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Rules #19b: Smoke & Mirrors: Abuse of Past Life Exploration

"Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it." (Georges Santayana)

Past Life Abusage...

Ask any past life worker... there is a very strong prejudice in society (even ones with belief systems that support the twin concepts of karma and reincarnation) against doing past life exploration. Part of the reason why is that both individuals and practitioners often choose to "abuse" past life exploration to support an unworthy agenda.

So what is the point of past life healing? It is to make your life now better - not to soothe your ego! Here are "bad reasons" for exploring past lives:

Research Data          Almost Famous       Personal Agenda
Debunker's Proof     More on Past Life Research

* Research Data: When people want research data (their name, their birth & death dates, their town & country, and other "factual" details), they are not interested in healing the past. They want research data so that they can hit the Internet, the library, and the bookstore so they can "find" their prior selves.

This is a bad idea because 1) it takes too much time away from their life now, 2) if they were "obscure" (as most people were/are) they will waste lots of time and find, at best, very little, or, at worst, nothing, and 3) if they do, this does nothing to heal the painful past.

* Almost Famous: When people want to discover if they had been someone "famous, important, or powerful", they are not interested in healing the past. They want to know that their lives were deemed worthy of being documented by historians and published in books... so they can feel better about their lives today.

This is a bad idea because 1) they get too caught up in learning all they can about their past famous self and gathering evidence about who they were, 2) even when their memories of the past prove to be supported by historical data, they will learn the terrible truth… that no one cares, and 3) if they do, this does nothing to heal the painful past.

* Personal Agenda: When people want to prove if they had been someone in the past so that they can serve some personal agenda now, they are not interested in healing the past. Their agenda boils down to one of three things. This is to get the approval of others, to gain control over them, or to gain security of knowing they are who they thought they were... so they can feel better about their lives today.

This is a bad idea because 1) it fails to heal the past, 2) it sends bad karma to the future, and 3) it prolongs their cycle of reincarnation.

* Debunker's Proof: When people seek past life evidence so that they can debunk it, they are not interested in healing the past. Usually these people follow an anti-reincarnation religion and want to prove that past lives are nonsense to gain attention/followers and to convince themselves of their own beliefs.

This is a bad idea because blocking another's search for truth sends the absolute worst karma to future lives and extends their blindness to the greater truths of our existence. Eventually reincarnation will convince even the most hard core disbelievers of the truth of karma!

More on Past Life Research

So what is the point of past life recall? To make your present life - better!

* Mountain of Evidence: The simple truth is there is already a "mountain of evidence" out there from those who have recalled their past lives and revealed historically verifiable details. While interesting, what does that really prove? If evidence gathered to date was accepted as conclusive proof, more would not be sought. If the evidence so far cannot be accepted, what good does adding a molehill to a mountain do when it will always be ignored?

* Missing the Point: If John Bennet today remembers that he was Joe Barret, a stockbroker in the 1920s who lived at 123 Rhawn Street in Philadelphia, so what? While interesting, just knowing about Joe does John little good today. What would be highly relevant to John today is to know that Joe killed himself when he lost all his money in the 1929 stock market crash. What is more to the point is… how is Joe still effecting John now? Is Joe's tragedy creating one for John?

* Repeating the Past: Individuals are allowed to know about past lives ONLY to benefit the present. If past life Joe is causing present life John to enter the high stress world of high finance… and if John is on track to losing it all and, like Joe, is being faced with the desire to end his life… that is what matters about the past. The first step in NOT repeating the past is to become aware of it… so that different choices can be made this time around to avoid previous mistakes.

* Living the Present: Let's say that past life Joe had been famous in his day because he had been a movie star rather than a stockbroker. Present life John might then be tempted to spend lots of time researching past life Joe. John might end up spending all his free time reliving Joe's past life… instead of creating his present life as John. Since we all are here to live as who we are now… we forget the past so that we can be more fully present in this life.

Credits: from channeled information.



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