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Rules #15b: It's Not in Your Stars But in Your Cells... DNA Memory

"It's All Inside": DNA Remembers Your Past Lives

"Cellular Memory" is where your past life memories are stored. DNA is its physical storage medium. The human brain is its physical processing device.

100% Capacity Being: How the "unused" parts of your DNA/brain actually stores past life resonances and updates it for present life learning and experience.
Junk DNA: How the "unused" DNA areas store your current mental, emotional, and spiritual patterns.
Holographic Recall: How past lives are part of the inner manifestations, better known as Holograms.
Johari Window: How past lives are the "unknown" component of the brain and human personality.
Energy Star: How past life recognition is communicated both through the ancient limbic brain and energy stars.

100% Capacity Being

Heard you are only using 10% of your brain/mind? Want to use the full 100%?

If so, you must decide if you want to expand into the greater totality of your being! All it takes is exploring your "unknown zone":

* Known Zone: Science has identified the "used" part of your DNA as containing the blueprint (genetics) for your body. It has also identified the "used" part of your brain as those areas which have been proven to regulate different aspects of your physicality. Although science does not agree on how much of DNA and the brain are "unused", there is agreement that part of each is unused. Karma teaches that nothing is unused when it comes to either your brain or your DNA.

* Unknown Zone: Karma teaches that the "unused" part of your DNA contains the emotional and mental patterns for your consciousness. It also teaches that the "unused" part of your brain stores all your past life memories and is the source of your resonances which directly effects how you learn and live in this lifetime.

* Resonances: Resonances are "inherited patterns of being" that come from past lives and are present at birth. These "patterns of being" are meant to be "modified by experience" in the present life. Most of the time, past life resonances are good: they are the sources of abilities and talents. However, those past life resonances which keep you from being all you can be today - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually - need to be healed so that you can be, do, and have more in the future.

* Forming a New Life: What science calls the "subconscious mind" was totally formed at birth by the cumulative effect of your past life resonances... both good and bad. Your cells/DNA "remember" all of who you have been in past lives and all you have been in this life up to the present moment (hence the term "cellular memory"). So as you develop, change, and grow in any aspect of your life, your cells constantly update your "cellular memory", the inventory of your experience.

* Continuous Updates: Your cells are constantly growing and dying. They are the ultimate reflection of how the universe works. It is constantly changing, constantly transforming chaos into order, darkness into light... and it requires the same of all who inhabit it. Cells transform by adding, changing, or deleting "resonances" from your cellular memory so that what you have learned - your beliefs, your attitudes, your habits - can never be lost... so that you can advance as a spiritual being.

Junk DNA

* "Junk DNA" are the vast regions of DNA, between exons, that seem to modern science, to have no apparent function. Exons are the "explainable" regions of DNA that contain the code for an individual's physical genetics.

* Purpose? Although science believes there must be "some function" performed by Junk DNA, it is "yet to be determined!" and "it may yet prove not to be junk!"

* Memory: The ancient wisdom of karma knows this "Junk DNA" by another name: Cellular Memory, for more on how it works click here.

* Junk Illustrated: Imagine that all your past life knowledge exists inside your DNA. Instead of "empty spaces" in your DNA, each past life's learning is there. In the picture above, the orange sections with the red dots each corresponds to the most significant year in a particular past life (the red numbers to the left). Your DNA is packed with useful information about all these past lives as well as markers for the issues from those lives you have yet to resolve in the present.

* Normal DNA - Physical: Genetics teaches that your DNA was created by the combination of your parents' genes. Your DNA contains the "blueprints" for your physicality (your looks, your illnesses, your defects, etc). It is important to know about your biological parents' history so that you can better understand your physical karma. Although when karma requires it, exceptions can be made.

* Junk DNA - Mental: The first component of your "Junk DNA" is your mental patterns. These are your inborn perceptions and pre-dispositions. These include: whether you are introverted (looking within) or extroverted (looking to others), whether you are more reliant on sensing (relying only on physical evidence) or intuition (relying on inner knowing), whether you are a judger (always a planner) or a perceiver (always spontaneous), and most other meta-programs.

* Junk DNA - Emotional: The second component of your "Junk DNA" is your emotional patterns. These are your feelings triggers and memory anchors. These include: whether you rely more on thoughts (logic and analysis) or emotions (feelings and gut instincts), whether you trust in (optimist) or fear (pessimist) the future, whether you are naturally a leader type (relying on yourself) or a follower type (relying on others), and most other meta-programs.

* Junk DNA - Spiritual: The final component of your "Junk DNA" is your spiritual patterns. These are your after images, within attraction, and karmic signals. These include: the manner in which your prior selves are seeking expression or completion in your life today, the degree to which you are now attracting similar experiences from your past, and the nature of the karma you agreed to resolve from past lives through present life lessons... which will update your "Junk DNA".

Holographic Recall

Reincarnation keeps up with leading edge technology. The latest is Holographic Recall. Here is where ancient principles of karma meet modern principles of holograms:

* Defined: Holograms are defined as a three dimensional depiction of reality (length, width, and height), they also recognize the fourth dimension: time (where past/future reside).

