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Rules #27c: "Settling Accounts in True Coin": Rules of Past Life Healing

"The Past is Still Present..."

"If someone's phobia is eliminated instantly and permanently by the remembrance of an event from the past, it seems to make logical sense that that event must have happened."
   (Edith Fiore, "The Unquiet Dead")

We live in a loving, compassionate universe. God wants us all to know the joy that is our birthright. All we need to do is let ourselves out of the prisons we have created in the past.

Here's how a Past Life Healing Session Works...

* Opening Image: Crucial past life moment that presents itself first.
* Critical Incident: How present life events work off past life karma.
* Root Cause: The past life core issue driving unwanted present life results.
* Body Confirmation: How body-mind-emotions confirm past life awareness.

Opening Image

"We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started... and know the place for the first time." (T. S. Eliot)

An "Opening Image" is the critical moment of a past lifetime that presents itself first and defines the life.

* Opening Image: These days movies use the "Opening Image" concept as a storytelling device. The first scene of the movie is the critical moment in the story. When you see the "Opening Image", you are not quite sure about what you are seeing because you do not know the whole story. Then the movie starts from the beginning and by the time you return to that "Opening Image" you understand both what it means and why it is the critical moment of the story. This single moment contains within all the others that came before and after it... defining the entire life.

* Past Life Recall: That is how past life recall works. When you pull the past life video from the shelf, you find that it is set to show the "Opening Image". This moment is somewhere in the middle or toward the end of the story. This "Opening Image" moment contains the resolution to the past life story within it.

* Critical Incident: The "Opening Image" is the "critical incident" from that lifetime. This is the key experience in that past life which molded and changed who you were, how you chose to define yourself, and what you believed to be true about yourself. It is the incident that defined your character for that lifetime.

* Ending Event: The "Opening Image" can be the event where your past life energetically ended. Although you continued to live, you remain fixated on a past event. Whether it was the death of a loved one, a critical injury to your body, a major setback in your career, your life stopped moving forward with that event.

* Crucial Choices: The "Opening Image" can be a "crucial choice": you learn about yourself from your positive and from your negative choices. These "crucial choices" reveal your character at its deepest levels. Often when you have failed to make the right choice, especially when this choice resulted in your death or the death of a loved one in past lives, it will define your life from that moment forward.

Critical Incident

"The blacking-warehouse was… a crazy, tumble-down old house… [with] rotten floors and staircase, and the old grey rats swarming down in the cellars, and the sound of their squeaking... coming up the stairs at all times, and the dirt and decay of the place, rise up visibly before me, as if I were there again." (Charles Dickens)

"I do not write resentfully or angrily: for I know all these things have worked together to make me what I am." (Charles Dickens)

Critical incidents mold us in this life to heal our past life karma.

* Critical Incident: The hallmark of a "Critical Incident" is that it causes an individual to make a decision that lasts for a lifetime. This "critical decision" is one we cannot change because - whenever we try - the memory of the "incident" that created it stops us - cold - and keeps us from making different choices.

* Case in Point: Take the case of famous author, Charles Dickens, who was apprenticed for several weeks at an early age in that "blacking-warehouse" (quote above) when his father was put in Debtor's Prison. This incident effected not only the volume and content of his writing… it drove his daily decision making.

* Incident Effect: This caused Dickens to work hard his whole life long: he was always terrified about being poor again and he died from over work. On the cover page of his auto-biography was a sketch of the young Dickens slumped exhausted over his desk at the factory, resting his weary head on a pile of blacking papers after an 18 hour day (see picture above). Critical incidents become so because (like with Dickens) they happen when we are young and impressionable.

* Forever After: Critical incidents create our BEHAVIOR (in Dickens' case, even after he became wealthy, he worked as hard as if he was one step away from going back to the blacking factory). They drive our BELIEFS (in Dickens' case, he became very sympathetic to the poor, sick, and homeless in all his writings). They also create our DESTINY (in Dickens' case, his inability to rest or stop directly led to his prematurely early death despite many warnings from doctors and others).

* Indelible Stamp: In any lifetime, we come into agreement to experience "critical incidents" to resolve past life karma as well as to drive our present experience. Our life can literally be divided into "before" and "after" the critical incident happened. We never can go back to who we were before "it" happened. We can never just forget about "it" after it happened. It becomes part of who we are as if it was part of our body-mind-emotions-spirit (which it is) - that is how karma works.

Root Cause

"I'm going to live through this and when it's all over, I'll never be hungry again. No, nor any of my folk. If I have to lie, steal, cheat, or kill. As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again!" (Scarlett O'Hara)

When a problem cannot be healed by present means it is because past lives are the root cause. Take FAT!

