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Rules #30b: "Towing the Iceberg": Sources of Past Life Resonance

"Reason is God's crowning gift to man!" (Sophocles)

"About Past Life Resonances"

* If your body-mind is the "prison" (Your Body: Prison Without Walls) which compels to you work off your karma.
* If your cells are the "tiny bricks" (It's in Your Cellular Memory) that creates this prison of karma around you.
* Then your Past Life Resonances are the mortar keeping the "bricks of your cellular memory" firmly in place, until you rearrange them.

So What Are Past Life Resonances... and Why Should You Care About Them?

Past life resonances are simply "inherited patterns of being modified by experience". These patterns of being are the sum total of all the learning that you have inherited from past lives. This is how keep all that you have learned in past lives without being overwhelmed by all the details of your previous incarnations.

These "patterns of being" are meant to be "modified by experience" as you live each lifetime. Most resonances are good: they are the sources of your strengths, skills, and talents. However, those resonances which keep you from being all you can be today - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually - need to be healed.

When you come into a new life, you enter into an agreement to forget about past ones. Although "forgotten", your past lives lie just near enough to the surface of your conscious awareness for you to access them. These traces of the past in the present - "resonances" - hold the key to unlocking information about your past.

So What Are the Most Common Sources of Past Life Resonances?

Historical Resonances   Illness Resonances     Name Resonances
Object Resonances       People Resonances    Place Resonances
Poison Resonances       Religion Resonances   Starvation Resonances
Terror Resonances       Touch Resonances      Work Resonances

Historical Resonances

Historical resonances give powerful clues to your past life journey.

* Historical Figure: If you are attracted to a certain historical figure, this is a sign that you might have lived in a time or place where you would have known or known about this person. Rarely would you have been that individual. The one person who was, in fact, that historical figure usually has a hard time believing it. They often imagine that they were connected with that figure in a romantic manner (as a friend or a lover). For them, this explains their attraction... at first. Eventually enough evidence emerges convincing them of the truth.

* Historical Event: If you are attracted to a certain historical event, it may be that you have, in fact, participated in that event. For example, in Barbara Lane's book, "Echoes from the Battlefield: First Person Accounts of Civil War Past Lives", she was curious to see if a group of Civil War reenactors, when regressed, would have any connection to a past life during the American Civil War. Lane was astonished to find ALL of the reenactors "experienced past life memories of the [Civil War]" (p. 222) (as she did not expect it!).

* Historical Period: If you are attracted to a certain historical period, this is a sign that you might have, in fact, lived and died during that time period. The greater your fascination with the past time period, the more likely it is that you lived then... and that you have a past life effecting you today... that is crying out for healing.

* Historical Pilgrimage: If you have been compelled to visit a certain place, it is likely that you are returning to a place where you had a traumatic past life. For example, each year many people make the journey to Sierra Leone in Africa to see the remains of slave holding pens. Many who visit have violent reactions (uncontrollable anger or tears) to the pens... where they were imprisoned in past lives. These people (unconsciously) return to the scene of past life crimes... so they can release the pain of the past forever.

Illness Resonances

Illness resonances form the basis of your present life health problems.
For the complete list of past life causes of present life disorders, click here.

* Asthma: Present day asthma is often the result of having been suffocated in past lives. In past lives, present life asthma sufferers were gassed to death, crushed underneath a slab, hung by the neck, snuffed by a pillow, and somehow strangled out of oxygen. Asthma is the body's way of remembering this past life suffocation now.

* Allergies: Present day allergies are often the result of having been poisoned in past lives. In past lives, present life allergy sufferers were poisoned by eating food, drinking beverages, or inhaling toxins. Allergies to what "looks and feels" like that past life poison. Allergies are the body's way of avoiding past life poison now.

* Birth Marks/Defects: Present day birth marks and defects are the body picking up where it left off in past lives. Birth defects now, like missing limbs, stem from the loss of limbs in past lives. Birth marks now are the scars from where the body was shot, stabbed, strangled, burned, or tortured in past lives.

* Chronic Pain: Present day chronic pain, especially when modern medicine cannot discern its cause, is often the result of past life trauma. Wherever it hurts now is often the result of where the body was killed or wounded in past lives. When the chronic pain cannot be linked to a present life, it is likely to come from past lives.

