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FAQ: How can my body tell me the truth about my Past Life Healing?

Bodies are remarkable works of God for they are the temple of the spirit. They always reflect the truth about your life (they cannot lie). They unfailingly serve to protect and guide you.

Most importantly, they help you to remember what you need to know so that you can move forward in your present life. If you are open to listening to your body, you will find it is always communicating to you (see "Rules of Illness").

This is always true in a Past Life Healing session. Because in a Past Life Healing session, you are giving your body a very rare opportunity to heal itself and to let go of problems and beliefs that now no longer serve your best interests.

How your body speaks to you in a Past Life Healing session is:

a> by sending pain to the effected part of your body [Example A] and/or
b> by moving to protect the
energy chakra(s) related to your issue. [Example B]

Your body is most likely to do this if you are resistant to the information which is being communicated. Your body does this because it wants to convince you of the truth of what you are hearing. I cannot send pain to your body (because I do not possess the power to do so). Even if I did, I would NEVER do that (because my mission is to heal and the first rule is to do the client no harm).


Example A - PAIN: Your body sometimes speaks to you through pain in a Past Life Healing session. Very infrequently, people will come to me not out of a genuine desire to do so but because someone else has convinced them to come.

If I find that this has been the case, I usually try to discourage that person from pursuing the session. If I am unsuccessful, I warn them that their resistance to the knowledge of their past life is likely to manifest as pain in their body.

One of these clients suffered extreme pain in their hands while another had pains in their shoulder. And their pain did turn them from skeptics to believers. I would have wished that their learning could have been communicated less painfully.

Example B - CHAKRAS: Your body sometimes speaks to you through your energy chakra(s) in a Past Life Healing session. If you feel your hand moving to a particular area of your body or if your body wants to curl up in a certain manner, it is probably trying to speak to you through your energy chakras.

Here is what they are, where they are, and what it is that your body may be trying to tell you by covering and/or pointing to them.

Crown (top of head): issues with spirituality and direct knowing
Your body speaks: "I want you to know you are unlimited: a child of God"

3rd Eye (between eyes): issues with concepts and knowledge
Your body speaks: "I want you to know all the answers are within you"

Throat (middle of neck): issues with speaking your truth
Your body speaks: "I want you to be open to greater levels of truth"

Heart (middle of chest): issues with love and relationships
Your body speaks: "I want you to be open to greater levels of love"

Solar Plexus (stomach area): issues with identity and will
Your body speaks: "I want you to remember who you really are"

Sacrum (spine area): issues with personal power
Your body speaks: " I want you to know you deserve to have it all"

Root (genital area): issues with sex, money, or society
Your body speaks: " I want you to expand beyond what you know now"



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