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Rules# 7b: Rules for Illness: Preventing Illness Returning

For Those Who Have "Survived" Illness

"The future you see is the future you get." (Robert G. Allen)

When you recover from a serious illness, always, in the back of your mind, you fear that it may return suddenly-unexpectedly.

You wonder what you can do to keep your illness in remission. The good news is that you CAN take steps to keep illness from coming back as well as to promote vibrant health.

* Focus on Love-Joy: Many who have been jailed end up returning to prison because they fear they will go back. Same thing with those who have been ill: their focus on the return of their disease ends up recreating it. Laughter and a constant focus on being loving and doing joyful things really are the BEST medicine. So do not give your past illness even one moment of your current or future attention.

* Forgive Everyone Everything: Forgive God, your Higher Self, your guides, and any other inner beings for having put you through the illness and its aftermath. Forgive yourself for whatever you believe you have "done wrong" to cause the illness. Forgive any healthcare professionals who you believe did not give you the proper care you deserved. Forgive others around you who were not as supportive or compassionate as you would have liked while you were ill.

* After Care: Your body-mind-emotions require care and attention to function properly. After a serious illness, they require EXTRA care to get them to vibrant health. Many times those who contracted an illness did so because they did not take good care of their body-mind-emotions in the first place. Your illness is challenging you to take better care of yourself, to learn more click here.

* Wake Up Call: Your illness is challenging you to change your life. Either you need to do things differently or do different things. Here is how by chakra:

Crown Chakra = Making Better Choices

"Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices." (Alfred A. Montapert)

If you seek to heal your Crown Chakra, then making good choices is a quality you need to cultivate.

* Effected Areas: Anything to do with the head - brain, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, inner guidance, etc - is effected by blocks near the Crown Chakra.

* About Choice: Choices are how we learn what is and is not like love. As we choose, we learn. We repeat those choices that led to success and we avoid those choices that have led to failure. Karma shows us through experience what we should and should not do. Choices are the ultimate expression of our free will.

* Choice = Discernment: All roads lead back to God... but all roads are not the same nor do individuals travel them in the same way. All are seekers after truth and each will come to truth in the way that is best for them. Discernment is the art of having learned what love is and what it is not. Discernment is only gained through choices: successes and failures, tragedies and triumphs, mistakes and miracles.

* Choice = Detachment: Detachment is the art of letting the will of God ("Thy Will") become your own ("my will"). Since the goal of reincarnation is to help us to become a CoWorker with God, that implies acceptance of His Will. Making the choice to accepting God's Will is only possible when one detaches from their own finite expectations to participate in the infinite manifestation of the Divine Plan.

* Choice = Discipline: Success in any area of life is linked to our discipline in pursuing it. Try running a winning army, business, or school without the discipline of training, policies, and procedures. Try developing spiritual discernment without it and see how soon the "Dark Night of Soul" will stop you. Whatever you what to achieve in life, discipline is bound to be the foundation of that achievement.

* Cultivating Choice Power: With detachment and discipline, you then learn discernment and the power of your choices. Making better choices is to learn from successes and failures and do better the next time. If you can improve each time, step by step your choices become better and your lives improve. When you think about it, all you really have in any life is your power to choose and all you really get are the consequences of those choices over your cycles of reincarnation.

Brow Chakra = Gaining More Clarity

"Clarity [is] to be achieved... by someone wanting to serve people rather than to impress them." (F. Lucas)

If you seek to heal your Brow Chakra, then gaining greater clarity is a quality you need to cultivate.

* Effected Areas: Anything to do with the head - brain, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, thinking, etc - is effected by blocks near the Brow (Third Eye) Chakra.

* About Clarity: Clarity means seeing things (people, events, and situations) as they are rather than as you would like them to be or as others would have you do. For being clear is the only way you can ever create "good" karma for yourself and others. Much "bad" karma is the result of intentional unclarity (lies, etc).

* Clarity = Accuracy: Clarity means to always see and report what you know in a factually accurate and objective manner to the best of your knowledge. This means separating fact from opinion (for example, a fact would be "My eyes are blue" while an opinion would be "and my blue eyes let in too much sunlight"). This means sticking to facts and labeling opinions as such. You are being clear and accurate when you are honest and truthful to the best of your ability.

* Clarity = Objectivity: Clarity means to always see and report what you know with objectivity. This means that others present at an event would describe it with the same set of facts and circumstances in a similar manner. The objective point of view is a "fair and balanced" one. It is the one that God knows to be true. You are being clear and objective when you strive to rise above your point of view and act with the highest standard of integrity as if God was watching your every move.

* Clarity = Completeness: Clarity means to always see and report what you know in a complete manner telling "the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God." This means including all the relevant details and highlighting the key points. This means not excluding anything important and including all the essential facts. You are being clear and complete when you have communicated everything to another that you would have wanted to know if you were in their place.

* Cultivating Clarity: Clarity takes effort. Telling the truth down to the smallest detail creates clarity. Acting as if your life is an open book and be willing to have others read from it creates clarity. Remember that those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. If you always speak and act as if you knew an investigative reporter would be checking every fact and alerting the media as to the slightest error, you will know that you have achieved clarity at the level of great karma.

