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Rules #28g: Who is The I That is Me? - Birth Defects Past Lives Roadmap

"After your death you will be what you were before your birth." (Arthur Schopenhauer)

Birth Defects: Roadmap to Past Lives

The past and the present are deeply interwoven when birth defects are indelibly imprinted onto an individual's physical body. This happens for two reasons. One, the body has not had enough time between its incarnations to heal properly. Two, the mind needs to reconnect with the past life trauma so it can be healed and released. So a birth defect is formed at the site of the past life damage when the individual chooses to reincarnate into a new life.

"So Who Really Is The ' I ' That is ' Me '?"

When we come into greater awareness of our past lives, we understand that we are more than our current personality. We see that we are infinite beings and we connect with the truth about the totality of our existence. We ask ourselves "who really is the I that is me?" From time to time, the answer to this question leads us to learn more about our birth defects, the roadmap to our journey in past lives.

Baby Karma     Premature Birth     Lost Angels     Born Angry

Here are different birth defects and their probable past life causes:

Gun Shot to Head: A gunshot wound to the head in a past life can be responsible this kind skull and skin deformation birth defect. Notice how the skin mottling looks like healed burn marks while the skull is sunken in as if it had been blasted by a shot gun.

Gun Shot to Eye: A gunshot wound to the eye in a past life can be responsible this kind skull and eye deformation birth defect. Notice how the path of the bullet from the left eye and out though the right side of the head looks like how it has been blasted by a bullet.

Gun Shot to Face: A gunshot wound to the face in a past life can be responsible this kind skull and face deformation birth defect. Notice how both the face and the skull looks like has been blasted by a bullet from a gunshot wound directly into them.

Gun Shot to Chest: A gunshot wound to the chest in a past life can cause reincarnation in a body with the heart reversed from its normal position. The bullet from the past life spins the heart around between lives and it falls into the wrong position in the present.

Gun Shot to Stomach: A gunshot wound that starts in the stomach and through the body in a past life can be responsible this kind of "Spina Bifida": birth defect. Notice how the mass on the back looks like the internal organs have been expelled and spilled out on to it.

Abortion Guilt: Those who used articifical means to induce an abortion and/or who performed abortions in past lives reincarnate with this extreme birth defect. Another fetus becomes embedded in the body as a reminder of the choice to end a life before it began.

Amputation Karma: This is a birth defect where the hands, arms, feet, or legs are missing. This is the body's way of remembering limb amputations from past lives. It usually happens when an individual returns too quickly and their energy field has not regenerated.

Cleft Palate: This is a birth defect where the upper lip and the upper roof of the mouth (palate) are split open. This is the body's way of remembering this ancient form of punishment - splitting open the mouth and lips - inflicted on those who were outspoken.

Club Foot: This is a birth defect where the foot points inward (one or both) instead of forward. This is the body's way of remembering this ancient form of punishment - hobbling the foot by hammering the ankles against a wooden block and pointing the foot inward.

Alcohol Karma: Those who are born with "Fetal Alcohol Syndrome" end up with this kind of malformed face. Those who drank and gave birth in past lives will reincarnate into an alcoholic mother in the present, thus directly balancing the karma.

Drug Karma: Those who are to mothers hooked on drug can end up with this kind of "crack baby" malformed face. Those who did drugs and gave birth in past lives will reincarnate into an addict mother in the present, thus directly balancing the karma.

Blood Karma: This is a birth defect where the blood cells are malformed into the shape of a sickle (from their normal round shape) or are otherwise malfunctioning (like Leukemia). This is a balancing of karma for those who poisoned others in past lives.

Sexual Karma: Those who infected others in past lives with a sexually transmitted disease end up with this kind of malformed face. Those who gave birth while infected with an STD in past lives will reincarnate into a STD infected mother in the present.

Shocked Wound: Those who died from lightning strikes (and more recently electrocution) in past lives suffered a raised and "burned" looking wound at the point of impact. This "shocked wound" reincarnates with them at the same spot as a birth-mark.

