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Rules #26f: "You'll Be Back": How Karmic Matrices Work

Reincarnation & Karmic Matrices

"How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours." (Wayne Dyer)

Facts about Karmic Matrices...

Purposes of Karmic Matrices
Karmic Matrices - Groups
Karmic Matrices - Formation
Karmic Matrices - Cycle

Purposes of Karmic Matrices

* Karmic Matrix Defined: We all are in a karmic matrix: of our families, our friends, our coworkers, our nations, our religions, our races, our genders, and so on. Whenever two or more are gathered together by reincarnation in the cause of balancing past life karma, a karmic matrix is formed.

* Web of Karma: Life is closely and intimately connected. Those who you spend significant time with (especially your family and friends) have been with you before in past lives. Before we go on the adventure of our lives, we agree to come into certain relationships with others. This is better known as our Life Contract which is formed by reincarnation and weaves a tight web of karma all around us.

* Role of Reincarnation: Reincarnation into karmic matrixes works to open us to greater levels of love. This becomes both easier and harder when we reincarnate with the same group of people over time. Easier when we meet those we already love. Harder when we meet those we already hate. Hardest of all when we cannot seem to overcome this hate and endure an extensive cycle of Death Tennis.

* Matrix Purpose: The purpose of karmic matrixes is to bring individuals - who have not learned to love one another in past lives - together so that they can have a new opportunity to do so. They are designed to help us all resolve our problems with one another while at the same time helping us to work through our own issues.

* Matrix Transformation: When the purpose of the karmic matrix has been achieved - to the extent possible - it dissolves and the individuals regroup to form new ones. So if you are in a karmic matrix that you do not like... there is a solution. Bless the karmic matrix, bring more love into the situation, consciously strive to learn the lessons inside the matrix... and then you can become free of it.

* Matrix Example: Those who have worked in the corporate world have noticed this matrix at work without realizing it. For example, a group of people can work together in the same relationships for years. Then, all of a sudden, things change drastically due to reorganization or to people "happening to leave" at the same time. New relationships are formed and run until the next wave of change. Karmically, this means that one karmic matrix has closed because its objectives have been met and another one has opened to support the achievement of new objectives.

Karmic Matrices - Groups

* Primary Matrix: Family, whether biological or adopted, is an individual's primary karmic matrix. This is so because people spend the most elapsed time over the course of the lives with their family. Also, families are created out of a person's primary, secondary, and tertiary Soul Groups.

* Family: Other karmic matrices come and go but the family matrix - whether the birth family, the marital family, or the extension of each of these groups (uncles, aunts, in-laws, etc) - persists over the course of one's lifetime. Since most people spend the most time with family, this results in the most intense situations.

* Place: Where we live determines the group of people we can physically interact with… and so draws the right mix of karmic partners together. Although karmic partners can be drawn together powerfully into virtual groups online, it is those who live in the same place and interact face-to-face offline who have the better chance to resolve karma existing between us. Those who are "in each other's face" are joined together for the express purpose of working through their mutual karma.

* Career: Where we work and the kind of job we have also determines the group of people we can physically interact with… and, outside of the family, draws the most intense karmic partners together. This is because the completion of work tasks inevitably creates conflicts that test the patience and compassion of all concerned. Usually because coworkers are unrelated to one another, they are freer to let their true characters rise to the surface... to face the toughest tests of karma.

* Interests: Where we worship, where we pursue hobbies, and where we focus our attention on recreational activities also draws karmic partners together. While career tends to lead to "negative" karmic encounters, the pursuit of shared interests tends to create "positive" karmic encounters leading to friendship and love.

* Education: Where we come to learn and grow through education, draws karmic partners together. These have the potential to be very positive or very negative encounters depending on the mix of people involved. This is a reflection of the greater truth that all our experiences with all the significant people we meet are designed to educate us. The goal of the karmic classroom is to advance into greater degrees of love, joy, and awareness by reaping the consequences of our actions.

Karmic Matrices - Formation

* Ultimate Schedule: Most karmic matrices are carefully planned reunions of those who have mutual past life karma! This is the most intricate and sophisticated scheduling process in the universe. There are NO accidents when it comes to those we interact with during our lives.

