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Rules #19c: Smoke & Mirrors Top10 Myths Against Reincarnation

Died and Prejudice...

Ask any past life worker... there is a very strong prejudice in society (even ones with belief systems that support the twin concepts of karma and reincarnation) against doing past life exploration. The myths about reincarnation are hard wired into the human consciousness.

The reason is that this Earth is a giant schoolhouse and we are all here to learn lessons that we "got wrong" in past lives. All that really matters is where we are now and what we are learning now. Being free from the knowledge of our past lives relieves us from the baggage of our past mistakes as well as from "cheat codes" that could advance us more quickly. So we agree to "forget" and we agree to resist the knowledge and the freedom belief in reincarnation could bring us.

So here are the "Top Ten Myths AGAINST Reincarnation"...

"Reincarnation is appalling. It kills ambition. It perpetuates human misery. It propagates false hopes. It is obviously a pack of lies." (from "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever")

An Inconvenient Truth: Ironically, the above quote comes from a very pro-reincarnation movie, "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever" (Barbra Streisand). This movie first introduced me to the concepts of past lives and reincarnation and, in many ways, it has inspired my work ever since then. The above quote clearly outlines many individuals' objections to reincarnation.

#1 "Kills Ambition": In my experience, when someone connects with the truth of their past lives, this FUELS their ambition to put right now what once went wrong - rather than killing it. Similarly, I have never ever had someone tell me that they will wait until their next life to get things right because knowledge of reincarnation has given them permission to take a nap this time around. Most often, past lives are what has shaped an individual to be either ambitious or lazy. In my experience, ambition (or lack thereof) is a quality a person either has or does not have.

#2 "Perpetuates Misery": I believe that knowledge of reincarnation gives people hope… hope that is denied when people believe that they are locked into a single, cruel, and pointless existence to which death is the only escape. What ends human misery is the knowledge that every experience they have is rich in karmic learning and burn off, that they have more chances at life than one, and that their karma can be improved as they choose to become more like love.

#3 "False Hopes": What are these exactly? That, if we learn our karmic lessons, that our lives can improve radically in a short span of time? That, because we reincarnate, we are not roasting in an endless Hell full of fire, brimstone, and devils with pitchforks? Or that we are not lost in Purgatory in a sea of dead babies and marginal souls? Or that we will not be bored to death by growing wings, sitting on a cloud, and plucking a harp endlessly in Heaven enduring celestial boredom? Coming back to Earth to have more adventures is much more empowering.

#4 "Pack of Lies": What are these exactly? That a loving God gives us infinite chances to learn what is and is not like love so that we can become an worthy CoWorker in the unfoldment of a more loving and kind universe? That all we have to do is treat others with kindness and compassion so that when we sow love, we can reap it? That creation is so grand that to understand it, we have to experience it from all angles via reincarnation? All I can say is "Gimme a break!"

#5 Bigger Picture: Although reincarnation can seem disorganized, random, cruel, and pointless, this is only because the bigger and more complex picture of the divine plan for resolution of past life karma is not seen. Reincarnation is actually a well organized, well planned, and well executed process which is designed to enhance spiritual growth and development while delivering divine justice.

#6 Not LIFO: The resolution of past life karma does not work on a "last in, first out" basis (that in each life the individual always works on the previous one). More often than not, people choose to work on other past lives BEFORE their last previous life. Often the "wounds" of the last life are too fresh to be faced (which does not stop these "wounds" from appearing as birth-marks). More often, many of the individuals have moved on to other karmic groups. So they will not be available until later in future lifetimes when all the players can be reunited.

#7 Not One Life: Most individuals are deeply effected by three significant past lives (not just one past life). When an individual has worked through enough karma on their primary three past lives (their past life load), other lives will emerge to be healed. Very few individuals chose to reincarnate with a plan to work on ten or more past lives at once because of the huge difficulty involved. Only in very primitive societies do individuals work on the karma of just one past life.

#8 Limited Control: Unless you are an "advanced Soul", you will not have total control over as to where, when, and who will you return. The choice of incarnation is always under supervision of your guides. The criteria for your reincarnation is based on your current spiritual level, what spiritual level you would like to achieve, and the past life karma between you and others. This creates the "Must Dos" and "Nice to Haves" in your Life Contract (for more on this, click here).

#9 Karmic Fatalism: This is the belief that all is pre-determined and all that anyone says or does means nothing, effects nothing, and changes nothing. Over cycles of reincarnation, karma works to free individuals from the fears that would otherwise rob them of the motivation to heal and improve their lives... especially of the false belief in karmic fatalism. Reincarnation is how we reap the effects in the present/future of what we sowed by our causes/actions in the past.

#10 No Real Evidence: Formal reincarnation studies use the same standards of investigation and uncover the same kinds of evidence that would hold up in a court of law. This legal kind of evidence includes "independent eyewitness testimony", "physical documents", and "physical artifacts" verifying unpublished details of past life regressions. There is literally a "mountain of evidence", gathered in a scientific manner, that science chooses to ignore because of reincarnation skepticism.

Other Myths About Reincarnation:

#11 "Random Convergence": "Reincarnation happens" but NOT in a random and haphazard way. Karma is very precise: it draws individuals together perfectly through what seems like chaos. For example, those on a battle-field who are rushing headlong at what appears to be strangers are actually finding karmic partners with the precision of guided missiles to balance past life karma.

#12 "Unscientific": "Unscientific" means not acceptable to scientists who are atheists or whose religion is anti-reincarnation. Yet reincarnation operates with "beyond" scientific exactness. For example, all families and most friends are deep karmic partners who are attracted to one another in webs of social networks - which are formed by past life karma - everywhere at all times all around the world.

#13 "No Such Thing as Soul": How karma works is that what each soul sows, each soul reaps. Most see how "what goes around, comes around" and believe in this cycle of personal sowing and reaping. The human legal system operates on the principle that choices made by an individual have consequences for their life and freedom. Karma is the great law and the immoveable judge while reincarnation is its irresistible enforcer ensuring that each soul pays its karmic debts.

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