Flagellant Wound: Those who died from infections caused by self flagellation (beating themselves about the neck, shoulders, and back with a whip with stones on its tails) in past lives suffered from these birth-defects. The lumps are where the flesh was torn away.

Curved Spine: This is the skeleton of King Richard III of England whose spine was so curved it gave him a hunched back. This karma is from an Egyptian slave driver lifetime where he broke the backs of slaves working on the pyramids by pushing them too hard.

Military Neck: This is a birth defect where the neck bones are straight and not curved. It was the result of many past lives where the person was decapitated (head cut off), hung by the neck, or had their neck broken by strangulation, suffocation, or garotting.

Missing Body Parts (click for full picture): From Stevenson's "Reincarnation and Biology": "Almost absent fingers (brachydactyly) on one hand of a boy in India who said he remembered (another past) life... (where after an accident he) had fingers amputated."

Malformed Body Parts (click for full picture): Also from Stevenson's "Reincarnation and Biology": "Turkish boy who said that he remembered the (past) life of a man who was fatally wounded on the right side of the head by a shotgun discharged at close range."

Baby Karma

"Babies should not be born having a job." (Dr. Phil)
"...and yet karma gives them one!" (Ellen Mogensen)

The easiest time to administer karma is when someone has reincarnated as a baby.

* Courage, Baby: If you have ever wondered if you are courageous, think about how much courage it takes to come from the blissful safety of the inner worlds and reincarnate into a tiny baby's body here in the karma pit of Earth.

* Heredity Karma: All of your physical, mental, and emotional problems are with you at the time of birth. Some hereditary problems take years to overcome, while others are never transcended and persist for a lifetime. The vast majority of people are restrained by their physicality and tend to be molded by genetic pressures.

* Parent Karma: How karma attracts parents and children is that they share the same hereditary challenges. How the baby will handle their karma depends largely upon how well they heal the challenges handed to them by their birth genetics.

* Environment Karma: Where in the world you are born and who in the world you are born to create your environment. Although we live in a mobile, global society, the vast majority of people never stray far from home. They tend to live as their parents have done and tend to be molded by environmental pressures.

* Family Karma: How karma attracts parents and children is that they share the same unresolved issues at the time of birth. How the baby will handle their karma depends largely upon how well they adapt to and/or transcend their environment.

* Relationship Glue: So many couples in failing relationships give their baby the job of gluing them back together. This never works in the long run. Although a baby may glue a couple together for many years, if they do not love one another, their relationship will end… no doubt, after many years of tension and fighting.

* Parental Agendas: So many people with unsatisfying childhoods give their baby the job of living their dreams. Examples of this are: mothers of pretty daughters who force them into beauty pageants, fathers of athletic sons who drive them into sports, parents of child actors who are looking for the huge payday, and so on. What goes around as a baby in one life will come around as a baby in another one.

Premature Birth

"Your children will become what you are; so be what you want them to be." (David Bly)

If you were born premature, your past life karma is most likely the reason that it happened to you.

* Impaired Lungs: Death in a previous life by drowning, poison gas, suffocation, or respiratory disease is the primary cause of impaired lungs during premature birth. Since the lungs are among the last things to develop in a fetus, this is quite common in premature births… and is usually a life sentence for such individuals.

* Malformed Limbs: Toes, feet, legs, fingers, hands, arms, and other body parts which are malformed during premature birth were usually lost in one or more previous lives. Since there was usually insufficient time to heal these in the inner worlds, the malformations carry across as part of the premature birth process.

* Motor Incapacity: Even if the premie is not malformed, they will often experience difficulties in walking. Legs may be too weak to walk. Legs may be uncoordinated with hips, knees, ankles, and feet not working properly together. Arms may be too weak to pull the body up. This is all balancing of past life karma.

* Learning Disabilities: Premies can experience difficulties in learning reading or math while children. With study and patience, these can be overcome or reduced (depending on how premature the child was). This is the result of past life actions or inactions that led to others suffering such developmental deficits.