* Primary Three: Most individuals have at least three karmic matrices at any given time in their life. The first matrix for each individual is the birth family where parents, children, and the extended family are drawn together by deep, unresolved karma from a series of shared/interconnected past lives. The second matrix for most individuals is their marital family where a different arrangement of individuals are drawn together by karma. The third matrix for each individual is past lives impacting their health and wealth which often represents the most intense karma.

* Your Participation: The answers to these questions begin the formation of the karmic matrix for each person. What are your most pressing life lessons? Who are your top karmic partners (those who most want to balance past life karma)? What are you - as Soul - most wanting to do? How can you become more loving? How can you become better at creating? What is the best way you can learn? How can you grow in awareness? The answers to all these question are the magnets connecting you to your matrices of karmic partners.

* Cosmic Matching: The gathering of souls to form the karmic matrix is a very complicated scheduling process. Many times a Karmic Matrix is long delayed until all of those required for its formation are available. Once they are all present, then families are formed, whether through biology or adoption, to set the stage for the resolution of karma. Arrangements are made to ensure significant meetings happen. Situations arise where there are many paths open to each individual to exercise their free will by making choices. These choices either resolve karma or add to it.

* Reversal of Fortune: The gathering of souls in a karmic matrix involves many reversals of fortune. What you have brought into the lives of others in the past now comes back into your present life. The strong must experience weakness. The rich must experience poverty. The partisans - whether through gender, race, religion, national origin, or ethnicity - must experience the "other" side. The family must rotate roles: parents become children, spouses become siblings, friends become family, and family becomes acquaintances or strangers. Everything is experienced.

* Golden Thread: The golden threads that draw souls together are… Hate: if you hate someone, you are sure to be reunited until that hate can transform into love. Love: if you have unfinished business with loved ones or want to know more love, you will be reunited. Experience: if you have not taken all the classes life requires, you will be put into the right classroom. Defect: if you have a spiritual lack (like a pattern of mistrust or unforgiveness), you will be given plenty of opportunities to correct the problem. All of these goals are achieved inside karmic matrices.

Karmic Matrices - Cycle

* Group Dynamics: Most karmic matrices go through a predictable cycle of change over time! They follow the pattern of "Group Dynamics" which are the natural phases that groups (formed for any purpose) follow over time. This pattern of group dynamics is most clearly seen in families:

* Forming: During the "Forming" phase, the group members will be gathered together. For example, in a family, the group starts with the parents. It expands as children are added to it. Perhaps other relatives will come to live with the family. Maybe there are friends who come to visit so often that they are just like family. Whatever the mix of people are, everyone in the family will know who belongs to the group and who does not. Once formed, the group continues for awhile.

* Storming: During the "Storming" phase, within the group, each individual will jockey for position. Each one will evaluate the others as to their strengths and weaknesses. Roles and responsibilities will be assigned to each person in the group by common agreement. For example, in a family, one child will be the model student, another will be the rebel, and the third will be the helpless one. These roles were "stormed" while the children grew and struggled to define themselves.

* Norming: During the "Norming" phase, within the group setting, each person must agree to their assigned role. For each situation, one will be the leader and the others will follow. For example, in a family, one parent will be the disciplinarian while the other will be the comforter and these roles will rarely change over time.

* Conforming for Performing: During the "Conforming" phase, individuals will settle into their roles because this creates the kind of stability and predictability that makes life manageable. Each person plays the part they agreed to for a time. For example, in a family, the favorite child will receive better treatment and the rest of the children will learn to live with it while the spouse who works more will expect their mate to work less and not complain. The family will roll along as "normal".

* Adjourning: During the "Adjourning" phase, within the group, there will be a common and mutual recognition that something vital has changed… and the group must break apart. For example, in a family, children will grow up and leave the home, shrinking the group. Perhaps the over-functioning spouse will choose to leave their under-functioning mate. The moment the group changes - for those who leave it - there is a chance for better karma. There is the opportunity to form a new and better karmic matrix that is filled with kinder partners and fairer roles.

Credits: from channeled information.



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