* Stubborn Fat: Those who have tried and failed to lose weight often have past life experiences sticking that weight to them like glue. Until those past life issues creating present obesity are healed, the fat will stubbornly remain.

* Food Customs: Centuries of scarcity and lack have programmed us into building food into every aspect of our lives. Food is the answer to everything. We give it as gifts, we get it at work, at parties, at the movies, on holidays... it's everywhere! So we eat, eat, and eat... and we overeat and get fat. So between our past lives food customs and our karmic resonances, losing those extra pounds is extra tough!

* Scarlett O'Hara Syndrome: For most of the past, there has been a scarcity of food. Those who are fearful that their next meal is never coming are suffering from past life starvation resonances. When an individual has suffered and died from lack of food in past lives, this can cause their body and mind to hold onto excess fat no matter how hard they tried to get rid of it. Even with cabinets and refrigerators stuffed with food, they still buy and eat more... and go out for restaurant meals on top of all that. So losing those final extra pounds is often impossible.

* Holocaust Syndrome: Obesity is a huge issue in the 21st century because so many people who died from starvation in the Nazi and Russian Holocausts have reincarnated into places where food is abundant. They are trying to feed their dead past selves - which they cannot do - and this creates present life obesity.

* Military Fat Syndrome: Those who have been soldiers, in past lives, have inadvertently trained their bodies to keep extra weight on. When in and around the military, a soldier's body never knows when its access to food will be cut off. It never knows when it will need to live off of stored fat. Often, in past lives, having that extra stored fat often meant the difference between life and death. So losing those final extra pounds is often impossible (because its a matter of survival).

* Guru Syndrome: In the past, a sign of abundance was excess weight. Being fat was a source of pride for those who were wealthy enough to have more than enough to eat. The appeal of Buddhism and Confucianism was that its leaders put their money where their mouth was by creating abundance in their bodies.

* Prosperity Pride Syndrome: In past lives, those who were fat and proud of it, packed on the pounds as a display of karmic pride in their achievement. For, in most past societies, being fat or having a fat spouse was a status symbol that was a visible reminder of their personal wealth, power, and success.

* Prosperity Guilt Syndrome: "Prosperity Guilt" is suffered by those who ate, in past lives, while others starved (like many from the French Revolution who did not martyr themselves by going without while the masses starved). They pack on the pounds today as self inflicted punishment for their karmic guilt.

* Rasputin Syndrome: Those who are fearful that their next meal is contaminated are usually suffering from past life poison resonances. Their body's cellular memory remembers being poisoned and so it layers on extra fat as a storage area for toxins as a protection against poisoning. [Yes, I know even though Rasputin's body was full of several different poisons, he actually died from drowning.]

* Heal and Forgive: The best way to feed a hungry past self is to send them love, understanding, and forgiveness for their adverse impact on you now… whether it is fat, fear, stress, anxiety, or depression. Click here to start your past life healing process. Click here for more information on karmically driven obesity.

Body Confirmation

"All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen." (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

When you encounter your past lives, your body will confirm the truth of what you are receiving.

* Body Wisdom: Bodies are remarkable works of God for they are the temple of the spirit. They always reflect the truth about your life (they cannot lie). They unfailingly serve to protect and guide you. They help you to remember what you need to know about past lives so that you can move forward in your present life.

* Chakra Move: If you feel your hand moving to a particular area of your body, it is trying to speak to you about your past life issues through your energy chakras.

If you touch the top of your head (Crown),
     then you have issues with spirituality and direct knowing.
If you touch your forehead
(3rd Eye),
     then you have issues with concepts and knowledge.
If you touch your neck
     then you have issues with speaking your truth.
If you touch your chest
     then you have issues with love and relationships.
If you touch your stomach
(Solar Plexus),
     then you have issues with identity and will.
If you touch your spine
     then you have issues with personal power.
If you touch between your legs
     then you have issues with sex, money, or society.
* Bodily Sensations: If you feel bodily sensations (like tingling, itching, or goosebumps) when you connect with important past life information, this is your body confirming the truth of what you are learning.

* Discomfort-Pain: Very infrequently, the body will speak through pain in a past life healing session. Usually this happens only if someone is quite resistant to the knowledge they are receiving -or- if the past life release was unusually deep and intense physically, mentally, or emotionally. In such cases, such pain did turn these clients from skeptics to believers in the power of past life healing.

* Hidden Information: The most significant confirmation that you can receive is when information is revealed that is unexpected and/or hidden.
For example, a client who came to heal their fears of water was also healed of their fear of dogs (as these fears were explained by the same incident). This client was embarrassed by her fear of dogs and did their best to conceal that from others. The relief the client felt from their fear of water and dogs was instant and permanent… proving that the past will remain present until it is confronted and released.

Credits: from channeled information.



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