Throat Chakra = Communicating with Candor

"I am an ambassador in chains... may I speak boldly, as I ought to speak." (Ephesians 6:20)

If you seek to heal your Throat Chakra, then candor is a quality you need to cultivate.

* Effected Areas: Anything to do with the throat or chest - vocal chords, lungs, breathing, speaking, etc - is effected by blocks near the Throat Chakra.

* About Candor: Candor consists of these qualities: fairness, frankness, and firmness. Fairness means being honest with thoughts, beliefs, speaking, and actions in alignment. Frankness means speaking up for oneself and one's needs and desires while firmness means standing up for oneself and one's beliefs and boundaries.

* Candor = Truth: Speaking with fairness, frankness, and firmness means speaking one's truth. So much "bad" karma is the result of individuals either not speaking their truth (by telling lies or spinning the facts) or falling silent when they know they should speak up. Those who want to improve their karma should start by telling the truth and nothing but the truth. As Walter Scott said, "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive."

* Candor = Kindness: Speaking with fairness, frankness, and firmness only works when such speech is kind. Even the most unpleasant facts can always be communicated effectively if they are conveyed with as much kindness as possible. Long after what you have said is forgotten, how you said it is still remembered. Kindness is not difficult: all is takes is thoughtfulness, consideration, and patience. When you speak with kindness, you create great karma for yourself.

* Candor = Necessary: Speaking with fairness, frankness, and firmness means confining communication to what is necessary. Necessary communication makes a positive difference in moving things forward (instead negatively rehashing old arguments). Necessary communication is always helpful, seeks a positive result, and ends up empowering everyone involved. Necessary communication helps to create the health, wealth, and happiness of all parties in the conversation.

* Cultivating Candor: Candor takes practice. Knowing what to say as well as when and where it best to say speak is a fine art. The more sensitive what you have to communicate is, the fewer the people there should be to hear it. Be careful of how you communicate: emails and text messages are good for many things but they should never be used when face to face interchanges are required to deliver tough decisions. Candor requires judgment and a desire for meaningful communication.

Heart Chakra = Being Caring & Compassionate

"If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded." (Maya Angelou)

If you seek to heal your Heart Chakra, then caring is a quality you need to cultivate.

* Effected Areas: Anything to do with the heart - heart, circulatory, loving, etc - is effected by blocks near the Heart Chakra.

* About Caring: As Rainer Maria Rilke said, "For one human being to love another… that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation." The core essence of love is caring: caring about yourself, about others, about life, and about all living things by demonstrating compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness.

* Caring = Compassion: Compassion, the highest form of love and kindness, is what karma and reincarnation mean to teach us. "The desire to help another out of love and love alone" is the best description of what it means to have and show compassion. Instead of saying "I love you" to another, ask instead "How can I help you? How can I make things better?" "How can I understand your situation?" True caring is expressed through helping to make the lives of others happier and better.

* Caring = Tolerance: Tolerance is the first step towards cultivating compassion and then unconditional love. What you cannot tolerate, what you resist or hate, persists until the wheels of karma and reincarnation grind it out of you. Instead of saying "I hate you", ask instead "How can I understand you better?" True caring starts with your desire to know what it is like to walk in another's shoes.

* Caring = Forgiveness: Forgiveness does not mean forgetting (as if it never happened) or condoning (as if it was not the mistake you know it to be). Instead, forgiveness means letting go of the guilt, shame, sorrow, anger, and other negative emotions keeping you stuck in unforgiveness. Instead of saying "I cannot forgive you", ask instead "How can we move past this problem?" True caring can only come with the willingness to forgive and the related actions creating forgiveness.

* Cultivating Caring: Caring is cultivated by expressing love whenever possible. Smile or say a kind word. Thank others who help you. Be generous with those who serve you. Be polite to all around you. If you see a situation where you can help, offer help and then keep your promise. Sharing knowledge and expertise can be more helpful than sharing money. When you reach out to help others, know that you are also helping yourself. Caring creates the best possible karma.

Stomach Chakra = Refining Character

"Surmounting difficulty is the crucible that forms character." (Tony Robbins)

If you seek to heal your Stomach Chakra, then good character is a quality you need to cultivate.

* Effected Areas: Anything to do with the stomach - liver, kidney, digestive, etc - is effected by blocks near the Stomach (Solar Plexus) Chakra.

* About Character: As Abraham Lincoln said, "Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing." When it comes to karma, character is the real thing: it is the only thing that we bring with us into this life and the only thing that we will take with us when we leave it. It is the only thing that follows us through our cycles of reincarnation.

* Character = Standards: Character consists of having standards and defending them. Standards are what the person will and will not say or do. Standards are usually created by the morals, ethics, and manners which they choose to adopt. The more one remains true to their own code of conduct, the more clearly are their standards known to others and the easier it is to know and understand them.

