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Cure #31: Understanding and Healing Blocks to Progress

"We learn wisdom: first, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is the easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest." (Confucius)

Receiving Blocks: Why you may have difficulty in receiving.

Habit Blocks: How each day can be frittered away by bad habits.

Mental Blocks: How your mind can work against your achievements.

Emotional Blocks: How your emotions can work against your goals.

Meditation Blocks: How past lives create blocks to meditation.

Block-Busters: The good stuff!

Receiving Blocks

"It is more blessed to give than to receive." (Acts of the Apostles 20:35)

Karma works hard to teach you to give... often this means you can lose touch with receiving.

* The Constant Question: "Why is it so difficult for me to accept help or gifts from others?" The constant answer is that the individual has a block to receiving. The more spiritually advanced you are, the more likely it is that you have a block to receiving... having learned it is "more blessed to give than to receive."

* It is All Inside: I discovered this receiving block in myself when I was attending a prosperity conference. The goal of one experiential exercise was to give and receive handshakes. What I learned about myself was that I was very comfortable in giving handshakes and so uncomfortable receiving them... that I would go out of my way to NOT receive one. For many years, this imbalance in giving and receiving caused me to be less abundant that I could or should have been!

* Sow and Reap: Life on Earth is all about giving to receive. To get food, you must plant seeds, feed them, and wait for them to transform into edible nourishment before you can harvest and eat it. To raise an adult, you must first give them all sorts of things until they are grown and have learned to support themselves.

* More Time Spent Giving: If you think about it, most people spend more time giving than receiving as the vast majority of their time is spent working. The imbalance of time spent giving at work (more) and receiving at play (less) naturally causes more focus to be put on giving and less on receiving.

* Selfish Receiving: Since society says "it is more blessed to give than receive", giving is seen as selfless while receiving is seen as selfish. Yet for someone to give someone else must be in agreement to receive. There can be no giving without another receiving... both have aspects of selfishness and selflessness.

* Receive to Give: If you are always giving and never receiving, eventually you will run out of things to give. So if you want to give more, you will simply have to receive more. For giving and receiving are a circle of energy. The more you receive, the more you have to give. The more you give, the more will come to you if you are open to receive the abundance of the universe. That is why it is equally blessed to give and to receive and to become a better channel for abundance.

Habit Blocks

"The rocks in the road ahead of us are either stumbling blocks or stepping stones: it all depends on how we use them." (Anonymous)

What is it that blocks an individual's progress in achieving their goals? The answers might surprise you!

* Lack Thinking: Go through your day and see how often you tell yourself that "I cannot afford this" or "I just cannot do that" etc. When you feel inspired to do something, do you immediately talk yourself out of it because of perceived lack of time, money, resources, or connections? Lack thinking always blocks progress.

* Trivial Pursuits: Go through your day and see how often you get tangled up in trivial pursuits. Trivial pursuits are defined as those activities which do not advance your life goals. Do you play video games, post on social media sites, hang out in chat rooms, research obscure details, and so on? Pursuing trivia blocks progress.

* Easily Distracted: Go through your day and see how often you keep switching from one activity to another. Ten minutes here on this, twenty minutes there on that: on and off starting some things but finishing nothing. Does your attention move like a bouncing ball instead of like a targeted laser? Distractions block progress.

* Activity-Productivity: Go through your day and see how often you are inefficient in the completion of tasks. Do you go to the market in the morning only to return in the evening? The difference between productivity (achieving goals) and activity (wheel spinning) is efficiency. Inefficient activity blocks progress.

* Conflict of Interest: Go through your day and see how often you are doing what you mind tells you to do ("I should") rather than what you know your heart wants you to do ("I wish"). Do you feel conflicted most of the time? If your mind and heart cannot work together, then this is a serious block to progress.

* Significant Disapproval: Go through your day and see how much of it is controlled by the demands of others rather than by your own desires. Do you spend most of your time doing what you do because you fear that others will disapprove? If others control what you do, they are blocking your progress.

Mental Blocks

"True worth is in being, not seeming, and in doing, each day that goes by some good." (Alice Cary)

Is there something you want to do but body, mind, and emotions block you?

* Self Blocking: Your body, mind, and emotions are designed to move you along your path in life. When it seems like you are stuck, like you cannot move forward, or like you are blocked somehow, the person who is blocking you is you.

Here are some things you may be doing "wrong" in body-mind-emotions and how to do them "right" to become unblocked.

* Wrong Focus: The easiest way to block yourself is to focus on what you do NOT want… instead of focusing on what you do. For example, sexual problems, like Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation, are caused by the man focusing on what they fear will happen (sexual failure) instead of what they want to happen (satisfying and complete sexual functioning).

CURE: Focus on what you want to happen with clarity and certainty.
* Wrong Timing: The most frustrating block can be timing. When you are clear on what you want but the universe needs more time to bring you the people, resources, events, etc you need to accomplish your desires, you will be blocked.
CURE: Ask to be given guidance on what you can do now to move forward with your plans. Remember the great projects are always completed one step at a time and one day at a time.
* Wrong Direction: The hardest block to overcome is when you are going in the wrong direction. For example, Lucille Ball struggled for years as a dramatic actress without success. When others told her she was at the end of her acting career, she changed direction and became a comedienne… and achieved enduring success.
CURE: Ask to be shown the direction your Soul wants you to take… and be open to changing direction, if necessary.
* Wrong Emotion: The most unnecessary block comes from you beating yourself up. If you are angry, fearful, hurt, or frustrated with yourself about not being, doing, having, or achieving what you desire, your emotions are working against you and NOT for you. Let go of this negativity and focus on creating success.
CURE: Stop beating yourself up! You cannot afford the luxury of a negative thought! Start cheering each success no matter how small… soon they will grow and push through your blocks!

