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Rules #27d: "Settling Accounts in True Coin": Healing Past Life Wounds

"Faith is the 'YES' of the heart, a conviction on which one stakes one's life. Whatever your heart clings to and confides in, that is really your God." (Martin Luther)

"The Past is Still Present..."

Pain is the most compelling evidence of past life effects on the present. When the source of your pain lies in the past, it will be remarkably resistant to present life cures.

Wound Constellation: How past life wounds become inter-connected.
Wound Cluster: How past life wounds become clustered in a weak spot.
Weighted Down: How past life wounds slow your present day body down.
Wound Imprints: How past life wounds become attached to your energy field.
Wound Manifestations: How past life wounds manifest into present reality.

Wound Constellation

Does pain at different locations seem somehow related? It is a Wound Constellation created during a violent and traumatic episode in one of your past lives. Whether you survived the series of wounds or died from them, the pain became embedded in your present energy field.

* Odd Collection of Bones: I first noticed a "Wound Constellation" in myself. When it rained or when the air was heavy with moisture, my right ankle, my right knee, my right hip, and my right shoulder would all ache at the same time. After I was tested, the doctor told me that the problem was all inside my head because, physically (according to medical tests), there was "nothing wrong" with my body. That is "nothing wrong" that the doctor could find… but my pain persisted.

* Wound Constellation: After living with this pain for years, I finally solved the mystery of my right side pain. It came from a past life as a Hun. I had taken a Greek woman as my principal wife. That would have been fine if I had also taken a Hunnic wife who would have automatically disinherited my Greek wife upon my death. Rather than do so, I suffered the punishment of being tied up by the ankles and dragged around a track by a galloping horse. I suffered permanent damage on my right side with my ankle, knee, hip, and shoulder being in the most pain.

* Constellation Creation: A "Wound Constellation" is one way that the past is still present in your body. This combination of past life wounds acted like a "string around my finger" reminding me there was something from the past I needed to heal. In the beginning, all I knew is that these spots of pain were connected. As the pain persisted, I was ever more determined to heal it - permanently.

* Constellation Emergence: Once I discovered that this "Wound Constellation" had been created in a past life, then I set about healing it. My body had reminded me of that Hunnic past life because I was living out the resonances (after effects) in this lifetime. I was working in a job with those who had punished me in that Hunnic lifetime. Knowing the total picture made my current situation easier to bear.

* Constellation Destruction: There is only one cure for a "Wound Constellation": that is to heal the past lives that are its direct cause. In my case, my right side wound constellation was healed when I came to peace with that past life and when I forgave those in the present who had caused my past suffering. The "Wound Constellation" broke up and has not returned. So if you have what seems to be unrelated pain now, it may be a past life "Wound Constellation" at work.

Wound Cluster

Do you have a weak or a sore spot in your body? It is a Wound Cluster created during a series of traumatic episodes in a series of your past lives. Whether you survived the series of wounds or died from them, the pain became embedded in your present energy field.

* Rut in the Body: For each person, there is a usually one weak spot in their body. This weak spot is very often a "Wound Cluster" created over the course of their past lives. For me, this is my neck. I have been beheaded, hung, and strangled numerous times.... and this has left me with a malformed neck (known as "Military Neck"). The bones on my neck are in a straight line without the usual cervical bump to support the weight of the head.

* Wound Cluster: Literally the neck bones in my neck were "crushed" into place by severe and repeated past life traumas. Fortunately, the same trauma which malformed the bones in my neck also strengthened the muscles in my back... so this "Wound Cluster" was self balancing (meaning I do not suffer any neck pain).

* Cluster Creation: A "Wound Cluster" is one way that the past is still present in your body. This combination of past life wounds acted like a "string around my finger" reminding me there was something from the past I needed to heal. In the beginning, all I knew is there was something behind this "sore spot" in my body. As the pain in my body persisted, I was ever more determined to heal it - permanently.

* Cluster Emergence: Once I discovered that this "Wound Cluster" had been created in a series of past lives, then I set about healing them. With each past life I healed, the pain in my neck lessened. Since many past lives were involved in creating these wounds, it took much time and patience in this life to heal them. Along the way, my wounds did reveal the "light" of past life knowledge they contained... and I am grateful for such wisdom.

* Cluster Destruction: There is only one cure for a "Wound Cluster": that is to heal the series of past lives that are its direct cause. In my case, it took nearly twelve years to work through all the past lives which had contributed to this healing of the "Wound Cluster". After it was broken up, the constant pain in my neck has not returned. So if you have what seems to be relentless weakness and/or pain now, it may be a past life "Wound Cluster" at work.

Weighted Down

The chain binding Marley was "long and wound about him like a tail; it was made... of cash-boxes, keys, padlocks, ledgers, deeds, and heavy purses wrought in steel." (Charles Dickens, "A Christmas Carol") Do you feel like you are weighted down by unseen chains?