* Sensory Dysfunction: Being born blind or deaf is often the result of premature birth. This is almost always the result of past life karma: in either causing or allowing another to be blinded or deafened. More often than not, the visual or auditory impairments are permanent in that life. Yet miracles happen: the only way to fail at transcending impairments from premature birth… is to stop trying.

Lost Angels

"A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on." (Carl Sandburg)

Not one moment of existence on Earth is ever wasted even if those moments of life are all too brief.

* A Waste? "What is the point of babies who die right before or after birth?" "Lost Angels" is the term for such babies. Although it may seem that "Lost Angels" are wasted, karmically they serve the following purposes:

* Parents - Bonding: Loving partners cannot help but to become more bonded by having a baby. A woman has shown her man how much she loves him because she in having his baby. A man can show his woman how much he loves her by how he chooses to nurture and support her during the pregnancy. Mates learn how to work together as a team by making important joint decisions about the baby.

* Parents - Relieving Pressure: If a couple has had a baby and it dies, at least this proves that the couple is fertile. In many societies in the past and in some in the present, marriages could be ended when there was no evidence of fertility. So the pressure and fear associated with infertility are alleviated by a lost angel. If the couple can conceive once, then it builds confidence that they can do this again.

* Child - Compact Karma: "Lost Angels" is often a way for the Soul to compactly pay off their karma. For example, if the Soul was close to beating an alcohol or drug addiction in their last previous life, they will be born to an addict and incarnate being addicted. Doctors can help the baby detox: this will break the cycle of substance abuse karmically. Similarly, they can be born with a crippling birth defect, experience its effects for a short time, and achieve karmic balance. This will allow the addicted/defective to be born clean in their next life.

* Child - Class: At one point during their trail of incarnations, everyone will serve as a lost angel. As traumatic as this is for parents, it is also traumatic for the child. When the child is lost, they feel the tearing away of their life. They also experience their parent's grief. They learn that not one moment of life is ever wasted. They have completed a class required by karma which they will never have to repeat.

Born Angry

"Anger is a choice that only you can make... because you actually decide to get angry." (Anonymous)

Were you BORN angry? Does anger run your life? Do you get angry for no reason? If so, read this.

* Born Angry: The question: "As a small child, I was very angry and would hit others for no apparent reason. Anger ran my life until I was in my late twenties. How could I be born angry? This just does not make sense to me!"

* Boiling in Anger: I was born angry myself. When an event in this life "looked and felt" like one from a past life it triggered my anger. It ran deep... and, at times, could be explosive. Many times, when I was younger, my anger did run my life until
I stopped deciding to get angry and I started investigating the cause.

* Died Angry: Those who are born angry are usually picking up where they left off... having died angry in one or more past lives. Usually those born angry were suddenly and violently ripped away from a past life they loved... and never saw the end coming. Perhaps in their last past life, they were murdered violently by an unknown criminal or by a known associate. As they lay dying in the past, their unresolved anger accompanies their soul, just waiting for a new body.

* Died Righteous: Those who are born angry are often those who were executed by the state in a past life. Perhaps they fought hard for their freedom but lost their case and, with it, their life. Especially when the person was convinced of their innocence or of the rightness of their cause, their dying anger will stick to them like glue. Their outrage fueled by their past righteousness will fuel their present anger.

* Died Activist: Those who are born angry are sometimes those who gave their past lives for a greater cause. They may have been activists who still believe in their cause and reincarnate so they can pick up the fallen banner. Their anger is like a string around their finger driving them to put right what once went wrong.

* Died Revengeful: Those who are born angry and are seeking revenge keep their past life enemies close by deciding to reincarnate inside their family or to join it through marriage. That is why police start by examining the persons closest to the murder victim. If there is anger, it leads to hate... and hate leads to death. Revenge keeps all concerned playing Death Tennis until someone breaks the cycle.

Credits: from channeled information.



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