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Rules #4b: Rules for Healing: Principles of Energy Healing

Energy Healing is very complex and very simple all at the same time.

Simple in that a healer directs their attention, like a laser beam, to heal the energy field of the client they are focused on (whether it is "hands on" in person or done remotely).

Complex in that the universal energy sent by the healer intelligently interacts with the client's own energy field to release unwanted past life resonances, to repair-enhance weak and/or damaged areas, and to stimulate-accelerate their body's natural healing mechanisms.

The ABCs of Energy Healing
Important Information About Energy Healing
Important Information for Energy Healers
Important Information About Nature of Energy
Important Information About the Rules of Energy

* All is Energy: Everything is energy. We are all energetic beings. Our outer physical body is matter which is (seemingly) solid. It is actually the most dense manifestation of energy. The flow of the universe is from energy to matter (not the reverse).

* Bodies of Energy: Inner energy bodies - Astral (emotions), Causal (karma), Mental (thoughts), and Etheric (intuition) - make up the outer matter Physical body. This is how and why energy follows an individual's karma, thoughts, and emotions.

* Cellular Memory: Your cellular memory contains the latest state of your beingness. This includes what you have learned in this life and all previous lives. This reflects how you have used your energy through all your thoughts, words, and actions.

* Disease-Disorder: All diseases, disorders, and illnesses are the result of balancing past life karma and of actions and inactions in the present. All these challenge you to do things differently and to do different things so you can learn more about life and love.

* Energy Intelligence: Your energy field is intelligent. It contains information about your past history, your present situation, and your future potentialities. It is a self healing and self regulating organism which is constantly seeking to maintain a healthy equilibrium.

* Flow and Balance: Vibrant health is the result of balance (equal strength throughout the energy field), congruence (alignment of enrgy in thoughts-words-deeds), and flow (harmonious movement of energy everywhere). Healing creates both flow and balance.

* Growth and Change: Your energy field is always growing, changing, and attracting the people and experiences needed to balance your karma and teach you what is and is not like love. Growth requires health challenges (even if it is just old age).

* Harmonic Resonance: While a healer can hold a vision of vibrant health for you, this only helps if you are open and willing to receive it. Holding this common vision then creates an "harmonic resonance" which helps you to heal your energy field.

* Illness Begins: All wellness or illness begins and ends in the human energy field. The easiest, fastest, safest, and most harmonious way to achieve healing is by cleansing, aligning, and balancing the chakras (which are energy flow regulators).

* Joy (Vitamin J): Focusing on joy, thinking positively, being happy, laughing out loud, and doing what you love are the best ways to honor and sustain your energy. This is the best medicine you could ever give or receive to sustain-maintain your field.

* Killing Field: Chopping (surgery), burning (radiation), and poisoning (chemotherapy and other harsh drugs) are the worst medicine for your energy field because the energy must reform around the new matter (an abnormal, stressful process).

* Love (Vitamin L): Lack of love (for yourself and from others) is the true source of ill health. Unloving thoughts-actions in past lives are the direct result of most "rare" diseases while unloving thoughts-actions are the direct result of most common present ones.

* Misplaced: Although a healer can advise and administer treatment(s), the success or failure of the process is not theirs. No one ever really heals another. All healing is self-healing which works or does not work depending on the healee's actions or inactions.

* No Exceptions: Energy healing is a natural process that applies to everyone, all the time, no exceptions. It is a law (like gravity) that operates whether you believe in it or not. It is impersonal and treats everyone the same. Its goal is to teach you lessons about life.

* Onion of Healing: Energy healing is multi-layered like an onion. To be effective, it must work on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your karmic issues. Sometimes these are healed together, other times separately so as not to overwhelm you.

* Past Healing: You are a holographic being living in the fourth dimension of time. When you "fix" what was "broken" in your past, the healing flows through the universal hologram to empower your present and open more energy potentials for your future.

* Quickness of Emotions: The vision of yourself which you express through your emotions carries energy. Your divine "energy in motion" drives you to make choices and to learn from their consequences. Being healthy means learning to master emotions.

* Reincarnation's Role: Where you have failed in the past, you will always be given "second chances and second challenges" to put right what once went wrong. Your energy field will guide you to your lessons and help you get them right this time around.

* Spiritual Beings: You are a spiritual being having a human experience. What you have chosen for your lessons in this life is not always pleasant from that human perspective but you have chosen is for your personal good and evolution into Soul awareness.

* Time Factor: Energy preceeds matter. Your energy will have deteriorated well before your matter is adversely effected. That is why it is easier and faster to heal issues through "energy surgery" than through surgery at the level of physical matter.

* Unconditional Love: is the highest vibrational frequency of healing energy. Your body was designed to give and receive this pure love energy. When the flow of unconditional love energy is blocked and/or low, disease, disorder, and illness is the result.

* Vision of Mind: The vision of yourself which you hold in your mind carries energy. Your divine nature is to be whole and healthy. Energy healing helps reconnect you with that truth. Being healthy starts as a inner vision which powers the outer reality of wellness.

* Wisdom of Body: The vision of yourself which you carry inside the DNA of your body carries energy. Your divine mission is to unwind past life karma as you gain new experiences in the present. Being healthy takes working with the inborn wisdom of your body.

* XRays and Such: Xrays, radiation, chemotherapy, and amputation blast your energy field apart. They reverse the flow of the universe by effecting matter to make a change in the energy. This leaves your energy field weakened and/or damaged.

* Your Path: There are many ways to heal that go by different paths to get to the same result. What produces energetic harmony in your field heals. What works in healing your energy is the path you were meant to pursue for your learning and growth in this life.