* Chronic Fatigue: Present day chronic fatigue illnesses, like Fibromyalgia, especially when modern medicine cannot discern its cause, is often the result of past life trauma. When the body has experienced massive trauma in past lives, it is so overburdened with past life resonances that it overloads the present with fatigue.

Name Resonances

Name resonances explain why you are being called by a past life name.

* Name Lives On: When people have had close connections to one another in past lives, they get very used to certain names... and that familiarity carries over... right into the present life.

* Different Name, Same Person: One client always calls me "Linda" and has a hard time addressing me as "Ellen" now. As she explains, "I know you are Ellen but you feel like Linda to me... so that is why I am always calling you that..." I have gotten used to it: it is just one of the occupational hazards of being a past life counselor. Sometimes the past bleeds into the present and getting called by a "wrong" past life name is bound to happen from time to time.

* Same Name, Different People: The surest sign of a past life name bleeding through is when several, different people call you by the same "wrong" name now (especially when they do not know one another). Another client named "Ron" is often referred to by both family and friends as "Kevin" now. No one in "Ron's" family circle or among his friends is named Kevin. Yet that "wrong name" persists and "Ron" answers to both names as if they applied equally to him.

* Same Name, Same Sex: Interestingly enough, the "wrong" past life name 99 times out of 100 is associated with the same gender. In other words, Ellen gets called Linda (female names) and Ron gets called Kevin (male names) but rarely would an Ellen be called a John. Ironically, John is the name I have had most often in past lives (mostly male in past lives). So, all other things being equal, I should have been called that by others... but it has never happened.

* Same Name Feels Right: You will know that "wrong name" is a past life name when it "feels" right to you now. In other words, being called "Linda" feels as right to me as being called "Ellen" - each of those names seem as if they belong to me. When it comes to any sort of past life awareness (like reacting to a "wrong name"), your best guide to your personal truth is what you know/think/feel to be true inside your own heart. "If it feels right, it is right!"

Object Resonances

Object Resonances are when special possessions are clues to your past lives.

* Buried Anchors: When some common household object catches your attention because it is the symbol for the past life you most need to know about... to heal your life today. Like an anchor buried in the sand, it will eventually surface in your life and demand your attention.

* Art/Music: When you become attracted to the art or music of a particular historical period, more often than not, it was because you had a past life at that time. Your attraction to that art or music is like a string around your finger reminding you - subconsciously - of either a past life you deeply loved or a past life crying out for deep healing.

* Collections: When you collect certain items, these reveal clues about your past lives. Those who collect weapons (knives, guns, swords) usually had military past lives. Those who collect sacred items (rosaries, icons) usually had past lives in religious orders. Those who collect coins usually had past lives as government officials.

* Decor: When you decorate your home in a period style (like Early American or Victorian), you most likely lived during that period. When you surround yourself with objects from certain cultures (like Chinese, African, French, etc), you most likely lived in that place at another time. Historical objects always have a past life tale to tell.

* Dress: When you dress in clothes from a certain historical period (even if it is just privately), your desire to do so stems from a past life. When you dress in clothes from a culture that is not the one you presently live in, this is also most likely driven by past lives.

* Tools: When you will only work with professional level tools (cooking, needles, construction, writing, etc), it is most likely because you have a talent from past lives that is demanding it!

People Resonances

People Resonances are the best place to look for clues to your past lives.

* "Love at First Sight!" is a documented historical phenomenon. Caesar and Cleopatra acted as man and wife from almost the first moment they met. Once Czar Nicholas met Lady Alexandra, he - in an uncharacteristic act of stubbornness - refused to consider marrying anyone else. After Queen Victoria met Albert, she was determined to marry him. The same with King Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, and the list goes on.

* Instant Like: Those who you met and instantly like have been most likely been with you in many past lives. The pleasant and harmonious dealings with these comrades in past lives leave warm thoughts and feelings in mind and heart. Both of you have come together again to pick up where you left off and to bring even more love and happiness into both your lives... good karma in action.

* Instant Dislike: Those who you met and instantly dislike have been most likely been with you in many past lives. The unpleasant and bitter dealings with these enemies in past lives leave cold thoughts and feelings in mind and heart. Both of you have come together again to heal the situation with love and forgiveness or risk bad karma.

* Instant Partners: Those who you feel comfortable enough to partner with have most often been your professional/business partner in past lives. Those who are compatible in money making ventures tend to come together to bring their wealth and success to higher levels. Many times people spend more karmic time with business partners than family members due to these shared career goals.

