarnation

Inner Worlds: Heaven

* Is there really a Heaven?

In the inner worlds, there is a place - created by common agreement - that looks and feels like the traditional heaven. There are angels, clouds, harps, celestial music, individuals apparently blissed out from a joy overload, and anything else that anyone believes heaven to be. There is just one important difference: if you choose to visit heaven in the inner worlds, you just may be bored to tears.

* Do people love Heaven? They sure do... because the real heaven is in the inner worlds. While you are in heaven, you can do, be, or have anything you want to. You can relive any life. You experience anything that you can imagine. You can be in your own universe and have it exactly the way you want it to be. The only problem with heaven is... is that it is all too easy. You learn nothing. You grow not at all. You only delay your karma, you do not deny it. After awhile, the pull of Soul will bring you back to Earth to learn and grow more through karma/reincarnation.

* How do people get into Heaven? They learn to create it for themselves. There are many happy people in the world today who live lives they totally enjoy. Vibrant health, abundant wealth, satisfying relationships... all these can create a heaven on Earth for those who believe it is possible and who work to achieve it.

* Can people live in Heaven permanently? Absolutely. Feeling like you are in Heaven all the time is your divine birthright. Karma exists to teach you how to do this by showing you what is like and unlike love. When you can live in a state of being and becoming love all the time, you will have reached heaven.

Inner Worlds: Hell

* Is there really a Hell?

In the inner worlds, there is a place - created by common agreement - that looks and feels like the traditional hell. There are devils, pitch-forks, fire & brimstone, people apparently writhing & screaming in pain, and anything else that anyone believes hell to be. There is just one important difference: if you choose to visit hell in the inner worlds, you can choose to leave it at any time.

* Do people suffer in Hell? They sure do... because the real hell is right here on Earth. If you do not believe me, ask the following people if their life is a living hell. Ask those in war-torn areas, in poverty stricken areas, or in places where people are murdered each and every day. Ask those who do not have enough to eat or drink, who do not have good clothes or shelter, or who suffer from excruciatingly painful diseases. Ask those who have lost a loved one, lost a fortune, or lost their physical, mental, or emotional health. These people are truly living in hell.

* How do people get put in Hell? Although people can and do escape human justice everyday, they can never escape divine justice. A protected pedophile in one life becomes an abused prostitute in a future one. A CEO who stole millions in one life becomes trapped in poverty with no hope of help in a future one.

* Can people get out of Hell? Absolutely. Those who watch "My Name is Earl" already know how. Make a list of everyone you have ever wronged. Do what you can now to put right what you once did wrong. Then see what you can do to make the world around you a better place... and just go out and do it now!

Inner Worlds: Purgatory

* Is there really a Purgatory?

In the inner worlds, there is a place - created by common agreement - that looks and feels like the traditional purgatory. There are dead babies, people apparently lost in darkness, rain, and anything else that anyone believes purgatory to be. There is just one important difference: if you choose to visit purgatory in the inner worlds, you can choose to leave it at any time for better destinations.

* Life Review: is one form of Purgatory. Dannion Brinkley ("Saved by the Light"), who recovered from being struck by lightning, best described this process of reviewing an individual's life after death: "As my body lay dead, I was reliving every moment of my life, including my emotions, motivations, and attitudes. The depth of emotion I experienced... was amazing. Not only could I feel the way both I and the other person had felt when an incident took place, I could also feel the feelings of the next person they reacted to. I was in a chain reaction of emotion, one that showed how deeply we affect one another."

* Transpersonal Experiences: Ever wanted to meet Jesus, Abraham, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Lao Tse, Confucius, or any other historical figure that you are attracted to? Between lives (purgatory) is your chance. Or have a fantasy that was never fulfilled in life? Here is the place to realize it. In the inner worlds, all your dreams can come true even if they could never be realized physically. Many times, Souls will elect to "take some time off" from their journey of personal reincarnation and have these kinds of "transpersonal" experiences in the inner realms.

* Remedial Inner Education: Sometimes everyone will agree that it is in the individual's best interests to work through certain issues in the schoolhouses of karma in the inner worlds before returning to a physical body. This kind of "remedial inner education" is often very unpleasant much like summer school where the person would rather be playing on Earth instead of serving time in Heaven (or in what appears to them to be Hell). Usually this kind of remedial education helps the person work off intense karma (and is what Catholics call Purgatory).

Living Life for a Better Reincarnation

* Helpful Beliefs: Many find a belief in heaven to be helpful... because it motivates them to live a good life so that they will merit a wonderful, loving place on a cloud. Many find a belief in eternal hell fires and bleak purgatory to be helpful... because it motivates them to avoid damnation in those places by making the right life choices now. Yet there are better and more empowering way to believe that will improve your cycles of reincarnation by helping you to make better choices now.

* Take Every Opportunity: We have many opportunities to create, achieve, and excel in life mastery. Yet these opportunities are not endless. Life changes and what used to be becomes something else. So take every chance to create, achieve, and excel at what you are dreaming of... before time swallows them up forever.

* Be Grateful for Every Experience: When you are grateful for each and every experience of your life, your karma will dissolve. You will be able to enjoy the here and now so much more fully and deeply. Remember that there will only be one you as you are now. So cherish every moment of every experience of your life.

* Love the Best You Can: The greatest opportunity we have in life is to love ourselves and all others around us. When we have and meet the goal of loving ourselves and others as best we can, we will find the greatest peace when we finally do end our cycles of reincarnation. If you want to end your karma sooner, then love yourself, love others, and love life the best you can.

Credits: from channeled information.



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