* Zenith of Soul: Lesson by lesson, you are meant to learn, grow, and evolve into your Higher Self. As your energy field is healed, refined, and purified, it draws you ever closer to your greatest destiny: becoming your Higher Self and a CoWorker with God.

Important Information About Energy Healing:

* As Above, So Below: Since energy preceeds matter, you can feel good physically while your energy tries to repair itself... and slowly but surely deteriorates. Any regular support you can give your energy field (like Reiki) will help keep your field healthy.

* Energy-Matter Interaction: Since energy feeds matter, when the energy is compromised the matter will be adversely effected. As the matter worsens, surgery may become necessary. Once matter is finally removed, the energy struggles to reform around it.

* Energy Blocks: Energy never fails randomly: it fails close to the chakra representing your past or present life issues. If you want to heal, you will need to do different things and to do things differently to learn your karmic lessons and to move forward in life.

Important Information for Energy Healers:

* Healing Harmony: All healing that is effective works because it is in harmony with the human energy field. Energy healing works with the flow of the universe. This is why healing at the level of energy gives fast results. Healers who work on themselves first become certain that they really like and can be happy in this work.

* Healer's Blocks: What is holds many healers back is the "Wounded Healer Syndrome": it is caused by them experiencing traumatic past life deaths that leaves them wanting to be less than they can be in the present! Most wannabe healers have suffered and died for trying to heal and help others in past lives.

* Healer's Progress: Those who want to increase their ability to heal others should work on healing themselves first. Those who are really skilled at healing become that way only after working on healing themselves... and by continuing to be a work in progress by healing themselves throughout the rest of their lives.

* Healer's Apprenticeship: Energy healing is a subtle process and a healer understands it best by observing their own energy AND by learning as they heal. They can accelerate their own energy healing process by working on themselves through dissolving the trouble spots in their inner bodies and by breaking the chains that bind them to "old past life wounds" manifesting now.

* Healer's Journey: A healer can only heal others to the extent that they themselves are healed. The more a healer heals themself, the more they purify and expand themself as a vehicle for healing others, the more effective service they can render to the world.

* Healer's Gifts: The healer's journey is a training process where their wounds in time become their gifts. As a healer explores more of their gifts, they open up into ever deeper levels of their healing abilities. As they progress along their own healing journey, they will find that more of what they used to know will come back (past life talents) without them having to do or be anything to get it.

Important Information About Nature of Energy

* Energy Components: As those in the realm of physics are discovering, the basic building blocks of energy are light and sound. It is light that sustains and nourishes all life. It is sound that energizes and harmonizes all life. That is why "cures" employing "light" and "sound" technologies are gaining such popularity - not to mention the grudging respect of the scientific community.

* About Light: Construction workers are usually more energetic than office workers because they get continuous doses of sunlight full of vibrant life force while office workers usually do not. Some research studies suggests that 40,000 luxes (a measurement of light) is the minimum quantity of sunlight energy everyone needs daily. Construction workers easily get 40,000 luxes after 20 minutes outside while office workers get 10,000 luxes a day at most.

* About Sound: The frequency of brain waves in a state of deep relaxation is the same as Earth's harmonic resonance which has been measured at 8 Hertz (Hz). Specialized relaxation music and energy based mantras are special sounds which heal by helping the body, mind, and emotions to come into its natural state of balance and harmony. Sounds heal only if they have the vibrations that produce harmonious energetic effects on body-mind-emotions.

* Light-Sound Synergy: The combination of light and sound therapies always produces the most profound healing effect. Light and sound - in their pure states - heal by giving you a direct connection to source energy. Pure sources of light are sunlight and natural light bulbs-panels. Pure sources of sound are mantras, tuning forks, singing bowls, and crystal instruments.

* Effects of Light-Sound Therapy: Light and sound therapies which promote energetic harmony in the body, mind, and emotions have been proven to slow down and deepen breathing, balance brain wave activity, enhance immune system function, reduce stress and muscle tension, increase endorphin levels, and evoke feelings of peace. You know your energy is good when you feel good.

Important Information About the Rules of Energy

* #1: Everything in the universe is energy: You are a "human energy field" (full of spaced out sub-atomic particles) that only appears to be solid (even modern science agrees here!).

* #2: The human energy field is an intelligent one: It is self-regulating and self-healing. All healing comes from creating states of vibrational well being. If you bring something into your energy field that creates greater states of vibrational harmony, then you feel good... if it causes vibrational disharmony, then you feel bad.

* #3: The human energy field is constantly changing and interacting with the environment around it: The environment consists of the combination of our physical surroundings-home-people, our mental thoughts-beliefs-attitudes, and our emotional feelings-reactions. Our field is always protecting itself against threats (like bad experiences, negative self talk, destructive emotions, etc) and of making the most of opportunities (like good experiences, positive self esteem, empowering emotions, etc).

* #4: The human energy field is always seeking to heal itself:It will use anything from its environment to accomplish that goal. It is especially sensitive to whatever is continuously present in its field. If it is carrying a high level of threats, it will become weakened. If it is carrying a high level of opportunities, it will become strengthened.

* #5: Where the level of threats is higher than the level of opportunities,the energy field will become blocked. The longer the threats persist in the field, the more energy is devoted to fighting the threat, the more damage it takes. When threats are higher (a "threat poor" energy field), the person has low energy-vitality.

* #6: Where the level of opportunities is higher than the level of threats,the energy field will become enhanced. The longer the opportunities persist in the field, the more energy is devoted to regulating it, the better it is. When the opportunities are higher (an "opportunity rich" energy field), the person good energy-vitality.

Credits: from channeled information and inspired by a very wise individual.



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