* Character = Boundaries: Character is defined by the boundaries a person chooses. Boundaries are how we teach others to treat us. Boundaries are when we insist that others treat our bodies with care (not allowing others to physically hurt us), our minds with care (not trying to change our beliefs and behaviors), and our emotions with care (not getting us to deny our feelings and reactions). The firmer and clearer our boundaries are, the stronger our character will become.

* Character = Alignment: Character can most readily be seen in the alignment and consistency between what a person thinks, believes, says, and does. Those with good character possess life affirming beliefs, empowering thoughts, positive speech, and helpful actions. When beliefs, thoughts, speech, and action are consistent and congruent, the individual is in alignment. When that character commits itself to the highest good of all concerned, that creates the best karma.

* Creating Character: Character can be created and built in many ways. When you says "Yes" when you choose to do something and then you follow through, you build character. When you say "No" when you cannot or do not wish to do something and you do not feel guilty about it, you build character!

* Cultivating Character: When you stand up for yourself and do not allow others to treat you with disrespect or abuse, you build character. When you are always as good as your word: if you say that a thing will be done and others can bank on the fact that it is as good as done, you build character!

Sacral Chakra = Nurturing Creativity

"An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail." (Edwin Land)

If you seek to heal your Sacral Chakra, then creativity is a quality you need to cultivate.

* Effected Areas: Anything to do with the spine - muscles, joints, bones, nerves, excretory, etc - is effected by blocks near the Sacral Chakra.

* About Creativity: Creativity is the divine aspect of the human being. Karma and reincarnation send us lessons-tests that that we, as spiritual beings having a human experience, are meant to master using our divine creativity. There are no such things as failures, there are only ways that did not work that will lead us to ways that do work if we allow these old problems to lead us to new opportunities.

* Creativity = Rediscover: As Auguste Rodin said, "I invent nothing. I just rediscover." An essential part of creativity is seeing something new in something old, something that was there all the time and was only awaiting rediscovery. There are always new things to be discovered because there are always new eyes looking at them. Ironically, when something new comes along, it always seems so simple and others wonder why they (or others) never saw it before then.

* Creativity = Reflect: As Steven Spielberg said, "I dream for a living." Rediscovery by itself is not enough. Ideas are great but only when the idea is made real does it succeed. For an idea to become reality, it takes much thought and reflection. It takes many step by step actions to bring the idea from the realm of thought into manifestation in the physical world. It takes divine creativity to overcome the obstacles along the way… all this is the result of reflection.

* Creativity = Refine: As Napoleon Bonaparte said, "Imagination rules the world." Rediscovery and reflection alone are not enough. Ideas and plans require constant refinement. Creating in the physical world always involves trial and error. Ideas must be adjusted when they encounter reality while plans must be altered when limitations in resources are found. Refinement turns dreams into reality.

* Cultivating Creativity: Creativity comes from trusting. The more you turn your ideas into reality, the more you gain confidence in your powers to create. You are in the business of creating. Look around you: all you have and all you are, you have created for yourself now. Whatever you need, want, or desire is challenging you to create it. This is one of the most powerful ways karma operates in the universe.

Root Chakra = Cultivating Courage

"Courage is the first among human qualities because it guarantees the others." (Aristotle)

If you seek to heal your Root Chakra, then courage is a quality you need to cultivate.

* Effected Areas: Anything to do with the reproductive area - sexual organs, sex, money, power, etc - is effected by blocks near the Root Chakra.

* About Courage: Courage is the fuel that gives us strength to make our journey through life. If you feel you are lacking in courage, know that coming to Earth to have a spiritual experience was in and of itself a great act of bravery. Courage is the golden thread that draws us ever higher into the inner realms of God.

* Courage & Money: Manifesting material abundance (money)
to meet all one's needs, wants, and desires is a great challenge. Having little money requires one to be efficient and resourceful. Having much money requires one to be organized and prudent. The ebb and flow of money teaches us to be careful and prepare for the future. It takes courage to trust that abundance will manifest whenever needed.

* Courage & Sex: Attracting and keeping the right romantic partner can power one's life… just as the wrong one can drain it of energy. When we open ourselves to having sex provides the greatest lessons in openness, vulnerability, and trust. Sex, when coupled with genuine love, opens the Root Chakra up powerfully. It takes courage to share one's life with another and to trust that love will last.

* Courage & Power: Using our power as a divine creator to manifest our inner desires out into the outer physical world is a courageous act. These courageous acts include: following one's heart to do the work one feels called to do, pursuing a cause that stirs the soul, passing on the torch of knowledge to others, spreading hope and kindness throughout the world, and leaving the world a better place.

* Creating Courage: Courage comes from many sources. Placing your life and welfare in God's hands knowing you are protected is courageous. Trusting in your ability to meet and master whatever challenge life sends you creates courage.

* Cultivating Courage: Building a track record of success gives you the courage to take more risks. The more you learn to trust in your own resourcefulness in manifesting your desires, the greater your confidence and courage becomes.

If you are not covinced that these rules are for real, see how they relate to the Top 10 Causes of Death... take a few minutes to save your life.

Credits: adapted from my own lessons in the "School of Hard Knocks", inspired by a very wise individual, and from channeled information.



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