* Instant Alliances: Whether it is in families, among friends, or inside businesses, those who have been allies (or enemies) in past lives tend to continue such alliances (or animosities) in the present.

Place Resonances

Place resonances provide the easiest clues to previous lives.

* Places to Visit: Those places that you would like to visit are most often places you have lived in one or more past lives. If you think those places are the same for everyone, just ask five of your friends where they would like to visit. Chances are these places will not be the same for everyone... and each person will have a different reason for why their place is the best one to visit (ex. it feels like home).

* Places to Live: Those places that you would like to live (other than where you are living) are most often place you have lived in one or more past lives. Where you live now is most often a "new" place for you (as most people like to experience different places to live). However, there are some who tend to "stick" to a few favorite places (which is allowed as long as the individual can meet karmic goals).

* Places at Home: If you have no favorite places to visit or live, then look around your home. Many people decorate their houses in the style or with objects from periods in history they lived through. The past is often present in those places which call to us most strongly.

* Places in Dreams: Often those places you dream about were those where you lived in past lives. Sometimes the names of places (as they are now) where you lived previously will surface in your dreams. Dreams are often the first place for past lives to emerge.

Poison Resonances

Poison resonances can complicate life and make healing difficult.

* Food Phobias: As you grow up (and before your past life karma fully attaches to you), you have to eat to live. During your childhood (until age 12), your mind develops a database of "safe foods" (what you can eat that will never cause you trouble). By age 13, that list of "generally recognized as safe" will be closed to changes if you have poison resonances from past lives to be worked through. Either you will continue to only eat the same "safe" foods -or- you will need to heal the issues keeping you from eating (and living) more fully.

* Wellness Resistance: Those who were poisoned in past lives develop a present life reluctance to ingest vitamins, minerals, and other supplements designed for wellness. Even if those with poison resonances are convinced in their minds that taking supplements makes good sense, their body will block them from doing so if those supplements "look and feel" like poison that killed them in past lives.

* Medicine Resistance: Those who were poisoned in past lives develop a present life reluctance to take injections or ingest medicines. Those with poison resonances will often have to be sedated before they can be medicated. Again, even if their mind agrees with the medicine, the body will resist. Often this problem will expand to prevent the individual from accepting healing in any form.

Religion Resonances

Religion resonances from past lives are among the strongest ones.

* Base Religion: After genetics, religion is one of the main reasons - karmically - that we choose to reincarnate into a particular family. That is why most people adopt the religion of their parents and choose not to change it later on in their life. They want to explore their religion fully by choosing to follow it for a lifetime. Only after following a religion for a lifetime can a person truly learn and understand it.

* Religious Exploration: More often people stick with their religion while they explore others. For example, there are many Christians who incorporate some of the traditions of Jewish Kabbalah into their lifestyle. There are also "Jews for Jesus" who do not accept Jesus as their Messiah but admire Christian teachings. Less often people study another religion and later end up converting to it because it appeals more to their current personality than their birth religion.

* Conversion by Marriage: Most often, when people do change their religion, it is because they have agreed to adopt the "different religion" of their spouse. Their conversion by marriage gives them the rich opportunity to explore more than one religion and (hopefully) to expand their consciousness through this additional exploration.

* Conversion by Attraction: Often when people radically change their religion (leaving their birth faith), it is usually past lives at work. For example, someone who converts from Roman Catholicism to Protestantism is still a Christian and has only made a small change in their religion. While another who converts from Catholicism to Buddhism has made a radical change in their religion. The more radical the change in religion, the more likely the individual has changed to a much loved religion from past lives.

Starvation Resonances

Starvation resonances from past lives create artificial restrictions.

* Lack of Supply: You are suffering from "lack of supply" when you are fearful that your next meal is never coming. Even with cabinets and refrigerators stuffed with food, do you still buy more... and go out for restaurant meals as well? If so, past life starvation is effecting you.

* Survivor Mentality: In this or other lives, the individual was actually a survivor... of war torn, disaster stricken, or impoverished areas and personally experienced prolonged periods of starvation. This is especially true when they connected with traumatic past lives where they or those they loved had starved to death.