* Viewing the Past: Time is how holograms change their nature as they evolve. Each step in evolution of the hologram remains accessible, like rings inside a tree shows the progress of its growth. "Retrocognition" is the official term for the ability of some people to focus their attention in a way that allows them to view the past.

* Capacity for Past Life Recall: Holography is the reason (science says) that our brains can store so many memories in so little space. Indeed, memories of all the past lives a person has ever lived are stored inside the vast hologram-DNA of the subconscious mind. These memories are just waiting to be tapped when the individual has earned the right to do so. It is the staggering capacity of hologram-DNA the for storing information that makes past life recall possible.

* Resolution of Past Life Karma: Karma healing fits into the Holographic Model during the Life Contract process. When each person plans their next life, they choose to reborn with others with whom they share past life karma (for more on this, click here). Whether it is making amends to enemies or love friends and romantic partners, the goal is to create opportunities to bring more love into each situation, to learn karmic lessons, and to experience more joy and awareness.

* Making the Hologram Whole: Karma healing is literally the process of making the hologram whole. Each life experience in the present is meant to heal a related event in the past bringing the soul into a greater state of awareness. As holograms are better understood, the threads of karma that have woven them will become more evident and this will reveal more of the inner workings of reincarnation.

Johari Window

The "Johari Window" opens to reveal how our personality works and (unexpectedly) how past lives effects it ("unknown").

* Defined: Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham developed the "Johari Window" in 1955. The "Johari (Personality) Window" is made up of four panes, representing the different public and aspects of the personality.

* FREE - You Show to Others: "That part of yourself that you know and share with others." This is your "public face": that part of yourself that you show the world because it is your "sound byte", your "elevator story", and your "social media" page. Everyone sees this public part of yourself without limit or restriction.

* BLIND - Only Others Know: "That part of yourself that others see, but that you are unaware of." This is your "public face with blemishes": that others see and may choose to share with you. You are unaware of those blemishes until someone tells you about them (or if you see yourself on video).

Knowledge in this quadrant can power your growth. It can help you to eliminate bad habits. It can help you develop hidden talents that others with more experience can see and help you to develop.
* HIDDEN - Only You Know: "That part of yourself only you know." This is your "interior dimension": that part of yourself that you keep to yourself because it is very sensitive information. You will rarely share this part of yourself with others. Those you do share this private part of yourself are usually very close to you.

* PAST LIVES - No One Knows: "That part of yourself that no one knows - not yourself or others." This is the "unknown zone": that (according to Johari) "where creativity is born, where dreams surface new possibilities, and where new theories are discovered." This "unknown part of you" which resides in the "unused brain capacity" (according to science) is actually where past life knowledge is stored.
Your Life Contract (as formed to work off past life karma) operates powerfully in this "unknown zone" to keep you to your agreements. Knowledge in this quadrant can help you to make quantum leaps forward in your life… it is the most private part of yourself.

Energy Stars

Before language, when hair made faces unrecognizable, individuals told one another apart by their unique smell processed by the limbic brain as well as by the connection of energy stars. Although we now have names and language, people still recognize one another by these ancient means.

* Limbic Brain: Scientists believe that "cavemen" recognized one another through "smell" processed by the "ancient limbic system" of the brain. The "limbic brain" is a memory storage area and also regulates moods and emotions. This is why smell elicits distinct recollections because the "limbic brain" connects smells with specific memories. These "smell memories" from past lives are stored in cellular memory as resonances which help people connect with past life memories of one another.

* Energy Star: The other way (not recognized by modern science) that "cavemen" recognized one other was through their energy stars. This is a unique energetic imprint each Soul has on their back while in a human body. It is a six pointed star that looks like an "X" with an "I" running through its center. It is carried from incarnation to incarnation inside the human energy field. When individuals are close enough together, their energy stars connect. At this moment of connection, each Soul recognizes all their past life resonances with the other Soul.

* When Worlds Collide: When individuals experience past life recognition through energy stars, they often have the following reactions. "I would know them anywhere - instantly!" "They look different but they feel the same." "They feel like home to me." "I now know I have been missing someone I have never met." "I wonder if they still can do [a former skill]." "This connection is 'beyond normal' and unlike anything I have ever felt before."

* Shared Memories: When the connection of energy stars is exceptionally strong, it can surface shared past life memories. True story. Two individuals, who felt an instant, mutual recognition, decided to put it to the test. Each, on their own, wrote down the last time (before they met in this life) that they recalled seeing one another (to the best of their ability). They wrote down their memories independently and then exchanged papers. They discovered that they had written almost identical accounts. Both remembered making a pledge to find each other again… after death. Their last memory was being trapped in a city being burned down. As they helplessly watched the fire approach, they knew that they both would soon be dead. As they died, each felt a "profound love" for the other. This is a classic example of a past life connection made possible by energy stars.

Note: The Hologram includes the outer physical body as well as the inner energy bodies. For a complete description of these bodies, click here.

Credits: from channeled information.



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