* Chains Forged in Past Lives: In each life, an individual reincarnates with past life resonances. Resonance? Past life resonances are the effects that your past lives have on your life today (they work much like a piano key in that the effect is felt long after the key was pressed). Before birth, you agreed to carry these past life resonances to move you forward in your life today so that you could grow in love, joy, and awareness by working off your past life karma.

* Weighty Chains: Although you cannot see these past life changes, you can often feel them. Those who are burdened with resonances from many past lives will feel that, like Marley, they are weighted down by chains. If the past life resonances are thick and dense enough, they will have a physical effect. The most common effect is the individual's inability to stand up straight without pain (especially when there is no discernable physical cause). They will also feel sluggish, exhausted, and fatigued by performing the simplest tasks (due to the their weighty chains).

* Posture Problem: In the past, I could not stand up completely straight without pain. My physical posture was always bent over like a hand was always pushing me down. I was literally weighted down by my past lives! As each layer of my past life resonances were released, I was gradually able to stand up. I am living proof of the effectiveness of past life healing. Now I can stand up straight without any pain because I systematically eliminated the resonances weighting me down.

* Laying the Burden Down: Unlike Marley who was stuck with his chains, those burdened by excessive past life resonances can cut their past chains by doing two healing exercises: "Removing Past Life Chains" and "Shedding the Coat of Shame".

Past Life Wound Imprints

Past life wounds become imprinted into your energy field and remain embedded there until released. Time does not heal such wounds. Confronting the related issues is what heals your past life karma... and stops the present life pain (if past lives were, in fact, the cause).

* First Physical Imprint: The very strongest imprints of past life wounds are "remembered" in your body at the point where you were hurt first. For example, in a past life where you died on the battlefield say you were first wounded by an axe in the shoulder… and then took others blows elsewhere in your body. When you revisit that prior incarnation, if you feel pain, you would feel it most powerfully in the shoulder but less powerfully elsewhere. Why? Your body was alive at the first blow and recorded the pain into your cellular memory at that location.

* Linked In Wounds: The recording of other wounds from a traumatic death will "latch onto" the first physical imprint. In the example above, once the past life shoulder pain was healed, other wounded areas would surface for healing. If after the blow to the shoulder, a hand was severed at the wrist while the body still lived, the wrist pain would be a "linked in" wound needing to be released. Say at that point the body died but many other parts were butchered. These would not require healing because the dead body could not and did not record them.

* Associated Thoughts: Your body will also record the thoughts you had when you were wounded (and they will be linked in cellular memory to the wound). In the example above, if you thought that you "should have been more careful" when wounded, this can translate into your being much more cautious in this life.

* Related Feelings: Your body will also record the feelings you had when you were wounded (and they will be linked in cellular memory to the wound). In the example above, if you felt that you wanted revenge against your attacker for wounding you, this can translate to another conflict with that individual in this life.

* Root and Branch: When you have worked through enough of the physical, mental, and emotional pain buried in the past life wound, it will fall away from you. It is like chopping down a tree, you do not have cut down every branch: take out the roots and the tree will die. The best way to heal past life wounds is to forgive those who have harmed you and yourself for your contribution to the situation. When you send love to heal what is broken, you dissolve your wound karma.

Past Life Wound Manifestation

The past is still present... when the pain in your body, mind, and emotions does not have a discernable or traceable cause from your present life. Past life wounds do NOT have to be dramatic or traumatic to negatively effect your present... they only have to cause you pain.

* Birth Scars: Obvious evidence of past life wounds is birth scars like: missing body parts, birth marks on the skin, and birth defects of body, mind, and emotions. When one's energy field has not been sufficiently healed since the last incarnation, birth scars are the result. Each scar relates to a past life wound that has not been healed either physically, mentally, or emotionally and is "crying out" for healing now.

* Birth Conditions: Other "wound" evidence is congenital disorders. Those born with heart defects often died in their last life by being stabbed there. Those born with retarded brains often died in their last life from gun-shot wounds to the head. Those born with digestive disorders often died from poisoning in their last life.

* Chronic Fatigue: If the energy field of someone full of past life wounds could be viewed, they would see the images of many weapons embedded in each area of wounding. The more past life wounds one carries, the more they will experience the weight of these unhealed past life resonances (after effects of wounds).

* Chronic Pain: When the past life wounds reach a critical mass, the result is the experience of chronic pain in the present life. The bad news is when pain has no discernable current cause and when it is remarkably resistant to pain medications, it is most likely past life in origin. The good news is past life healing can eliminate it.

* OCD Habits: Past life wounds can drive dysfunctional present life habits. Those who must continually wash their hands now often are reacting to wounds they died of in past lives that were caused by uncleanliness. Those who are paranoid about breaking bones had a past life where they suffered from an improperly set break.

* Fears and Phobias: In past lives, wounds usually meant permanent, lifelong pain. So treating "your bones like glass and your skin like paper" was a resourceful strategy as was avoiding others whose illness you might "catch". Such fears of wounds manifest in the present as hypochondria and as an obsession with health.

Credits: inspired by Jody H and from channeled information.



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