* Family History: The person's family members often told stories... of how they starved or how others starved. Their parents never left enough food in the house... or they constantly hoarded it. Their parents/spouse deprived them of food... often through starvation diets... as a means of controlling or punishing them. Their parents/ spouse were irresponsible... and their neglect resulted in shortages.

* Personal History: The person's classmates stole food from them... and they often went hungry at school. Their friends told them stories... of how they starved or how others starved... and this scared them.

Terror (Fear) Resonances

Terror resonances from past lives create needless fears and restrictions.
For the complete list of past life causes of present life fears, click here.

* Fear and Paranoia: Are you always waiting for things to go wrong? Are you convinced that others are out to get you? Are you certain that, no matter what you do, you will be screwed over in the end? If the answers to all these questions are "yes", then you are most likely effected by a "fear and paranoia" past life terror resonance.

* Fear of Attack: When you are alone, are you always looking around you and scanning the area for others who are looking to attack you? Are you always fearing that these unsafe others are about to attack you? Are you really fearful that others will attack you from behind? If so, this is a "fear of attack" resonance from past lives.

* Fear of Accident: When you get in a car, a bus, a train, or a plane, do you always feel like you are taking your life in your hands? When others drive, does it make you nervous? Are you certain an accident is just around the corner waiting to injure, maim, or kill you? If so, this is a "fear of accident" resonance from past lives.

* Fear of Theft: Every time you leave your home, are you certain that thieves are just ready to pounce? When you leave on vacation, are you certain you will arrive home to an empty house? Do you go to bed fearing a burglar will break into your home while you are sleeping? If so, this is a "fear of theft" resonance from past lives.

* Fear of the Dark: When the sun goes down, do you fear the dark? Do you avoid going out at night because you fear what can happen at night? Do you avoid getting out of bed at night because you fear the dark? When driving at night, does your stress level go up? If so, this is a "fear of the dark" resonance from past lives.

Touch Resonances

Touch resonances from the past complicate life and make intimacy difficult.

* Avoiding Tight Clothes: Touch resonances are often the most noticeable when it comes to clothes. Sufferers find it hard to wear ties or scarves around their neck... when they died by hanging in past lives. They find it hard to wear watches or bracelets on their wrists... when they died from being dragged at the wrists by racing horses or chariots. They find it hard to wear belts... when they died from being tortured at the torso. All these types of traumatic deaths in past lives create present life touch resonances to avoid tight fitting clothes.

* Avoiding Physical Touches: Even the thought or the suggestion of someone touching a sufferer in the "forbidden place" is hard for them to bear. Being touched in the present... where the sufferer died in the past... can be absolutely excruciating. The sufferer will often have a violent reaction to these touches in sensitive past life areas. They will move away as quickly as if they were stung by a bee.

* Avoiding Physical Pressure: Touch resonances related to physical pressure are also very sensitive. Sufferers will automatically avoid situations where they will be pressed physically. They will avoid crowds (the pressure of bodies in close proximity) on subways, trains, airplanes, and at malls. They will avoid small seats (needing to fly first class and not coach). They will avoid hugging, touching, and physical closeness of every kind. Any kind of physical pressure will set off this pressure past life resonance in those suffering from it.

Work Resonances

Work resonances from the past have formed your present life career.

* "What Do You Do?" When people meet, one of the first things they talk about is what they do for a living. If they were aware of their past lives, the next question would be, "How long have you been doing it?" The vast majority would answer "for most of history!" Most often, individuals find what they like to do as work… and then stick with it and perfect it as they move along their cycle of reincarnation.

* Natural Talent: The surest sign of past life resonance at work is the emergence of natural talents. What you are naturally good at doing now… you have probably done for thousands of years. Those who are happiest in their careers are content because they have found their true vocation and are bringing their skills to new/greater levels.

* Natural Collaborations: Another sign is attracting harmonious work partners. If you enjoy working with certain individuals, if you feel very comfortable with them on a personal basis, if you are certain that you can absolutely rely on their skills and talents now, it is likely that you all are recreating great collaborations from past live(s).

* Natural Mission: A final sign is that those who are working at their chosen vocation feel a sense of mission. They feel as if they are doing the most important work in the world. They could not imagine doing anything else. They experience a constant fascination with new developments in their chosen field. Before they leave, they entrust their mission to "safe hands" of a new generation. After they leave, they often decide to reincarnate and do more in their new life.

Credits: from channeled information.



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