Emotional Blocks

"Be careful what you wish for you are certain to get it." (New Age Mantra)

Have you tried and tried to manifest your heart's desire but have failed? It is not just karma.

* Lack of Approval: You tell others about your desire and they do not approve. They tell you how your dream is too big and doomed to failure. They point out problems without offering any help, support, or encouragement.

Solution: Do not tell anyone about your dreams for the future unless they are committed to helping you manifest it.
* Lack of Belief: Secretly in your heart, you do not really believe your desire can manifest. The universe works on the principle that you will only see something manifest if you truly believe that it will. If you doubt that you can manifest your desires and/or believe that they are unrealistic or somehow out of your reach, you will block their manifestation. Only you can stop doubting yourself.
Solution: Start believing that you can do, be, or have all that your heart desires. You will only see what you believe in.
* Lack of Clarity: Your desire is never clearly defined and/or is constantly changing. Vague, ill defined plans will never materialize.
Solution: The more specific and detailed you can be about your desires, the easier and quicker you will manifest them into reality. Writing out exactly what you want will clarify your manifestation.
* Lack of Ethics: You believe on some level that your wish is immoral or unethical (for example, what you want might harm yourself or others).
Solution: Carefully consider the moral and ethical implications of your dreams. Talk with others to see if there is some way of attaining your desire is that can be moral and ethical.
* Yes, It is Karma: If you have the approval of significant others, if you believe, if you are clear, if you are acting in a moral and ethical manner, and if you are still blocked, then this is past life karma at work in your life.
Solution: Just before falling asleep every night, ask to be shown what past life karma is blocking you and how to transcend it. Ask what lessons you need to master so that you can create the magnificent life that you desire and deserve by moving past your karma.

Meditation Blocks

"Past life issues block one from achieving deep meditation and raising their consciousness." (Anon)

Blocked in your meditations? Want to know why and put it to an end? Here is how to do it!

* Murder in the Cathedral: When you are putting attention on your inner reality, you lose focus on your outer surroundings. This loss of focus can be fatal. Those who were violently attacked or killed while at prayer in past lives find a resistance to meditating now. This past life safety block can be overcome when the person with meditation fears makes their meditation room the safest possible space.

* Painful Practices: Many religious orders believed in "mortifying" the flesh through the constant experience of pain. The goal was to suffer like their savior to become "saved", "closer to God", and so on. Over the course of many past lifetimes, the body-mind links pain with meditation and so the present life body-mind becomes resistant to it now. This past life pain block can be overcome by making the entire meditation process as pleasant, comfortable, and enjoyable as possible (soft bed, relaxation music, aromas, etc).

* Beaten Out: Many past governments discouraged meditative practices because they believed (rightly) that those who meditated were harder to control. For when you receive your guidance and direction from God, you will follow your inner light when it conflicts with the government's outer direction. Governments usually strike back by torturing the desire to meditate right out of you. This past life fear block can be overcome by the above strategies of making the meditation room as safe and comfortable as possible and by doing this "feeling safe" exercise.

* Training Wheels: Most religions give you truth in convenient, bite sized nuggets. Like training wheels on a bike they get you ready to receive greater levels of truth. The more open you are to receiving more and greater truths, the more your meditations will flow... and your meditation blocks will become things of the past.

Block Busters

"People never give up their liberties but under some delusion." (Edmund Burke)

These are the most powerful exercises you can do to remove the past life karmic blocks to your success in this life now. These are very powerful block busting exercises so be sure to read through them carefully before starting any of them.

* Blowing Out the Road: This exercise will help you to end your karma in this lifetime by unleashing the manifesting energy needed to consciously "wrap up" your karma. This is the most powerful exercise of all the block busting exercises. Fair warning: if you do this exercise, expect some severe disruption in your life as your lessons will come thick and fast so your karmic blocks can be rapidly burned off.

* Loving Kindness: This exercise will help you build energy bridges of love between yourself and others. This "Gamma Compassion" (Metta Bhavana) practice has been around for the 6,000 years of recorded history because it works! It will help you to eliminate blocks to self love and to improve the quality of your relationships by reducing the impact of difficult people on your life.

* Coat of Shame: This exercise will help those in serious pain from physical, mental, or emotional illnesses caused by past life karma to feel better. Doing this exercise helps the body, mind, and emotions to gradually release painful memories at the cellular level. Make sure to drink plenty of water after each session to help toxins to flow out of your energy field easily and effortlessly.

* Trouble Spots: This exercise will help those whose inner energy bodies and chakras are full of blockages. This exercise will help you to cure blocks at the level of energy so that you can avoid more serious problems that manifest at the level of matter. Be careful of all these exercises because in the universe, you really do get what you wish for and what you put your energy and attention towards.

Credits: from channeled information.



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